If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best climbing tree stand money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information about different products for sale in this category by looking into reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback and comparing those with the claims in expert hunting review sites. Thankfully, after the in-depth product research and comparison, we have been able to find what we believe is genuinely the top choice in this category, the Summit 180 MAX SD. This product is a high-capacity model that comes with all you need to ensure safe ascent and descent, including a four-point safety harness, RapidClimb Stirrups plus all the needed hardware, pads, straps and ropes. Your target won’t detect you’re high up in the trees watching its every move thanks to the tree stand’s Sound Deadening technology that dampens any metal-to-metal noise for even more effective concealment. The reversible surround seat is height adjustable so you can confidently move on the large 6-channel aluminum platform to find the best observation position and vantage point for shooting. Should the Summit 180 MAX SD run out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option, the Summit Goliath SD.



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Tree stands are a must have in every hunter’s arsenal. They elevate you to a point where you can get a better view of the area and give you the best opportunity to hit your prey. Just be aware that all tree stands were not created equally and some are specially tailored to perform special functions.

We have created this guide to help you understand the features that you should look for in a tree stand. After all, if you are going to invest your time and money into a sport, you want to have the best gear to help you maximize your experience.




The Treestand Manufacturers Association will approve any tree stand that meets their criteria. When you are purchasing a new tree stand, you don’t really have to worry about the quality of the stand, as it is already approved. However, if you are purchasing a used stand, it must be checked for any sign of damage. This includes bends, cracks, missing bolts or pieces, and other obvious signs of misuse. If there have been repairs made to the stand, it should have been done with parts that are made for that particular stand. Any off brand items may not be suitable for the stand and could compromise the integrity of the stand.



While tree stand accessories can be anything from a can of bug spray to extra ammunition or items to help you spot your target, there are some accessories that you will want to make sure come with the stand. These include items like harnesses, a climbing stick or steps. You also want to make sure that your stand comes with replacement parts like extra bolts or screws.



When purchasing a climbing tree stand, you will want to make sure the stand features some sort of harness system. The most common is the Fall Arrest System (FAS) and it will distribute your weight between your arms and legs. The harness is meant to help prevent harmful accidents while you are up in the stand. You may nod off while waiting or you could slip as a result of moisture build up on your shoes or the stand itself.


Hunting is a favorite past time for many people. It gives you a chance to seclude yourself from the bustle of everyday life and sit in nature. Whether you are hunting for sport or to help fill your freezer, a climbing tree stand is an excellent investment piece to any hunting gear.



Products for specific needs


Best Climbing Tree Stand for Big Guys


Summit Viper SD


This lightweight climbing tree stand is designed to give you the perfect combination of comfort, balance, versatility, and roominess. The stand only weighs 20 pounds, but it can hold as much as 300 pounds, which makes it the best climbing tree stand for big guys. The seat uses a comfortable foam padding on the seat which can be raised for bow hunting season and lowered if you are hunting with a gun. The solid bar in the front allows for easy climbing and also can be used as a gun rest. While you are in the stand, you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are securely strapped in—thanks to the four point harness system.


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Best Climbing Tree Stand for the Money


Summit Specialist SD


This tree stand has an open front design that takes the revolutionary look from Summit. The stand is one of the best climbing tree stands for the money because it features a round aluminium five channel platform frame. The frame uses a metal-sound deadening technology, which eliminates sound while you move on the stand. This technology allows you to reposition yourself on the stand without alerting your prey that you are sitting in the trees, waiting to strike. The stand consists of two coated steel climbing cables as well as a lightweight seat made of mesh.


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Best Climbing Tree Stand for Archery


Ol’ Man Drone


This particular climbing tree stand features new and improved cable locking pins that feature a threaded end cap that provides you with fool proof security. The climber has a built in accessory holder on both sides of the stand. It can hold items such as range finders, binoculars, calls, and other accessories you may need. The pivot arm is designed so that you can pack up the stand to less than 4 inches thick. The versatile stand can be changed to three different positions, giving you the option to make it as a shooting rest, a straight bar, or a foot rest, making this the best climbing tree stand for archery.


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Top rated climbing tree stands in 2021


By the time that you finish reading this article, you will find it a lot easier to reach a decision with regards to the climbing tree stand that you want. As the products that will be mentioned below have been given exceptionally high ratings in the best climbing tree stand reviews, your satisfaction will be guaranteed.



