Top rated Color Laser Printers in 2019


In choosing the best printer, whether it is for home or office, you should first consult various best color laser printer reviews in order to have an idea on some of the best choices that can be made. The models that will be mentioned below are among those that have been given positive feedbacks, and hence, also among those that can prove to be good choices.


Best tips on getting the most appreciated Color Laser Printer


Every home or away office should come equipped with a color laser printer, designed to print high-quality documents at impressing speeds. The need for professional printers grows with each passing month since more and more people deal with documents. Now, there are many color laser printer models available on the market which you could take home. Working as an office manager for over 20 years, I handled different printers from Epson, Brother, Samsung and HP. So, I understand just how important it is to have access to a high quality printer capable of printing fast, different types of documents. Now, in order to help you discover the ideal product, I drafted the best color laser printers reviews.

Everyone knows that a good printer can print fast and easy different documents, irrespective of size. Why are so many people interested in finding the best laser printer? Well, it is pretty obvious: laser printers easily print impressive volumes of documents essential to different project development. Due to their unique design such devices will help you save money and time. Even though such office devices cost more than inkjet printers they give you the possibility of printing more and with impressive speeds. You will see that laser toner costs less per each page printed than ink cartridges. According to the latest statistics it seems that more and more firm offices have one or more of the following laser printer models: Brother, Dell, Epson, Minolta, Lexmark, HP, Xerox and Samsung laser printers. How can you find one the best color laser printers in 2019? Well, there are many answers to this question but yours depends mostly on what you need!

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Print speed Price Resolution Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Brother HL4570CDW

30 ppm $$$$ 2400 x 600 dpi 46.3 lbs A+ AMAZON

Hewlett Packard M451DW

21 ppm $$$$ 600 x 600 dpi 52.1 lbs B+ AMAZON

Hewlett Packard M451DN

21 ppm $$$$ 600 x 600 dpi 52.1 lbs B AMAZON

HP LaserJet PRO M251NW

14 ppm $$ 600 x 600 dpi 41.4 lbs B AMAZON

Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA

4 ppm $$ 2400 x 600 dpi 21.7 lbs B AMAZON


The market is more than generous when it comes to high quality printers, designed solely to enhance your productivity. If you plan of printing different types of high graphic materials such as brochures, comic books, photos, banners and flyers then choose a good color laser printer. Most of these printers use CMYK toner that combines with precision magenta, cyan, black and yellow. It is important to use a printer which can bring to the surface your artistic creations without diminishing quality in any way. Still, your future printer needs to respond well to certain high quality levels like resolution, paper handling, speed, memory and connections. Choosing one of the best color laser printers in 2019 represents a wise investment in your productivity and capacity to handle more projects at once.

Printing resolution is very important. Resolution is usually measured in dots per inch (dpi), delivering accurate image quality during various projects. You have to choose a printer with minimum resolution of 600 x 600 dpi for plain text, 1200 x 600 dpi and reaching 5760 x 1440 dpi for photo printing. Now, one of the most important features of color printers relates to printing speeds. You need a fast printing device that can enrich your office performance and not limit it. Furthermore a printer should handle different types of papers, from legal-size paper, letter-size paper, envelopes, business cards and brushers. So, take into account your daily printing needs and choose a product that will meet your requirements!


Brother HL4570CDW Printer


In this printer, one thing that I like most is its wireless functionality. This means that you no longer need to deal with and to be limited with tangling cables. You can send the file that you want to print via a wireless network and the printer will do the job that is required. Additionally, you can also plug a USB device to the unit and directly access contents from such. It can also print in both sides, and hence, a common choice for many offices that demonstrate their concern to the environment through the reduction of the paper that is used in their daily activities.



Currently considered by many as the best color laser printer under $500, this device has a 40ppm rate which applies to both color and black printing.

It can connect to the internet via Wireless or Ethernet and it also comes with a 2.0 USB port which will allow you to connect to different devices in order to print directly off of them.

It is perfect for both office and home use due to the fact that it produces a maximum resolution of 2400×600 dpi which is more than enough to deliver some pretty impressive pictures.

It is quite compact and has an automatic duplex printing feature which will come in handy when you need to produce a large volume of printed documents.



The refills are a bit too expensive when compared to other printers.

The noise levels could have been lower.


When I bought the Brother HL4570CDW Color Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex, I started to use it on a daily basis in printing office files and brochures. The unit is with me for almost 5 years and until now it produces crisp images no matter what kind of paper I used. ” Lee Rubalcaba


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Hewlett Packard M451DW Printer


This printer has the ability to finish printing up to 21 pages within just a minute, which is a testament to its efficient performance. HP is one of the most popular brands within the product category, which will give you more reasons on why this model can be given consideration compared to other brands that are also currently available in the marketplace. To add, this printer can be functional whether through wired or wireless connection, giving you the convenience that is needed in accessing the files that should be printed.



This is perfect for office use considering it is built to produce a monthly paper volume of 40.000 pages without any troubles whatsoever.

It has a great printing resolution of up to 600x600dpi which is more than enough for all your important documents.

It is fast and can reach the same 21ppm speed regardless of the cartridge you will be using.

