How to Purchase a Cold Weather Tent:


Many people prefer camping in cold weather and one of the most important equipment they should bring along is a tent made specifically to withstand lower temperatures. If you are seriously planning a trip when the weather outside is gloomy and there is a chance of rain, the following guide on how to purchase a cold weather tent will come in handy. Learn about the most important traits a tent for bad weather should have, read about top cold weather tents of 2022 and make an informed choice that will help you keep warm on your next trip.


What to look for when buying a cold weather tent



What you want most from a cold weather tent is to keep you warm and well guarded against bad weather. The materials the tent is made of can vary from one model to another, but preferably, cold weather tents should be made of PVC coated nylon. This material is ideal for keeping moisture and cold outside, and for keeping you warm inside. Silicon coated nylon is another good option because it keeps the rain and snow out, without letting one drop of moisture leak inside. Another thing to keep in mind about materials is that they should be able to handle rougher surfaces.



One issue with cold weather tents is that excess condensation can form inside, and make the atmosphere not so bearable for those using the tent. To make sure that your tent will not turn into an unwanted sauna, buy a model that comes with sturdy vents and mesh panels. Airing such a tent should be done quickly, to allow people inside to get a comfortable sleep, even when the weather is raging outside.


Size and weight

It is important for you to pick a tent that is not too heavy, or, otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of taking it out camping. However, size is also an important aspect, especially if you are camping with the entire family. Balancing size and weight can be a bit tricky, but with the help of our buying guide, you will be able to identify the best cold weather tent for your needs.


 Top Rated Cold Weather Tents in 2022



Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person


The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person tent is a veritable mobile house you can set up anywhere you may happen to travel. As the name indicates, it can accommodate up to six people, and the interior is divided into compartments, to allow comfort and privacy. There is even an additional room designed only for ventilation that can also serve as a place where everyone can gather and have a nice meal.

The tent is made of sturdy, durable materials. The manufacturer used their signature WeatherTec System to make this tent ideal for families wishing to camp in bad weather. This system involves a variety of features designed to keep you dry and comfortable, regardless of rain and snow.

The Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person tent is made of coated polyester, resistant against moisture. A complex system of anti-leaking seams, zipper protection, and waterproof floors makes this product from Coleman the best cold weather tent you can purchase at the moment. Another great thing about it is that it is also easy to install.

The company making this tent has been in business for more than 100 years, a warranty for the superior quality of its products. A lot of positive reviews from users support the good reputation this tent enjoys.

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Slumberjack 2 Person Trail


In case you are looking for a more downsized cold weather tent, this made for two model from Slumberjack may be exactly what you want. Having all the necessary traits one could wish for in a tent meant for cold weather, the Slumberjack 2 Person Trail is ideal for backpacking and fishing trips.

You will notice right away that the tent is easy to install, due to its ten-fly connection and side release buckles. For certain, you will not feel the cold or rain passing through the sturdy material the Slumberjack tent is made of. 1200mm of polyester stand between you and cold weather and the poles are made of fiberglass. While the tent is capable of keeping you warm inside, it is not very heavy, and it is reasonably easy to carry around.

Ventilation is not a problem for this product considered to be the best tent for cold weather built for two people. The mesh walls ensure great ventilation and the tapped seams keep the rain outside, while you remain dry inside.

The best trait of this tent is, by far, the way it packs in an easy to handle package, so you can carry it with you on canoe trips.

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Eureka! Solitaire


Last, but not least, another tent we want to show you is a model created for one person. In case you are more of a lonely camper, or you do not wish to share your tent with someone else, you will find this Eureka! tent to be just what you need.

When packing your stuff to go on your trip, you will notice how lightweight this tent is compared to other models. You will also appreciate its sturdy construction that will keep you well protected against all kinds of bad weather. A nice array of extras is provided, as well. Nylon pole sleeves allow for easy installation, and two storage pockets offer a nice addition for storing away your belongings, without keeping them all inside.

The tunnel design is mentioned on any cold weather tent review for this particular product. You will easily get inside the tent and then outside, and the design lets you roll the tent and have it packed in no time. For the moments when you just want to pack your things and be on your way in record time, this will definitely come in handy.

At only a bit over two pounds in weight, this tent is easy to carry on any trip you may be planning.

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We hope this buying guide will help you decide on the best tent for your needs. For families, we strongly recommend the Coleman WeatherMaster 6-Person, which is as good as a mobile home for campers, while for two people camping, we recommend the Slumberjack 2 Person Trail, a great sturdy option that will keep you dry and comfortable in bad weather.