Summit 180 MAX SD


Being made by the same manufacturer as the model that has been mentioned above, this can prove to be another promising choice when it comes to the best climbing tree stand in 2021. The four-point harness system of this model is worth commending, as it will ensure the highest level of protection for its users. It is also a good thing that it has generous capacity, which makes it able to support up to 350 pounds of weight. When it comes to flexibility, this will also prove to be unmatched. There are various adjustments that can be made to reach the position that is desired.



Who makes the best product? In the last couple of years, Summit Treestands has managed to release some very high quality models. This is why we recommend the 189 MAX SD Treestand, a model which helps hunters enjoy a clear vantage point during hunting trips.

Designed with flexibility in mind, this tree stand has an adjustable height and also reversible surround seat that allows people to select the ideal hunting position.

The device is made from welded aluminum and the durable top frame alows hunters to properly assess different hunting conditions and thus prepare the right hunting plan.

As the best rated climbing tree stand, the model includesa carefully designed Summit Skin, which offers the perfect camouflage for proper hunting precision.



The tree stand is a bit heavy to carry from one spot to another.

Some assembly is required but that doesn’t take long.


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Summit Goliath SD


You should not forget to consider this model in your search for the top rated climbing tree stands in 2021. When it comes to your safety and comfort, there is no doubt that this model can prove to be beneficial. The 4-point harness system will make sure of your protection. On the other hand, the padded seat will make you as comfortable as possible when you are working. It also has an innovative feature that eliminates the annoying noise that is often present in other tree stands that you might find on the market.



Being in the top 10 climbing tree stands, the Goliath SD Treestand from Summit Treestands comes with an impressive 350 pounds weight capacity, more than enough to accommodate heavier hunters.

Fitted with a large and comfortable seat, this tree stand also uses the exclusive sound deadening technology for properly concealing hunters.

The tree stand features 4 point safety harness, pads, ropes and RapidClimb Stirrups which maintains the hunter in place and secure during stakeouts.

This powerful treestand has a 5-channel platform frame and durable four-point FAS safety strap which ensures proper stability during each hunting trip.



Some minor assembly is needed but the written instructions provide assistance.

Small individuals may find it challenging to carry the treestand from one place to another.


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Ol Man COM-04


2.Ol Man Multi Vision Steel Tree Climber

The Ol Man COM-04 is a reasonably priced alternative that deserves a look before you decide on another model. While it does not come with the camouflage design belonging to the previously showcased item, this product is rather hard to say no to on account of its specs. In short, the Ol Man COM-04 is a versatile and convenient option that allows you to customize it depending on your hunting preferences and body position. The Ol Man is available for sale in many online markets, including Amazon.



This model is among the most affordable ones we’ve seen while completing our research.

Since it has been built with durable and sturdy aluminum, the frame of the treestand is robust and offers enough support.

The weight capacity of the Ol Man COM-04 is 300 pounds, thus allowing big men and women alike to tend to their hunting.

The mesh seat is comfortable and will have you hunting for hours on end.

It’s worth noting that the tree stand doesn’t make a lot of noise, which might put off the wild animals you’re trying to bring home.



The harness is made in China, which is a detail that seems to bother buyers who want to purchase all-American units.


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Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II



The full-featured and lightweight Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II lets you survey buck country high up where your prey can’t detect you. It is a highly-effective surveillance and observation product for the seasoned hunter. However, the 30-inch x 19.5-inch platform offers enough space for you to move on it so you can look around and spot your prey at a good enough vantage point for easy targeting and shooting.




This tree stand folds down to a compact 5-inch profile so you won’t have a difficult time carrying its 17.5-pound weight during the trek through the woods or your hunting property.

The tree stand boasts a one-piece cast aluminum platform that ensures durability and resistance to the elements. It comes with a special 3D camo platform design for effective concealment.

Your comfort is assured while waiting for your target because of the contoured foam seat pad that lets you settle into a seated position while waiting for the buck to show up. The tree stand comes with a bungee strap and backpack straps for secure ascent/descent and easy transportability. The in-cast bow holder accommodates most parallel limb bows.



