Expert Buying Advice for Coffee Grinders under 100


Once ground, coffee can stale rapidly. For people who prefer freshly-ground brews, the best coffee grinders make all the difference when it comes to great tasting coffee. This has inspired more and more coffee lovers to switch to freshly-ground brews. What are the elements you want in a coffee grinder?


Right Power Level

Decide on the motor speed you prefer when checking out the best coffee grinder under 100. Units with high speed motors are cheaper, but they tend to transfer heat to the coffee beans, which can result in a slight but still detectable scorched or burned taste. Units outfitted with low-speed motors may have a higher price tag but they do grind slowly, so they stay cooler.


Grinder Settings

When shopping for the best coffee grinder under 100, you will have to determine the type of grinder settings that will work for you. Some machines come with programmable settings that enable them to deliver a specific grind. If the machine is to be used along with a French press or a percolator, those types of units may not be what you need. However, for coffee lovers who want fine, extra-fine or medium grind, the setting options are perfect.


Conical Burrs and Other Features

Do check out machines with conical steel burrs, which work just as efficiently as flat burrs. The steel composition ensures use of sharp edges instead of chunky teeth, ensuring better grind quality.

Some machines feature an auto-off functionality. Many are equipped with a dosing feature, which enables them to keep the coffee beans in a hopper and to simply measure what is needed for a given amount of coffee. Other machines have easy-clean features or no-mess components to reduce spillage.


Most Reliable Coffee Grinders under 100


For people who want a caffeine fix without going instant, a good quality coffee grinder may provide the best solution. However, finding a premium coffee grinder will require some form of dedicated research to ensure you’re getting value for money. These three products have gotten rave reviews from happy users, so why not check them out?


Capresso 560.01 Infinity


1.Capresso 560.01 Infinity Burr GrinderThe Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder carries a classic, elegant and user-friendly design that ensures great coffee times every time. It delivers maximum aroma and optimal flavor retention. The coffee grinder’s construction is distinguished by the use of computer-controlled unique grinding heads to cut the shapes and angles of the machine’s steel burrs to within 0.1mm precision. This ensures uniform flavor and aroma with each batch of ground coffee. This machine is the lowest noise conical burr grinder, so you won’t wake up the rest of the household to enjoy a good brew.

The Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder features clearly marked fineness settings consisting of four settings each for coarse, fine, regular and extra fine, giving you versatility with the total of 16 settings in all. The machine is outfitted with a multiple gear motor that creates the slowest grinding action at less than 450 rpm, resulting in high-precision grinding varying between fine for Turkish brewing to coarse for percolator use. The gear-reduction motor powers a slow grind for little static build up, ensuring full flavor and aroma.

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Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder


2.Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee GrinderThe Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder lets you enjoy great coffee moments with fresh brews. Using this coffee grinder allows you to optimize the full flavor profile of each coffee bean. The machine boasts continuous adjustability. Simply twist the upper bean container to select how finely ground you want the beans to be. Choose from over 14 settings varying between coarse and fine, so you can get the perfect grind for any brewing application. The coffee grinder also comes with a borosilicate glass container to catch the grounds, which, unlike plastic containers, remains static free so the grounds do not spill all over to create a mess.

The silicone/nylon lid is also designed to cap on tightly, ensuring excellent prevention of spilled grounds. The silicone band on the glass receptacle ensures a slip-proof hold. The timed grinding feature allows you to set the exact amount of time for grinding just the right amount of coffee. The quick grind button allows the machine to deliver a fast grind. Available in white, green, red, orange and black, the Bodum Bistro is your perfect coffee companion.

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Cuisinart CBM-18N


3.Cuisinart CBM-18N ProgrammableThe Cuisinart CBM-18N Programmable Conical Burr Mill lets you maximize every coffee break with more intensely flavored brews locked with magical brewed aroma. The machine is outfitted with a fully programmable 0.5-pound capacity hopper that lets you store the coffee beans and also releases just the right amount of beans to make an exact quantity of ground coffee. Thanks to the innovative cup selector, you can select from one to fourteen cups for your precise amount of coffee every time. The conical burr grinder ensures delivery of a full-flavored, consistent grind without getting the beans heated.

The Cuisinart CBM-18N is equipped with an 18-position grind selector, enabling you to choose from ultra-fine for espresso use to extra coarse for French press brewing methods. The luxurious brushed stainless conical burr mill comes with an easy-to-read LCD display that shows the fineness, time and number of cups to ensure grinding perfection. The machine stops automatically after grinding the exact amount. The scoop and cleaning brush ensure convenient measurement and easy cleaning, respectively. The coffee grinder also features convenient cord storage.

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