Why you should consider buying a Coleman Tent


Finding the best Coleman tent can be difficult, especially when the brand is known for its durable and rugged outdoor products. All Coleman tents are weather and water resistant, and designed to keep you comfortable when you are camping. With all of the different types of Coleman tents that are highly recommended, finding the right one for your camping trip can get confusing. To help you find the best Coleman tent we have put together this informative buying guide that includes everything you need to consider before you purchase your new camping tent.

2.2 Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

What to look for in buying a tent from Coleman


Tent Size

The size of your tent will make a difference in who can go camping with you. If you are a solo camper then one of Coleman’s smaller backpacking tents might be ideal for you, while larger camping parties will need one of the cabin style camping enclosures. The size of your tent will also determine how comfortable you are, which should be considered if you are camping with more than one other person. You will also want to remember how many people will be able to help you carry the tent and set it up.


Type of Coleman Tent

There are several types of Coleman tents to choose from, and all are constructed for use outdoors. The type of tent that you use will depend on who you are camping with, and where you are camping. Instant and backpacking tents are great for solo camping trips and easy set ups, while dome tents can give you more head room to move around. Other Coleman tents include cabin and lighted outdoor tents which are great for camping with your family.


Weather and Waterproofing

All Coleman tent reviews state that the tents are weather and water resistant, which include the water proof floor. You will want to make sure that your tent includes the brand’s inverted seam, which is also double stitched to prevent moisture from leaking in. Water repellent thread and a polyurethane coating on the fabric are also features of the best Coleman camping tents.

5.2 Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Tent

Type of Frame

There are different types of frames that are designed for different weather conditions, and when you go camping will help you choose the best Coleman tent. Aluminum frames are lightweight and easy for one person to carry, while steel frames are often used for strong walls with more height. Many all weather tents use fiberglass frames, which are wind resilient and often more expensive.


Additional Features

You will also want to consider additional features, and according to Coleman tent reviews all models include a water resistant rain fly. While this will help keep you dry during rain storms, you also want to consider mesh windows for ventilation. Other features to look for in your tent can include zippered doors for easy access, and whether there are storage compartments for your gear. Some Coleman tents also include electrical access ports, which are convenient for longer camping trips at dedicated campsites.



Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent

1.1 Coleman Red Canyon Dome TentThe large camping tent can comfortably sleep eight people, and is ideal for family camping trips. It features the same Weathertec system that Coleman is famous for so you will stay warm and dry through any sudden thunderstorm. Whether you are camping with friends or family, you will love the tent’s spacious design.

The outdoor tent measures 17 x 10 feet, and is 72 inches in the center. It can fit two queen size mattresses, and still leave you plenty of room to move around. There are also two room dividers included for privacy when you are sleeping. Not only is the family camping tent water resistant, it is also the best Coleman instant tent. The included assembly instructions are easy to read, and the shock corded poles make setting up a breeze. The tent is just as easy to take down, when you are ready to return to civilization.

You also get the benefit of the waterproof rainfly, which will keep you and your gear dry during rain storms. To keep the interior of the tent comfortable, there are ventilation ports to help keep fresh air circulating. The zippered door also helps to keep the elements out, while still being easy to open when you’re ready to go outside. Mesh ceiling panels help keep your gear organized, while also helping with air flow. It is a lightweight tent that is easy to carry, and can help make your next family camping trip a success.

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Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent

2.1 Coleman Montana 8 Person TentThis is the best Coleman cabin tent for enjoying nature, while still having some of the comforts of home. It features the same weather resistant system as other outdoor Coleman products, and is large enough to comfortably sleep eight people. With the included electric access port, you can even keep teenagers happily connected when they are camping.

The camping tent measures 16′ x 7′ and is 6′ 2″ in the center. It can comfortably sleep up to eight people, and still leave room for your gear. The cabin design not only looks rugged, it is designed to withstand strong gusts of wind without tumbling. The rounded top also helps to keep water from collecting on the top. This angled design around the windows also prevents rain from dripping in, even when it is open.

There is plenty of ventilation with the mesh ceiling and windows, and the included rainfly will prevent moisture from getting in through tent’s open roof. The electric access port gives you the ability to power lights, stereos, and even laptops. This is a definite bonus if you are planning on taking your teenagers camping. The family size cabin tent is easy to set up and take down, which means that you can spend more time enjoying your camping trip. It is also lightweight and easy to carry, so you don’t always have to stay at established campsites with electricity.

