If your old Christmas tree stand has fallen apart, or if you have become tired of it, then this is the right place for you if you want some inspiration regarding the best models on the market. Through our comprehensive research, we discovered what the buyers have considered to be the finest features of these items, and we hunted down those products that fit this pattern of excellence. One product to have all the requirements within this framework is Jack-Post Welded Stand, a device that is in large part praised for its lever and for the fact that it is very easy to adjust according to the size of your tree trunk. And the body is made of metal, so it will not be damaged by the heaviness of your tree, even if you decorated it with many shiny accessories. If you consider that you also need an alternative, then Good Tidings Cinco should do the trick.  



Buying guide


Our practical approach to finding the ideal product for yourself will reveal that you know more about what makes a good stand good. It’s not rocket science to realize that it has to be built from materials that can withstand the test of time and that it needs to be highly adjustable so it can accommodate a different tree each year.  And of course, as many reviews of Christmas stands have pointed out, uniqueness and an excellent design should not be overlooked, as they are features that add value to an item.

The size and diameter

Our greatest challenge when searching for a good tree stand is finding the one that will offer stability to any type of tree. We don’t always know what kind of tree we are going to buy each year, so it is important that our supporting device has an adjustable diameter or a universal fit.

The same thing applies when it comes to natural vs. artificial trees. You don’t want to invest in the best Xmas tree stand and then realize you bought a much larger tree, and that you have to change one or the other. The bad thing about manufactured Christmas trees is that you can’t modify the trunk as it is made of metal and not wood.

So make sure your stand has a mechanism that allows you to buy whatever tree you want because it can house it. Usually, the diameter of the insert hole should be around 1-5 inches, perfect for a great variety of trunks.  



Great models for sale all have one thing in common. And that is the fact that they are well-made and designed to survive your celebrations without any scratch. You can’t have that without them being made of durable materials that are combined in a clever way.

The ideal choices when it comes to the craft of such items is metal. More particularly, stainless steel and a strong type of plastic to make the edges softer and safer to handle. It’s all about blending the greatest materials, to create a useful product.

And these elements also make the device heavier. That is a thing to keep in mind especially if you have children or pets that might accidentally or not, try to push the tree and make it fall. However, if the stand is sturdy and fixed to the floor, then that shouldn’t be an issue.  



To stand out, the models have to be more than useful and well-made. The greatest stands have a style that sets them apart from the sea of carbon copies and makes them worthy of your money and attention. To create a model which looks high-class, you need to combine premium colors that catch the eye with a slim body that doesn’t take a lot of space.

A worthy item should have both a well-thought-out design and a body that can take a hit, and not just one or the other. Without these characteristics, you have to see if maybe the seller offers something else that balances the missing elements.

And if you find yourself always running out of time when it comes to decorating your house, make sure the device you are buying is comfortable and easy to use – if it has bolts or a lever, you will be grateful you bought it when you are dealing with those last-minute preparations.



Top Rated Xmas Tree Stands in 2022


The list we put together for you down below will ensure you’re going to buy the best Christmas tree stand for you and your family to use for the holidays. The Xmas tree stands reviews have raved about their quality and design, and implicitly, about their reusability.



Jack-Post Welded Stand


Nostalgia is part of every Christmas. So why not remember and honor the celebrations you spent with our family by choosing this classic tree stand. The support is a fine fit for both artificial and natural trees, and it does its job just nicely while looking great and expensive.

It can accommodate a rather tall tree, up to 8 feet, and with a trunk from 1 to 5 inches. It is important to keep this in mind because, when compared to other products, this is a quite versatile option, since most have a standard diameter for the trunk. But this steel stand can house the tree of your dreams.

If you opt for a natural tree and you want to keep it alive for as long as possible, this model has your back. It has a 1-gallon water capacity to feed the trunk. It can be adjusted with the four bolts, and it is rust-free and corrosion-resistant.

This is an item that has the potential of being your go-to stand every Christmas – a tradition, and the fact that it is so compact, simple and elegant, means you can easily pack it if you are going to move houses.

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Good Tidings Cinco


This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to cool stands for young and old alike. A lot of time and effort were put into creating a design that is simple yet elegant at the same time. This product might be intended to support a bigger and flashier tree, but it doesn’t mean it won’t be noticed.

It has a velvety green color and looks premium and for sure will catch the attention of your guests. The item is created from sturdy materials and can accommodate a tree that is up to 7 feet tall and 5.5 inches when it comes to the diameter of the trunk.

For the natural tree, it features an easy-fill reservoir and that it has a spill guard to prevent mishaps, especially if you have young kids. To anchor your tree and to make sure it won’t fall, the device features three tempered spikes in the center that use the patented Express Bolt system.

The materials it is made of, mostly polypropylene and metal, are sturdy and high-quality and they won’t corrode in time and with extended use. Even the colors are persistent, and they won’t crack even if you place the assemble next to the fireplace.

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Krinner’s Tree Genie


If you want a fuss-free Christmas, then we recommend you this product. It is simple to use and reliable, and your tree will look great and straight. You just try to find the right accessories and ornaments for your tree, and let go of any worry that it is going to fall if you put too much stuff on it. The stand can take it.

Setting it up only takes less than a minute. All you have to do is take the product out of the box and attach the tree to it, and that’s it. It is time-saving because no assembling is necessary. To adjust the diameter of the model to the one of the tree, all you have to do is to press a lever until the sizes match.

It uses no screws or overly complicated mechanisms. The item can secure a tree that is up to 8 feet tall and trunks from 1 to around 7 inches. It also comes with 5 feet that are extendable for added security, and a 1-gallon water capacity if you are using a real Christmas tree.

The device is made in Germany, and that ensures its quality and extended life. It is sturdy, and if you buy this, you will have a stand that you can use for many years to come.

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