How to Choose the Best Commercial Leaf Blower


Going over the best commercial leaf blower reviews, one will find most of the models to be gasoline-powered units. Thanks to the ability of gas-fed machines to deliver longer run time and maximum mobility, they are a popular choice for homeowners or contractors who have to maintain large areas at a time. Built for extended and regular use, a gas-powered commercial blower should be bought after thorough evaluation of a number of aspects.

Best commercial leaf blower

Engine Design

If working with oil and gasoline mixes is not a huge issue, the consumer should go for the best commercial leaf blower 2022 with a two-cycle (2-stroke) engine. This type of machine can deliver a good balance of weight and power, while requiring either premixed or self-mixed fuel to run efficiently.

Four-stroke or four-cycle engines burn cleaner since they run on gasoline alone. Although relatively heavier than its two-stroke counterpart, a four-stroke engine eliminates gas and oil mixes, which can be messy. It can also be a bit heavier than its two-stroke engine counterpart. Take note: four-stroke engines will require regular oil changes.



A commercial leaf blower can be either handheld- or backpack-designed.

With no power cord to limit mobility or tangle as you go along, a top quality handheld unit can provide more power to sweep and loosen leaves, even the ones that are stuck on the surfaces, compared to electric models. Many of the top rated commercial leaf blowers 2022 that are gas-fed are also able to meet noise limits, so the user doesn’t have to gain a notorious reputation for being a disruptor of the peace in the neighborhood. Heavier than electrics, most handheld units weigh around ten pounds.

A backpack leaf blower has more power compared to a handheld unit. Most backpack leaf blowers weigh about 17 pounds or heavier, perhaps twice the weight of a handheld gas-fed machine. The user’s back and shoulders, instead of the arms, carry the weight of the machine.



When picking a machine from the ones featured in the best commercial leaf blower reviews, you should also consider the different features they are equipped with.

Starting the engine is easy if the unit has a simplified choke operation. A primer bulb gives the engine a squirt of fuel to facilitate easy cold starting. The user can easily turn off the gas engine when the machine has a convenient shut-off switch, which is also a safety feature.

Some models have a variable throttle that enables the user to increase power for sweeping open ground or hard surfaces. This component allows reduction of the power when working around flower beds.

A translucent fuel tank allows the operator to check at a glance when refilling is needed. A wide tank opening ensures mess-free refilling.

Some handheld units have an assist handle to provide greater control.

The movement of debris and the airflow are easily managed with variable speed settings.


Top Rated Commercial Leaf Blowers in 2022


Maintaining a huge property can be easily achieved with a good quality gas-fed commercial leaf blower. Gas-powered machines offer stable energy supply and come with a long run time without being tethered to an AC outlet. Surely, completing yard maintenance tasks will be less tedious if you get any one of these three cutting-edge units that offer mobility, reliability and power.



Makita BBX7600N


1 .Makita BBX7600NEquipped with a fuel efficient and powerful 4-stroke engine, the Makita BBX7600N commercial leaf blower runs cleaner without the messy gas-and-oil mix. The 75.6-cc engine meets and exceeds regulations on evaporative and exhaust emissions set by the CARB and EPA. This means it will not produce toxic fumes during operation. The machine offers quieter operation and longer run time as well. It also needs less fuel to run compared to other machines in its class. With a maximum air volume of 526 cubic feet per minute plus a maximum airspeed of 195 mph, the commercial leaf blower handles stubborn, stuck-on leaves with ease.

The decompression system ensures effortless startups. There is easy access to the drain plug, spark plug and oil filling port to enable problem-free maintenance. The machine’s oil filter has a generous capacity for better dust control and to ensure extended engine life. Compact and lightweight, the Makita BBX7600N has wide shoulder straps plus a padded back panel to ensure user comfort. Quieter operation is a plus at 74 decibels thanks to the large capacity muffler. The handle grip mounted on the blower tube provides easy handling and problem-free assist. The backpack style helps the user carry the machine weight on the back and shoulders rather than the arms, for less operator fatigue.

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Husqvarna 560BTS


2.Husqvarna 560BTSEquipped with a capable 65.6 cc X-Torq engine, the Husqvarna 560BTS commercial leaf blower offers power to handle the most demanding tasks. The high 632 cfm air speed combines with the large 232 mph airflow to deliver an exceptional fan design that handles debris clearing applications with ease. The X-Torq engine minimizes harmful emissions by up to 60 percent while increasing fuel efficiency levels by up to 20 percent. For trouble-free use and long run time, the machine is geared with a commercial-grade air filter. This means greater fuel efficiency and faster completion of yard maintenance tasks.

The 23.5-pound machine has a backpack design that enables easy carrying of the weight through the back and shoulders instead of just the arms, for reduced operator fatigue.The two-stage filtration system ensures cleaner burning of fuel and additionally ensures long run time in dusty settings. Boasting quality construction, the Husqvarna 560BTS ensures years of use thanks to its quality components and dependable manufacture. The handle is equipped with wide shoulder straps and can be adjusted to fit the user. It also comes with rubber inserts that allow a comfortable grip with low vibration. The side vented frame allows the motor to breathe without the user’s shirt getting caught in the vent valve, which can deprive the engine of air.

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Makita BHX2500CA


3.Makita BHX2500CAEquipped with a Makita four-stroke engine, the Makita BHX2500CA commercial leaf blower offers efficiency, quiet noise levels and reduced emissions. The 24.5 cc motor is engineered to provide good fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions, since it doesn’t run on messy gas-and-fuel mixes unlike traditional two-stroke engines. The machine is easy to start and runs more quietly thanks to the four-stroke motor design. Able to maintain power and performance, the engine has been granted certification for compliance with CARB Tier II and EPA Phase II regulations on exhaust and evaporative emissions. Weighing in at just 9.8 pounds, the leaf blower also boasts a compact design that allows easy carrying.

The unit is geared with mechanical automatic engine decompression that ensures quick and easy starting. The low compression engine has an improved configuration that delivers more effortless maintenance. The leaf blower has a generous capacity muffler that provides quiet running at just 67 decibels. The 17.7-ounce fuel tank accommodates more gasoline to drive the engine longer while delivering maximum airspeed of 145 mph. The dual stage air filter is easily accessible for problem-free replacement when needed. The machine has a soft grip that ensures less vibration, while the cruise control lever offers convenience and comfort due to reduced user fatigue.

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