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Coleman Instant 4 Person Tent

3.1 Coleman Instant Tent 4 PersonAble to be set up in less than a minute, this is the best Coleman instant tent. The four person tent can comfortably hold a queen size air mattress, which is ideal for small families or romantic two person getaways. The lightweight tent can also be used for extended solo camping trips when more space for your gear might be required.

It measures 8′ x 7′ and has a center height of 4′ 10″. While this might not be tall enough for most people to comfortably stand, it still gives you plenty of room to sleep at night. One of the reasons that this tent can be easily used by one person is that the poles are already assembled for your convenience. The Weathertec systems will keep you dry during sudden rainstorms, and features inverted seams for added waterproof protection. There is also a protective rainfly included with the Coleman outdoor tent.

Along with being a breeze to set up, the tent is lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it possible for you to go to more remote campsites. For your safety and convenience at night, the sturdy guy lines are reflective to help prevent you from tripping in the dark. The sturdy and stylish instant set up tent is durable and waterproof. It is designed to keep you dry and comfortable, even during strong thunderstorms. For added comfort the tent has large mesh windows for ventilation, which can also be closed to keep wind and rain out. Whether you are going boating with friends and need to pitch a tent by the river, or camping with your significant other this tent will keep you comfortable and dry through almost any type of weather.

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Coleman Signature Prairie Breeze 9 Tent

4.1 Coleman Signature Prairie Breeze 9 TentSpacious and comfortable, this is the best Coleman cabin tent for large groups of friends and family camping trips. It is designed to comfortably sleep up to nine people, and includes plenty of extra features to keep everyone happy. The outdoor tent is constructed to be durable and weather resistant, so nothing can ruin your camping trip.

This tent has everything you need to stay comfortable on your camping trips, and includes a room divider so you can have two separate sleeping areas measuring 10′ x 7′. Not only will this give you privacy, the divider will also let you designate an area for your children. The ability to create two rooms also makes this a great tent to use to store your extra gear when you are on fishing trips with your friends. The frame is constructed from steel and fiberglass for durability and wind resistance. It is also easy to set up and take down. You will also appreciate the seven foot ceiling, which gives you plenty of room to stand up and move around.

Six mesh windows give you all of the ventilation you need, and include storm flaps to keep water and moisture out. Like all Coleman tents it is weather resistant, and even includes a door flap for added water proof protection. What sets this cabin style tent apart from similar models is the lighted fan that includes two speed settings. It uses batteries instead of electricity, so you can use the fan at any campsite. Use the light to get your gear ready for the morning, or to read a scary story. The fan has a low and high setting so you can always sleep comfortably, even during hot summer nights.

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Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 Tent

5.1 Coleman WeatherMaster Screened 6 TentIf you love camping in the rain then this is the best Coleman WeatherMaster tent for you and your family. It includes all the features that you will need, including a screened porch and easy access door. The weather resistant tent also has a one year warranty, for added peace of mind.

The tent can comfortably sleep up to 6 people, and includes two rooms with an inside measurement of 17′ x 9′. The ceiling height is 6′ 10″, giving you plenty of room to move around, along with helping to improve circulation. The added bonus of a screened in porch is a perfect gathering place on warm summer days. There is also a storage space for all of your gear, so everything can stay organized and out of the way. Not only is the ceiling higher than similar models, it is also constructed out of mesh. Combined with the vented air ports, the tent will stay cool and comfortable even with everyone inside.

An electric access port lets you plug in all your small appliances, including laptops and coffee makers. The interior floors are waterproof, and feature double stitched, inverted weather resistant seams. There are rainflies over the two doors and windows, and the fiberglass poles are wind resistant. The tent is easy to put up, and features color coded poles and sleeves. A convenient carrying bag is also included with the family camping tent. With plenty of room to sleep six people, and a spacious resistant construction this is the perfect Coleman tent for your next family outdoor adventure.

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While all Coleman camping tents are designed to be durable and weather resistant, there are certain features you will want to consider. Some outdoor tents include two separate rooms for privacy and more sleeping space, while others have features that include fans and electrical ports. The size and type of camping tent should be two of the first things that you consider, along with the necessary features to keep you comfortable while you are camping. In addition the type of materials used in construction will also make a difference in choosing the best tent.

Two tents that we believe offer all of the features that you need for a great camping trip include the Coleman Red Canyon Dome Tent, and the Coleman Montana 8 Person Tent. Each one has its own unique design and advantages, and you can use our comprehensive comparison table to compare the individual features. Whichever Coleman tent you decide is the right one for you, we hope that you enjoy your next camping trip.