Tips for Buying the Best Coat Rack


Coat racks are very popular in households around the world, because the space available in our closets cannot accommodate a lot of clothes, especially heavy coats, hats and other accessories. These pieces of furniture are very handy, as well, because they help us get some of the most important clothing items fast and easy, right when we need to go out the door. Upon our return, the faithful coat rack is still there, waiting to be loaded with all our coats and hats. If you are looking for the top rated coat racks 2018, you will surely find the next guide very useful.

Best coat rack

Coat rack style

What kind of coat rack do you think it would work well with your home décor? Since coat racks are nothing else but furniture, you should opt for a style that complements your hallway in a pleasant manner. Contemporary styles are great for homes that prefer more minimalistic designs, while antique coat racks are a better fit in a household where heavy furniture prevails. There are plenty of nice styles to choose from, and you only have to look around until you discover something you like.



Back in the days, coat racks were made of wood, and they were very durable. While a wooden model still has its charm, many of the best coat rack reviews also include coat racks made of metal or plastic. Metal coat racks are a better fit for contemporary home decors, while plastic models are preferred for offices and other formal space. However, you can always get one of these for your home without any worries because current designs are very versatile and fit very well in any kind of décor.


Coat rack type

Another thing you will have to learn a bit about when you go shopping for a coat rack is that there are a few types available. For instance, wall coat racks are, as their name indicates, mounted on a wall, and they do not take much floor space. Standing coat racks are, however, more popular because they can hold more coats and hats, as they can be used from all sides.


Top Rated Coat Racks in 2018


What kind of coat rack do you like best? Taking a look at the following list will give you a pretty good idea on how a great coat rack should be. All these models are preferred by homeowners, because of their great style and their durability. Find out more by reading further.


Coaster Home Furnishings 900821


1.Coaster Home Furnishings 900821What could be a better choice than a coat rack that can hold many coats, hats, accessories and even umbrellas? The Coaster Home Furnishings 900821 comes with an umbrella holder that helps you keep things well organized and it provides you with available space for your outer garments.

Made of metal, this coat rack is very durable and it is a great choice for many households. Painted in black finish, the Coaster Home Furnishings 900821 will help you keep all your things well organized, and you will not have to worry that members of your family will not find enough room for their garments.

One great thing about this coat rack is that it is very lightweight, so you can change its place until you find the perfect setup for your hallway. 12 hooks are available, which is quite enough even for a more numerous family.

Once delivered, the coat rack needs to be assembled, but the process is very easy. While the model is made of metal, it is not heavy, because it is actually made of metal tubing, which is more lightweight. The plastic feet will not leave any unsightly marks on your floor, another aspect you will surely appreciate.

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Frenchi Furniture Coat Rack


2.Frenchi Furniture Coat RackWhat’s not to love about this elegant coat rack? Its classic design makes it a great fit for any household and there is no wonder so many people call it the best coat rack 2018. Your hallways will get a stylish addition and you and your family will get a well organized space for storing all your garments. Functional and elegant, the Frenchi Furniture Coat Rack is a great choice for any homeowner.

The model comes with two tiers of coat hooks, so you can maximize its utility with great ease. Also, if there are members of your family who are shorter, they can use the lower tier of hooks, while taller individuals can use the upper tier.

The coat rack is made of metal, and its black finish makes it a good choice for your entranceway, because, as you may well know, black goes well with everything. The rack must be assembled upon delivery, but it is very easy to put together, so you will encounter no issues in this regard.

Get a great looking coat rack for your hallway and your guests will appreciate having enough room to place all their coats when they come visiting.

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Crown Mark Hall Tree


3.Crown Mark Hall TreeA simple design is often what works best for most people and the Crown Mark Hall Tree is a solid illustration of this statement. This coat is very simple in appearance, but it is very functional. The hooks are placed as the branches of a tree, at different levels, so you can access the coats and accessories stored on it with great ease. Even your growing child will be able to use the coat rack, since there are a few hooks positioned at a lower level.

This standing coat rack is easy to move around, if you want to place it somewhere else. You will find that the 360 degree turning top is a nice addition, because you will be able to move it around in order to access the items you want without any problems.

The espresso finish makes this simple hall tree a very elegant choice for your home. The wood construction is a fine choice for homeowners who like to keep things classic, and the rubber feet will make sure that the rack will not leave marks on your floor. Included by all the best coat rack reviews, this is a really fine choice for you and your family.

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