Tips for Buying the Right Compound Bow Case


When you’ve made a sensible investment on a really great bow, you will also need to get yourself a compound bow case that can protect that investment. It is good advice to check out the best compound bow case reviews so you can get a good product in which to store your valuable archery equipment.


Type of Case

The level of protection you can expect from the best compound bow case 2018 depends on your personal preference plus the general purpose of the product.

If you’d rather not be lugging around a whole bunch of archery gear out into the field at a long distance, a soft case is your best bet. The level of protection is low, but a soft case is lightweight. It can easily get knocked around, although the soft case may have some padding inside to secure the bow against other gear.

A hard case is heavy but waterproof and very sturdy. Top rated compound bow cases 2018 that are of this type are perfect for extended storage. You can simply throw a hard case into the trunk of your vehicle without worrying about getting your valuable bow crushed or damaged inside. Significantly bulkier than a soft case, a hard case doesn’t provide much allowance for storing plenty of items, so squeezing in extra things is a challenge. You may also have to take the bow apart so it can fit inside. An extra-large case would be great, but if you own a large bow, the challenge remains.


Storage Capacity

Although a hard case typically has limited options, some models are designed to make the most of the inner space they have. Some products have a lid under which your arrows and a parallel limb bow can be kept. Others can fit bows up to 38 inches axle to axle. Cases featured in some best compound bow case reviews often have plenty of accessory pockets. Some soft cases have a large front pocket where you can put in an arrow case.



Look for products in the best compound bow case reviews built with a compact design and high density foam. The case should be built strong to prevent your bow from getting damaged inside. Padding in a soft case can help keep your bow secure from dings and dents. Some hard cases have a soft interior lining to address that requirement. If it’s a soft case, the product should be built with a waterproof fabric.



Like any other purchase, you will want a case that offers great value for money. This means all the elements, including weight, design, construction, capacity and best use, should come together to make one great product.


Top Rated Compound Bow Cases in 2018


Plano Protector 1110-00


1.Plano Protector Compact Bow CaseThis model is easily the best compound bow case 2018 thanks to its compact design that fits most parallel limb bows. The Plano Protector Compact Bow Case has the revolutionary patented PillarLock System, which provides extra protection to valuable archery equipment by utilizing molded contact points that meet when the case is closed, forming ‘pillars’ for superb damage resistance. The hard case features arrow storage in the lid, making the most of its inner storage space.

The compact design of this terrific hard case is supplemented by the high density foam that keeps your bow secure inside while protecting it from dents and dings. The unit is easy to assemble. It enables problem-free transport of archery gear to and from destinations. The case is lockable, giving your investment extra protection. The construction is airline-approved. The hard case has standard density foam that provides enough cushioning when used with bow straps. It’s deep and large enough to fit your bow and still has some room to spare for an accessory case.

The secure built-in arrow holder can accommodate 6 arrows, whether field point or broadhead. The velcro ties hold your bow down to the bottom of the case and on top of the padding. This product offers great value inspite of the cheap price.

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Allen Company Gear Fit X


2.Allen Company Gear Fit X Compound Bow CaseThis product is a solidly-made unit, making it a favorite in some best compound bow case reviews. It not only protects your bow, but also carries all the little things that matter in your archery practice. This rugged bow case is made of durable canvas material that is resistant to abrasion. It has six pockets on the front, two of which are made deep to provide more space and also have magnetic fasteners to allow hassle-free opening and closing. Three pockets are zipped and have a mesh front to provide ventilation to stored gear.

The large velcro pocket enables easy in and out of items, while the barrel-shaped velcro pockets on both sides of the large one work great for keeping your monocular, Allen wrench set or bow wax. The black-and-grey material used in its construction gives the case a clean and smart look. The main compartment is well-padded and accommodates a modern compound bow nicely. Use the three straps to secure your bow. Some users don’t even use the center strap, as the two other straps already ensure that the bow doesn’t move much inside the case.

The quiver pocket accommodates a 6-arrow quiver with 30-inch arrows, providing more-than-adequate depth and length. The suede interior lining offers protection from scratches, dents and dings. The Allen Company Gear Fit X Compound Bow Case is great for lugging your archery equipment in and out of the house or car.

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Primos Soft 6864


3.Primos Soft Bow CaseKeeping your archery equipment secure and protected gets simplified thanks to the Primos Soft Bow Case. A genuine revolution in simplicity, the Primos Soft Bow Case lets you store your bow safely without having to take off the stabilizer and arrow quiver. An arrow case pocket on the front lets you carry your bow and arrows in one easy-to-use case. Constructed of 600 denier cross dye fabric, the soft case is given a weather-resistant coating to ensure protection for your archery equipment from the elements.

To give you enough room to store accessories, the Primos Soft Bow Case has one exterior pocket and two interior ones. This is exactly the case you need to travel with and ensure that your archery gear gets all the security and protection you expect to safeguard your investment. The interior bow case is completely padded to give adequate protection for your bow and arrows and other shooting accessories. The mossy oak design gives the soft case a truly rugged look. The short carry straps have a velcro gather to simplify portability.

If you want a carry case in which to store all your valuable shooting gear, the Primos Soft Bow Case works perfectly. It offers clutter-free storage at a great price.

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