Top rated computer power supplies in 2019


There are thousands of computer geeks and fans in the process of a major upgrade on their computers. Out of the many components that need to be replaced from time to time, the computer’s power supply is among the first. This component makes sure that computer runs smoothly, quietly and with minimal heat emissions. Manufacturers, in their competition to release great products, managed to offers users a wide range of models to choose from. This is why we decided to help out by doing the research, in a professional manner. After going through the best computer power supply reviews and user testimonials we managed to identify five models that work great on any computer.


EVGA 80PLUS Certified ATX12V/EPS12V Power Supply


Making an upgrade on any computers is a hard task which needs to be handled with attention. Out of the best computer power supplies in 2019 we recommend the ATX12V/EPS12V from EVGA, a model very popular among IT enthusiasts. Very easy to install and with a compact design the power supply silently works and with less heat emission than other models. This power supply is an affordable solution when building a PC on a tight budget. It can safely support 40A on a single and also +12 rail, specifications which reduce component needs. The power supply is backed by a solid 3 year warranty.

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Corsair CX Series ATX/EPS


Most of the best computer power supply reviews that we consulted emphasize on the solid construction of the ATX/EPS 750 Watt from Corsair. Part of the renowned CX Series the power supply is a great choice for standard system construction. The device delivers high functionality and low noise during each use. Every time the computer runs this power supply will permit people to save space and also reduce any clutter.  This power supply comes with a smooth black finish, reuniting black connectors and cables, which maintains the computer functional but with a sleek design. It also benefits from an exclusive 3 year warranty!

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Corsair Builder Series CX  ATX/EPS


How to find the best computer power supply in 2019 is a serious question which needs to be handled with attention. According to our research we came across a high quality power supply from Corsair, the Builder Series CX 600. This powerful 120mm fan is very quiet, delivering impressive airflow to all components of the computer. Depending on the temperature the noise emitted by the power supply will vary. This power supply from Corsair is 80Plus Bronze certified which delivers around 80% efficiency in managing load conditions. In addition to the solid construction this power supply features a dedicated single +12V rail which ensures high compatibility with other computing computers.

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Corsair RM Series ATX/EPS


In our quest for the best computer power supply in 2019 one product received high praises from thousands of IT specialists, the Corsair RM Series 850 Watt. The power supply is fully modular, carefully optimized for high computing efficiency. Designed with low-noise transformers and capacitors this power supply will maintain a silent operating system. Furthermore it incorporates Zero RPM Fan Mode and 80 Plus Gold rating, for smooth functionality and space saving. Due to the low-profile design this power supply features unique cables that ensures proper build. In addition to the 7-year exclusive warranty this power supply provides stable and continuous performance.

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Sentey Power Supply Modular


It is very important for IT enthusiasts to invest in reliable power supplies, designed to keep computers running smoothly. During our research the Sentey 750w Modular power supply represents a great addition to any computer. It features a cooling 140mm fan size for proper functionality. Part of the exclusive Extreme Rock Power Series this power supply will maintain a powerful computing continuity. Due to the high efficiency and compact design the power supply will be able to match the ultimate graphic card releases. It includes multiple safeguards which keep computer components protected. The power supply measures 165mm L x 150mm W x 86mm H, which matches the computers technical characteristics.