Best Computer Cases under $50


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Do you find it difficult to find the best computer cases under $50? By the time that you finish reading the rest of this article, you will not at all find it difficult to do so. It will provide you with significant insights on some of the most ideal choices that can be taken into account.


Rosewill MicroATX FBM-01 Computer Case


Best Computer Cases under $50

Among other things, the sturdy construction of this computer case is one of the reasons on why it can provide the best value for money. It is designed in such a way that it is built to last. More so, aide from durability, one more thing that is commonly emphasized about this product is its small size, making it perfect for those who do not have the luxury of space. In spite of being small in size, however, expect that it is nothing short in terms of performance.

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“I like to make my PC look the way I want it to be, so this is the reason I always buy the case after careful consideration. The one I have now is the Rosewill Micro ATX FBM-01 and I choose it because of its compact size and also its very resistant frame.” Nick Smith


Xion Performance XON-560 Computer Case


In different reviews recently published about the best computer cases under $50, many people are happy with the affordable price of this product. Aside from being an economical option, many also liked the fact that it is designed with two fans, which make it possible for sufficient ventilation to be provided. Inside the case, there is also sufficient space for various peripherals that you might want to install, such a graphic cards.

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“It is not very expensive, but the Xion XON-569 computer case looks absolutely awsome, having a very, very aggressive look. The excellent ventilation is another reason why I bought it for my PC. I recommend it because I’m a very satisfied customer.” Richard Hardy


NZXT Technologies Source 210 Computer Case


The intelligent design of this product from many best NZXT computer cases reviews is perhaps one of the reasons on why it is often listed as one of the best computer cases under $50. The steel that is used in its construction is built to last and there are no sharp edges in its exterior. The sleek design makes it look more expensive than its actual price. The design is also good as it provides enough holes and accessibility. If you are not satisfied with the fans that cool the system, this computer case offers a generous space that will allow you to install up to four more 120mm fans.

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“I really thought hard about which computer case to buy and finally I went for the NZXT Technologies Source with its very serious looking design. Another thing which took its toll on my decision was the very affordable price range.” Johnny Nash


Cooler Master Elite 430 Computer Case


With an all-back finish, this computer case exudes an element of elegance without the need for you to pay a high price. Additionally, there is also a portion of the case that has transparent glass panel. This is a good thing as you can easily monitor what is happening inside, without having to remove the entire case. The LED fan that is located in front is also a good thing, not only in terms of design, but also with regards to ventilation.

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“This computer case has a very intriguing desing and also has many fans so everything is nice and cool inside,  for optimum PC efficiency. My favorite thing about it is the transparent glass which lates me look inside the case whenever I want.” Collin Johnson


Rosewill Black Gaming Challenger Computer Case


This model, which is also known as the Challenger, is chosen by many people who prefer to spend more on contents or the computer system and spend less on the case. Weighing less than 11 pounds, this also enjoys the benefit of being lightweight. In spite of being lightweight, however, it looks very sturdy. It also has more than enough space inside, which will allow you to install bigger fans for more ventilation.  Lastly, it has an exceptional cable management system to prevent tangling.

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“I read a lot of reviews that mentioned the quality of this computer case so I decided to get it for my personal PC. I made a top decision because even though it is light it is very resistant and it has a superior cable managing system.” Chris Chambers