The HP ImageRET 3600 that comes with this device allows documents written in black to have a really distinct and clean look.



If not installed properly it will run really slow which is not something you want especially if you are using it for your office.

The fact that HP does not provide full cartridges is definitely a downside.


The toner of the Hewlett Packard M451DW Laserjet Pro 400 Color Wireless Printer can produce thousands of printed copies of colored images to black and white. No distortion or smudges of pictures will be experienced. The printer is really quality wise and affordable. It produces great and excellent copies. ” Carmen Hill


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Hewlett Packard M451DN Printer


The HP ePrint is one of the things that I personally think will make this printer a great choice. Because of such feature, you can print files that are sent from your tablets and smartphones. You no longer need to have it transferred to an external device that needs to be plugged on the unit. It has a paper tray that can hold up to 250 sheets, and you can also add another tray that can hold an additional 250 sheets. Whether you are looking for high quality printer that will be used at a small office or at home, this model will prove to be a good choice.



This is basically just as good as the previous model but lacks wireless. This is not in your disadvantage considering this feature will shave off $100 from the price tag.

It is a heavy duty device capable of printing up to 40.000 pages per month which is above any office’s average.

It uses HP’s ImageRET 3600 technology to help improve the quality of the letters you see on the pages printed out.

It has a great resolution of up to 600x600 dpi.



The toner cartridges could have been more generous in volume and could have been cheaper as well.

There are some features that do not work on Apple devices.


The shipping of the Hewlett Packard M451DN Laserjet was really fast so it come to my office immediately. Installing it was easy and connecting other devices was without any difficulties. The colored or black and white prints are flawless and this leads be to believe I’ve made the best choice for the money I paid. Amazon came through for me and it offered this models at a very cheap price.” Amanda Avery


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HP LaserJet PRO 200 Color M251NW Wireless Printer


One of the most popular color laser printers in 2019 is the HP LaserJet M251NW with its impressive 14 ppm color print speed and its wireless capabilities. The maximum print resolution is up to 600 x 600 dpi, better than most of its rival models. You can connect other devices to it via wireless, but there is also the option of using the USB port. Furthermore, it even comes with an Ethernet port for local networks. We recommend this printer as an affordable, yet reliable solution for a color office printer, which won’t let you down.


The fact that this printer costs so little, made many reviewers say that this is the best color laser printer under $500.

It has a great 600x600dpi resolution which is enough for printing in black.

It has both a wired and a wireless internet connectivity option which will allow you to directly connect to the internet to save time.

It has a printing rate of 14ppm which is excellent for home use of for small offices.



The cartridges are really expensive and can end up costing more than the printer itself. It is excellent for home use but not great for office use because it costs a lot to refill.

It is better used for text printing. Printing pictures will be expensive and unsatisfying as far as quality goes.


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Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA Color Printer


While not the best color laser printer in 2019, the Samsung Xpress SL-C410W/XAA is still one of the top models you can buy today. The compact design makes is ideal for small offices and it almost produces no sound at all while it operates (less than 45dBA). The wireless capabilities will allow you to print documents directly from you smart phone, iPad or tablet. Color documents will have vivid colors thanks to the innovative ReCP image processing technology. Connecting to a wireless network is simpler than ever, with you just having to push one button.



Probably the biggest advantage that comes with this printer is its compact design. The low price tag also contributes to its popularity.

The fact that it uses polymerized toner will enhance your printout with up 20 pages in normal black text printing and with up to 4 pages when printing in color.

It comes with NFC and wireless technology to allow printing directly off of your preferred device.

It comes with a cost saving feature that is activated by the push of a button.



It is a bit slow, which is not something you want in an office.

The toner alarm is set off after 1/3 of the ink is used which can be confusing.


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Brother HL2280DW Printer


Best Color Laser Printer Reviews

If you are looking for a printer that can last for a longer time and that can prove to be cheaper to operate in the long-term, laser printers can prove to be a good choice compared to inkjet printers. In this case, the Brother HL2280DW has been considered in many best printer reviews as one of the best choices. One good reason for its popularity, aside from the brand, is because it does not only print on paper. It can also prove to be functional in other needs, such as scanning and copying.

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I choose this Brother Printer Wireless Monochrome Printer because this is the only one that had an LCD display. Its far superior to my old inkjet model and it saves me money too. I would advice purchasing this most reliable color laser printer. Also, I got it around Xmas for a discounted price.” Betty Brown


Brother DCP7065DN Printer


One of the reasons why I believe in this printer is deserving of its place as one of the top choices within the product category is because it has very quick functionality, especially when it is used as a copier. In fact, when doing so, you no longer need to have it connected to the computer. When it comes to printing, this model has the ability to print as much as 27 pages per minute. You might also like its duplex feature, making it able to print texts and images on the two sides of the paper.

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If you would like to have a faster printer in your office without diminishing the quality of the output then better buy the Brother Printer DCP7065DN like I did. Aside from the ability of printing color documents and files, it has also other advantages like the photocopying ability, scanning and duplexing. All of them work great and I’m sure I’m using one of the highest rated color laser printers in 2019. The price was affordable too because I bought in on Black Friday.” Alex Morris