Best Clock Radios under $25


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If you are looking for a product that will allow you to listen to good music and let you know exactly what time it is, you might consider buying one after reading the best Sony clock radios reviews. Some of the best choices that can be taken into account will be mentioned below, making it a lot easier for you to decide.


Sony ICF-C318 Clock Radio


Best Clock Radios under $25Regardless of where his clock radio is placed, it will surely look stylish. Additionally, it will not also consume too much space as it is very small. The display, however, is big, making it easy for you to see the time, even at night. It also has dual alarm, which makes it more functional. It lacks complicated and elaborate controls, making it easy for you to control the product and to have it configured the way you want it to be, such as when setting the alarm time.

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“A reliable radio clock by my bedside can be the difference whether or not I get up in the morning. The Sony ICF-C318 has never disappointed me in this regard and while I’m freshing up in the bathroom it gives me the morning news loud and clear.” Sam Doyle


Sony ICF-C414 Clock Radio


When looking for the best option within this product category, one of the most important things to consider is visual appeal. With that, this model from Sony will prove to be an ideal choice. Its floating design makes it an attractive addition to any room at which it will be placed. Worried about frequently changing time on the clock? Such will not be a problem with this model. Aside from the automatic time set, it also has the ability to automatically adjust to daylight savings time.

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“I found the Sony ICF-C414 to be a very reliable radio clock, which shows the time very adequately and connects to my favorite radio stations with no problems. It doesn’t cost too much either, making it an ideal choice in my opinion.” Mark Leyton


Sony ICF-C318 Automatic Clock Radio


Even if you at a distance from where the clock radio is placed, you will surely be able to easily see what it is. Such is possible with the large and bright display on its screen, which is highly visible even when the lights in the room are turned off. For many people, the different features that make is one of the best clock radios under $25 include the dual alarm, extendable snooze bar, and the built-in calendar, among others.

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“A great clock which does its job perfectly and that is to wake me up in the morning so I can go to work. It is not even expensive and I believe it is worth more thant he actual price. I recommend this clock as being very reliable in more than one circumstance.” Albert White


Sony ICF-C218 Clock Radio


Any interruption in the power that runs this clock radio will surely not be a problem. It comes with battery backup, which means that time will be always accurate. Because of its small size, you will not have a problem in placing it anywhere. Even if you have a small table, there will surely be plenty of space for this small wonder. Many people have also reported high level of satisfaction with regards to ease of use, highlighting that it is perfect even for children.

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“I have this clock for more than one year and It has proven to be very useful in numerous occasions, preventing me from being late to work even if I didn’t want to wake up. Also my favorite radio station is heard by me loud and clear so this can only please me.” Ken Butt


Conair SU7 Clock Radio


This is another model that is often mentioned when talking about the best clock radios under $25. Among other things, this will be perfect choice if there is a newborn in the house. It has the ability to play soothing music that infants will surely find to be relaxing. There are 10 different sounds, giving you more options on what you want your baby to hear. It also has string AM/FM reception, making it possible for you to listen to as many radio stations as possible.

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“This clock is cheap but at the same time it is very useful. It has many alarms from which I can choose from so I wake up in pleasant way. Even though I don’t have a baby I also checked out its baby alarms when I found out it had such features.” Pattric Hayes