Useful tips on buying a top Combi all-in-one walker


Undoubtedly, all parents, whether first-time ones or those looking to expand their families, want to bag good deals on the best baby walker of 2021. With so many baby companies offering plenty of baby equipment, it can be challenging to make just one choice. To ensure that your baby gets the best product there is, you will need to do a bit of research on what models and brands are able to deliver as designed.

Reading can save you money as well, so you can get the best value for the dollars you invest in a baby walker. Here are things you should consider in your purchase.

What to look for when buying a combi all-in-one walker?



The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) asserts that walkers pose a substantial level of risk of injury to the infant, as children of this age are not mentally and physically equipped at that developmental stage to handle the kind of mobility that even best products on the market can present. Unless a unit is designed to be a baby walker for carpet, the unit can turn over when the wheels get caught on the carpet fibers.

The walker should be provided with features that prevent the unit from rolling up against heaters and hot stoves. It should prevent children from falling over curbs, into swimming pools and from decks and patios. A rubber friction strip on the bottom of the walker should stop the unit from moving when the front wheels drop over the edge of steps. The friction strip shouldn’t easily come loose or wear out.

The walker should also be built too wide to fit through a standard doorway.



Aside from friction strips, the best combi all in one walker should also have a lockable bounce feature. This makes the unit combine walker and jumper functions. When baby doesn’t feel like bouncing, you should be able to lock the seat in place. The seat should be removable and washable, aside from being comfortably padded to the proper degree. Most baby walkers feature toy trays with rims. The toys can have electronic lights and sound effects.

Preferably, the walker should fold up for easy storage. The height of the seat should allow you to lower or raise it via a locking mechanism found under the front tray or at the base of the unit, or through adjusters on the seat.


Fit and Durability

When purchasing walkers, make sure that baby’s tiny feet can touch the floor when the seat is at its lowest level. Screws, small parts and toys should not loosen too easily. All parts should be smooth and without any sharp edges. The walker should have baby-safe finishing. It should withstand hours of enthusiastic running around and curious pulling and tugging.


Top Rated Combi All-in-One Walkers in 2021


Combi All in One Activity Walker


The Combi All-in-One Activity walker is a high-end model that offers a two-in-one functionality. It is both a baby walker and a baby jumper. It features a really nice entertainment console, which provides manual action such as the spinning steering wheel. The walker also has spinners on both the right- and left-hand side that baby can enjoy playing with.

A natural mirror-type material is fitted in each of the rear view mirrors. A lot of baby walkers have rear view mirrors but not all have a mirror-type material inside. This is a nice attention to detail in this walker. The entertainment console also has some lights and sounds. The steering wheel has a central button that produces a horn noise when pressed. There are four other buttons on the steering wheel, each of which lights up a different color and also has a song that it plays.

You would never guess just by looking at the Combi All-in-One Activity walker that the entire hood on the front actually comes off to reveal a really nice-sized snack tray. One thing that is noticeable on first appearance of the walker are the side pieces that resemble hydraulics, which provide the second functionality of the unit. Baby can jump up or down while the shocks absorb the energy and go up and down also.

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Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer


The Combi All-in-One Mobile Entertainer is a cheap baby walker that offers three functionalities in a single unit. It is a walker, bouncer and jumper all in one. It features a lockable jumper feature and also has a really unique snack tray hidden underneath the detachable hood of the car structure. The walker has a three-position height adjustment and is recommended for children who can sit on their own up to 30 pounds.

The entertainment console has fun features including a manually spinning steering wheel, which has a central button that produces a horn sound and four other buttons that can be pressed to light up a different color and to each produce a different musical sound. The walker is built with hydraulic-like shocks that enable baby to jump up and down while the shocks absorb the energy. The shocks are lockable as well, so that the seat can stay in topmost position or go down three settings to become height adjustable.

When placed on jump mode, the walker offers a choice of number changes from 1 to 3. You can lock the seat at any position and it is sure to stay at the selected level. Baby is sure to enjoy hours of fun on this all-in-one Mobile Entertainer.

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Combi All-in-One Entertainer Walker


The Combi All-in-One Entertainer Walker enables baby to enjoy sitting in a jumper and to be able to walk without assistance while still seated. The classic car-themed walker allows your child to jump, stand and explore all around his surroundings. The hydraulic-like side pieces offer a choice from three different levels so you can toggle from three various positions for your child to jump in. The walker offers a three-position height adjustment along with the jumper mode, which can also be set to still mode on preference.

The hood of the car comes off to reveal a nice snack tray where baby can have his sippy cup and snacks within reach. The removable electronic play tray features sound from the centrally-located button as well as the four other buttons on the spinning steering wheel. The buttons also each light up in different colors and produce musical sounds. The rear view mirrors are built with spinners and a mirror-like material for more fun.

The seat of the walker is nicely padded. The hindmost bar can be moved from the back position to the middle and to the front so you can find the best position for baby’s safe and effective use.

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