The tree stand is designed to work with trees that are just between 6 inches to 19 inches in diameter, so it won’t go around wider trunks than that.


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Summit Viper SD


1.Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

The Summit Viper SD offers all the perks of a good-quality treestand that has been developed judiciously by a well-known brand. As such, the model is equipped with a harness that allows you to rest assured that you won’t fall off the tree while you’re trying to target any animal. In addition, the product is backed by a five-year warranty, which gives you more than enough time to return or replace the product, should you be dissatisfied with the way it manages to serve you.



It’s extremely efficient if what you’re looking for is a model to use for deer hunting.

All of the needed hardware is provided in the pack, which is why you won’t run into any issue regarding the installation process.

Since the weight limit for this tree stand is 300 lbs, it goes without saying that it is a good choice both for larger and smaller people.

The design of the unit makes it very hard for any animal in the woods to realize it is being targeted.



The configuration of the product might make it somewhat difficult for owners to set it up for the first time.

It’s a tad less affordable compared to some of its competitors, although it offers plenty of value.


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Guide Gear Hang-On


5.Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-on Tree Stand

The Guide Gear is a budget-friendly model that offers both convenience and efficiency. It’s true that it’s less endowed with the cutting-edge features of the previously showcased units, but it’s worth every cent provided that you are not a picky hunter and don’t intend to break the bank in order to get a tree stand. In spite of the fact that it can usually be purchased for less than seventy dollars, the user reviews regarding the quality of this item say that it’s a good choice for deer hunting and other activities of this sort.



It has a weight limit of 300 pounds.

Safety is ensured by the two ratchet straps and FAS harness with which the model comes equipped.

The Guide Gear has a camouflage design, allowing you to benefit from a certain extent of invisibility as much as possible.

Based on the owner feedback, the model is one of the most comfortable stands out there.

The surface of the frame is powder coated and as such does a great job when it comes to preventing corrosion.



Some say it’s rather hard to set up, what with the instructions not being straightforward.


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Big Game Treestands CL500-AP


6.Big Game Treestands The Fusion Fixed Position Treestand

This manufacturing brand is well-known among hunters as it has been building treestands and hunting accessories for quite a while now. The CL500-AP is capable of excellent performance and efficiency, and has a weight capacity superior compared to other models on the market. The neat thing about the CL500-AP is that it can be cleaned with ease, given that all the straps and fabric parts in this option can be removed and cleaned separately. Combining durability with versatility, this unit is yet another noteworthy choice.



The model is fairly lightweight considering that it has been constructed out of a unique kind of aluminum developed by Big Game Treestands.

In spite of the fact that it can be bought for less than two hundred dollars, the weight capacity of this option is 350 pounds.

The foot form it comes with is spacious and as such, it can give you enough room to spread your legs and make yourself more comfortable.

Since it can be folded flat, the CL500-AP can be transported efficiently.



The accessory bag provided in the pack is not made of the same high-quality material as the other fabric parts in this model.


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Summit Openshot SD


Are you tired of a climbing tree stand that makes a loud noise when it is used? With this, there is a good reason for you to consider purchasing this model as it has noise-eliminating technology. It is also compact and lightweight, which will make it a breeze for you to carry wherever the game might be. At purchase, you will be provided with all of the essentials that will be needed in its use. The seat is foldable and cushioned, which makes it comfortable even for extended periods.



Considered by many hunters as the best product for the money, the Openshot SD Treestand from Summit Treestands is designed for skilled individuals that prefer long hunting sessions.

What is the best climbing tree stand? Well, this portable treestand weighs only 15 pounds and can support up to 300 pounds.

Equipped with an exclusive 4 point safety harness system and the useful RapidClimp Stirrups, this treestand makes it easy for hunters to get up and down when needed.

It incorporates a durable aluminum 4-channel platform frame, 2 coated steel climbing cables, and aluminum seat, which enhances the products resistance to corrosion and rust.



Some installation is needed but doesn’t take long.


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Summit Viper SD


If you are still on the lookout for the best climbing tree stand in 2021, there is no need to look any further as this is one option that is sure to provide the best bang for the buck. With a weight of just 20 pounds, this is one of the lightest that you will find within the marketplace, which makes it excellent when it comes to portability. Nonetheless, while it is lightweight, it has a tough construction that provides the guarantee of its durability. In terms of comfort, you should never be worried as it is designed with a thickly padded seat.



