Top rated clothes dryers in 2019


Every home should come equipped with a professional washing machine and also with a professional dryer. Fortunately, as you probably already saw there are many dryers currently available on the market which can become a great addition to your home. Drying off your clothes fast and without any fuss whatsoever is very important especially if you are always on the run, to work or to other social activities. The time has come to invest wisely in a great product, capable of delivering precise results. All you need to do is read with attention some of the best clothes dryers reviews and use the information in order to limit the search area down to one or two products.


Professional buying guide on choosing a good clothes dryers


cldryThere are many appliances that need to be present in a person’s home, carefully picked out in order to provide accurate assistance during various choirs. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of people are searching for professional clothes dryers, designed to make dry every inch with ease. Fortunately the market offers a wide range of products, created to dry different types of materials without damaging them in any way. Now, you have the possibility to read some of the best clothes dryer reviews, written by professional users, which can ease up the selection process. If you are on the market for a reliable dryer you’re in the right place. In the following rows we are going to emphasize more on what to look for in high quality dryers.

You need to find a dryer, incorporating moisture sensor which safely recognizes when the laundry is properly dried. One of the best clothes dryer in 2019 come equipped with advanced sensors, which take into account fabric texture and material making. Furthermore the advantage of such models with moisture sensor is the fact that they stop when the job is done, so you won’t have to worry about additional energy. Clothes dryers use gas or electricity in order to dry different types of clothes with ease. Today, you have the possibility to choose from gas dryers and electric dryers, which come with different advantages and disadvantages. You should also know that gas dryers are a bit more expensive than electrical dryers. Still, on the long run the big differences in fuel costs compensate the initial economic addition of 50 to 150 $.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Access Location Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Avanti D110-1IS

4.0 cu. ft. $$$ Front-load 45 lbs B+ AMAZON

Sonya SYD-60E

3.75 cu. ft. $$$ Front-load 99.2 lbs A+ AMAZON

Sonya SYD-40E

2.65 cu. ft. $$ Front-load 48 lbs A AMAZON

Maytag MEDC200XW

7.0 cu. ft. $$$$ Front-load 117 lbs B AMAZON

Amana NGD4700YQ

7.0 cu. ft. $$$$$ Front-load 117 lbs B AMAZON


With a better take on the best clothes dryers reviews, you will be able to determine whether or not electrical or gas dryers deserve to become yours. For example an electric dryers needs a 240 volt outlet in order to run properly while a gas dryer needs a precise gas hook-up and also a 12 volt outlet. When it comes to performance ratings it seems that gas dryers deliver precise results, drying without problems different types of clothes with less fuss and no effort. As some specialists pointed out, you need to watch out for over-drying. You should know that over-drying can damage different types of fabrics. So, your future dryer should come equipped with a relevant moisture sensor which ensures that the drying parameters are within normal range.

With the best clothes dryer in 2019 you won’t have to worry about wet clothes that take forever in order to dry off. No! Consider the time you save by investing once in a great dryer which delivers precise results, with no damaging effects on your shirts, pants, skirts or underwear. You should also consider price, structure and speciality cycles such as automatic drying, speed duration (15 minutes on high heat, 30 minutes on medium heat and so on). Another important option revolves around accessibility and drying functions. Try to find a model with a wide range of drying functions including heat level, touchpads, dry fabric types and auto-dry.


Things to consider:

–          Types of dryers: electrical and gas. Read some of the following reviews to see which one is the best for your needs.

–          Drying speed and heat management system

–          Advanced fabric drying functions

–          Professional drying cycles for different clothes materials

–          User-friendly control interface: touchpads, buttons or knobs



Sonya SYD-60E portable Apartment dryer


Taking care of your clothes will become a lot easier with the right dryer. There are so many models currently available on the market, which makes the selection process harder. You can opt to choose Sonya portable apartment dryer, a model that can handle anything you through inside. It comes with an impressive 13 lbs capacity and 120 V outlet which means you can plug the device anywhere you want. This device incorporates a stainless steel drum transparent lid which allows you to see exactly the drying operation. It has 4 dryer temperature selections and a wall mounting bracket, present in the basic package.



Compact or apartment size makes the unit a convenient addition to a cramped living space

Weighs just 48 pounds that is easy to carry around or plug anywhere the user prefers, with a wall-hanging bracket to facilitate easy out-of-the-way placement when preferred

Has 13-pound capacity or 3 3/4 –cubic-foot capacity for the stainless steel drum, to ensure easy completion of drying cycles and large loads plus years of reliable drying service

User-friendly control panel enables user to choose between 20 and 200 minutes of drying time



May require installation of proper venting

May not be able to expel lint from clothes


Buy from for ($495)





Sonya SYD-40E Portable Laundry dryer


If you are looking for a powerful dryer for your apartment then you should use with confidence Sonya portable compact laundry dryer. This powerful model received high marks of efficiency from the present best clothes dryers reviews, written by technicians and specialists. The device can be used in order to safely dry sheets, clothes and anything else you might like. It is ideal for an apartment, occupying little space in your bathroom. This powerful 1400 watt tumble dryer comes with a user-friendly control panel, which allows you to control easily the device’s functions. In addition, the device weighs only 44 pounds and it is ETL and CETL approved for usage.



