Top rated Citrus Juicers in 2019


Honestly, who doesn’t love a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice in the morning? I for one have gone through a number of the best citrus juicer reviews just so I can get my daily dose of natural Vitamin C straight from my own kitchen. I personally prefer a manually-operated citrus juicer since it can help me work my muscles out with the pressure that needs to be applied to every half of the fruit held in the juicer. But this is not to say that I wouldn’t love to get an electric citrus juicer as a present. Two of the models in the succeeding paragraphs run on electricity, and they can express citrus juice straight from the fruit as well as the other models that are manual.


Breville 800CPXL Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press


Best Citrus Juicer ReviewsThis product combines the power of a motorized citrus juicer and the simplicity of a manual citrus press. This top rated citrus juicer in 2019 runs on an industrial-grade yet quiet motor coupled with a state-of-the-art active-arm system. You can feel that is solidly built and steady. The patented Quadra-Fin juicing cone can accept any size of citrus fruit and can still give optimum juice extraction. The juice spout is shaped nicely to prevent unwanted dripping. The die-cast brushed outer body looks sleek on the kitchen counter. As the cord stores away neatly, the entire juicer takes up very little space. The juice basin, strainer and other components can be washed either by hand or in the dishwasher.

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Hamilton Beach 932 Commercial Citrus Juicer


This has been mentioned many times in the best citrus juicer reviews.  This is a commercial-variety manual citrus extractor outfitted with rack-and-pinion mechanism. It can exert up to 2,000 pounds of pressure so you can get the most juice from your citrus fruit. Small citrus fruits can be put in using the detachable drip cup. The strainer cone is also removable so you can clean out the pulp after use. The non-slip base combines with the strong metal body of acid-repelling chrome and enamel finish to make a handsome kitchen countertop manual appliance.

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KRUPS ZX7000 Stainless Steel Electric Citrus Press


This qualifies as the best citrus juicer in 2019 because of the integrated dual setting for the pressure lever. It works by extracting juice with or without the pressure lever and on manual or automatic setting, as the top-of-the-line sensors detect proper contact between the fruit and the press arm. You can extract juice from limes to grapefruits with ease, thanks to the ultra-adaptable cone. It can deliver thirty watts of juicing power.  The machine-formed base provides strength and stability to the entire juicer set-up. The housing is fully constructed in stain-resistant steel, as are the anti-drip dispensing spout and pulp strainer.

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Jupiter Large Black Commercial Juice Press


This mid-sized commercial juice extractor can give you a nice glass of citrus juice whenever you want one. It is built in cast iron and stainless steel. It can be manually operated to deliver up to 2300 pounds of squeezing pressure so you can extract as much juice as possible from a variety of citrus fruits. The rubber-constructed handle has been ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and strength under pressure.  The handle is also made longer to give you better holding capacity. The base is made heavy to provide stability to the entire machine. It is best to wash the funnel parts and the cone by hand.

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Nemco Easy Juicer


This is made of a composite of stainless steel and aluminum to provide rugged juicing performance and strength that won’t give up on you. The steel post is of extra strength rigidity, making this product a good choice for the best citrus juicer in 2019. Get a little more fresh juice extracted every time as the uniquely-designed handle can give you greater gripping power. You don’t have to exert that much effort to get the most out of your citrus fruits. This product prides itself for getting NSF-listed, an achievement that no other brand in the same category can boast of.

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