Among professional hunters, one of the most popular climbing tree stand models comes from Summit Treestands, the Summit Viper SD which balances comfort, stability and versatility.

The climbing tree represents a great addition to hunters that use bows and rifles, offering a good vantage point over the hunting area.

Incorporating a comfortable foam-padded seat and solid front bar, the treestand is easy to set up even with various hunting equipment on.

The treestand is fitted with the exclusive Summit Sound Deadening SD technology which permits hunters to remain concealed during hunting sessions.



Some assembly is needed but the instruction manual does help.


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Summit Ultimate Viper SD


Best Climbing Tree Stand ReviewsThe Sound Deadening or SD Technology that is integrated in this product can be considered one of the reasons why it is a top pick of the best climbing tree stand reviews. The SD technology is an innovation that has been exclusively developed by the manufacturer for the purpose of being able to significantly eliminate the noise that is associated with the operation of the product. It also comes in a fully assembled package, which means that it is almost ready to be used once taken out of the box, except for some of the optional accessories that you might want to add.



There are many hunters looking for a cheap product but also one that is capable of helping them during hunting sessions. On this note we recommend the Ultimate Viper SD from Summit Treestands, a model designed to offer comfort and proper concealment.

Equipped with fully adjustable gun rest, thick padded seat and camo drop blind, the treestand represents a great addition to serious hunters’ gear.

The climbing tree is fitted with Dead Metal sound deadening technology, which significantly reduces the occurrence of unintentional noises during use.

Backed by an exclusive 5 year warranty, this high quality treestand has a 4 point FAS harness safety strap and RapidClimb Stirrups for easy access.



Some accessory of the treestand require some assembly.


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Climbing tree stands. What to Look for:


Hunting is an activity with many secrets to uncover. In the last couple of years more and more hunters use in their expeditions climbing tree stands. Designed to act as professional watchtowers these stands are very useful additions to hunting equipment. Popular among seasoned hunters climbing tree stands are easy to install and provide an amazing vantage point of the whole hunting area. Which product is the best? Well, this question needs a smart approach in order to lead you to a good answer. It is important to know more about climbing tree stands. You have to start with construction, material quality and commodities. Each product comes with its unique features which improve the overall hunting experience. This is why you have to take into account location, regular weather conditions and also hunting expertise.

We decided to make your job of finding a good climbing tree stand easier. As a result we did the research, going through professional reviews on the highest rated climbing tree stand models out there. In our study we noticed that hunters’ opinions on the utility of such hunting equipment vary. Some believe it to be a useful “assistant” while others consider that it takes the fun out of each hunting trip. Picking out a model from the new products currently available for purchase is a pretty exciting task. The current stands are basically solid platforms attached to trees and ladders/steps for proper access. This simple design makes it possible for hunters to reach their full potential during hunting trips. These climbing tree stands come with different designs. There are models where you can sit, stand up or kneel. Some stands include armrests, cushions and other types of accessories for maximum comfort during the stakeout. Still, according to specialist recommendations, you need a stand that is functional and helpful, not packed with comfort features which can dull your senses. Opinions differ on this particular point.

High up in the tree you will be able to spot animals faster. Furthermore, animals will have a harder time picking up on your scent. Originally designed for bow hunting, climbing tree stands are now widely used for regular hunting. Don’t worry about price because there is a model for every budget. A good climbing tree can come in at just under $500 and will definitely do its job. This is the type of hunting equipment that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive in order to be efficient. On this note we recommend that you approach the investment with wisdom. You can always look at the Black Friday deals on climbing tree stand models and then make a selection. You’ll invest in a great product at a bargain.

These products are the perfect gift for Christmas or special anniversaries for most hunting enthusiasts. Beginners and experienced hunters will love having a tree stand because it enhances their vision over the hunting grounds. Every hunting trip becomes easier to manage once a good vantage point is established.



Things to consider:

–         Durable seat and stable footrest, so you can look over the valley and pick out your prey faster.

–         Cushions and armrests, which provide hours and hours of comfort while stalking different animals.

–         Sturdy wood or metal construction, so you can climb the stand without worrying of it breaking down.

–         Manufacturer warranty which ensures quality and durability.