Stainless steel drum with full capacity of 2.65 cubic feet or up 8.8 pounds per drying cycle, perfect for single users or small families

Small 44-pound frame makes the unit easy to carry around or store

Transparent lid gives optimum visibility so user can monitor the drying cycle until it gets completed

Compact frame complemented by provided bracket for wall hanging purposes so user can choose to do out-of-the-way placement of the unit, making this the best electric clothes dryer 2019 for numerous apartment dwellers



Unit is rated 110 volts so drying times may take longer than a regular dryer with 220 volts

Requires an indoor vent kit


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Avanti D110-1IS automatic dryer


Best clothes dryers reviewsThere are many dryers currently available on the market, which makes the selection process quite challenging. Today, you have the possibility to use one of the best clothes dryers in 2019 from Avanti: D110-1IS automatic device, which can be used with confidence in order to dry your clothes within a short period of time. This powerful 110 volt dryer can be mounted on the wall, or simply used as free standing anywhere around the bathroom. The model comes with a stainless steel drum and a reliable viewable window door, where you can see better the clothes, no matter of the fabric.



Analog controls on the unit are located on the front panel for easy accessibility and convenient plus simple  operation by the busy homemaker

Large 2.6-cubic foot capacity enables drying of up to 9 pounds of clothing at one load so laundry gets done nicely and quickly

Comes with five cycles to suit a wide variety of fabric types while getting more drying done in an extra-delicate cycle with timed dry and auto dry settings

Also delivers air drying so fabrics get much needed refreshing when needed while also ensuring wrinkle release



Dryer does not give off a signal when drying cycle is completed

Tends to run with a considerable amount of sound


“Overall I’m satisfied with my new clothes dryer from Avanti, even it’s bit loud at times. I’ve managed to buy it for a very cheap price because it had a Black Friday discount, so I really can’t complain too much. I’m sure I’ve made the best choice for the money I spent.” – Philip S. Martinez


Buy from for ($327.17)




Maytag MEDC200XW front load dryer


Searching for a professional dryer, capable of drying off your clothes easily is mandatory. Your life will be easier once you find a great dryer. According to the present top rated clothes dryers reviews you should use with confidence Maytag MEDC200XW, a product that will not disappoint. It comes with a 7.0 cubic feet SuperSize capacity plus, where you can place your clothes. Furthermore the dryer features GentleBreeze drying system that takes care of the clothes fabric. In addition to the advanced drying function, it includes a smooth balance suspension system for a precise drying operation, any time you want.



Carries legendary Maytag Commercial Technology, designed for optimal use with commercial-grade components to ensure dependability and strength for high-volume commercial applications made for the home

Built with super-size 7.0-cubic foot capacity to get more drying done at every drying cycle

Gentle Breeze Drying System complemented by the unit’s Smooth Balance Suspension System to ensure that clothes are evenly balanced inside the drum while getting optimum drying all the time

Heavy-duty DuraCushion Dryer Drum fitted with a powerful blower and top-quality dryer drum rollers so drying cycles are completed with best results



Carries a heavier price tag than other models in the same category

Consists of plastic components


“I opted fro this large capacity model because it wash highly recommended by the best clothes dryer reviews and it had an affordable price. It was so cheap because I bought it for a Xmas deal, so you could say this was our family’s Xmas gift.” – Jill Wilson


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Amana NGD4700YQ traditional dryer


When it comes to electronic appliances that can improve the way you handle various choirs around the house, one brand releases advanced products: Amana. To this end you have the possibility to choose Traditional 7.0 cu. Ft. dryer, which uses advance sensors that monitor the temperature. It automatically stops the cycle when the cloths are dry. This advanced dryer comes with 12 cycles and 4 temperatures, letting you control with more precision the drying operation and ultimately you will end up with dried clothes. Furthermore the dryer comes with Wrinkle prevent option for clean and smooth clothes, any time you go out.



Large 7.0-cubic-foot capacity makes this the top choice in lots of best electric clothes dryer reviews

Provides wide variety of choices with twelve different drying cycles so users can get optimum drying in clothes while getting the greatest amount of moisture and water wrung out of clothes and from various fabric types

Interior drum light provides greater visibility so user can monitor and check the drying being done

Unit has a special end-of-cycle signal to alert user that drying cycle has been completed, and a Wrinkle Prevent option that not only tumbles clothes on intermittent basis but also uses no heat whatsoever to help prevent wrinkles from forming



Pricier than other models in this product range

Needs a level floor space and exact measurements to fit the unit in

“Yes, it was a bit more expensive than other models, but it’s multiple drying cycles certainly make up for it. This clothes dryer was one of the highest rated models by expert reviews and this convinced me to buy it. Seeing how well it dries my clothes, I’m sure it’s one of the top 10 models on the market.” – Maria A. Phares


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