If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best chipper shredders money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best chipper shredders on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of all of the products we have looked at the Patriot Products CSV-3100B is the best because it is capable of chipping branches up to 3 inches thick thanks to the powerful 10 hp Briggs motor, and it can also be used to shred large piles of leaves. You will appreciate the side discharge which allows you to work in one place, and since it is compliant in all 50 states you can use it almost anywhere. If the Patriot Products CSV-3100B is not available, you could consider the Earthquake 14267 as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product Power Source Price Motor Power Dimensions Our Rating Where to buy

Stanley CH7

Gas $$$$ 11 HP 23.2 x 23.1 x 35.3 inch A AMAZON

LawnMaster FD1501

Electric $$ 15 Amp 38.1 x 19.4 x 20.5 inch B+ AMAZON

Sun Joe CJ601E

Electric $$ 14 Amp 17 x 20 x 36.8 inch B+ AMAZON

GreenWorks 24052

Electric $$ 15 Amp 36.5 x 18 x 21.75 inch C+ AMAZON

Eco-Shredder ES1600

Electric $$$ 14 Amp 22 x 24 x 22 inch C AMAZON



Buying Guide


A woodworking shed needs to have around a professional chipper shredder. This cutting machine can be used to perform different cutting tasks. Understanding more about the functions of the top10 chipper shredder models will definitely help gardeners find the most efficient one. There are key elements which make the device work without a hinge:

Patriot Products CSV-3100B


Since a growing number of woodworkers are looking for the best chipper shredder under $1000, the market responded accordingly. A good model needs to incorporate advanced chipping functions, designed to fully chip away logs, branches, leaves and twigs. This powerful cutting tool will help people get rid of waste within a short period of time and without any effort whatsoever. The shredder can also be used to transform waste from gardens into nourishing organic matter, coming from the brush, twigs and leaves. The resulted compost can be used to safely revitalize the growth patterns of different areas of the yard.



Most of the most popular chipper shredder models available on the market incorporate a powerful engine. For smooth shredding performance we recommend chipper shredders that come equipped with engines from 1 HP to 10 HP. This is the proper horsepower force which ensures smooth chipping results. The engine needs to significantly improve the blades cutting performance, capable of handling well twigs, leaves and brushes. There are gas-powered chipper shredder which incorporate powerful 10 HP engines, designed to improve shredding performance. Furthermore the reduction ratio has to include bags designed to hold yard waste.



What are the best products from the many chipper shredders out there? Answering this question starts by learning more about chipper shredder’s blades. These are components which ensure proper shredding performance. The chipper’s blades need to safely go through even the toughest of wood. There are machines with rotating blades that can easily diminish branches into small chunks, ideal for firewood. As so many people pointed out, the more blades the shredder has, the better it will deliver shredding actions.  The best rated products include powerful blades that can handle even the roughest of wood materials without any problems.


In conclusion

People should not opt immediately for the highest rated product because such units cost a lot. This is why professional information can become a useful assistant during the selection process. With the features we emphasized above, a good chipper shredder will definitely get the job done.



Products for Specific Needs


Best chipper shredder for leaves


Snow Joe Chipper Joe CJ601E


It is important for people that care about their yard, to have around a professional chipper shredder. Most of the reviews that we consulted point to the Chipper Joe CJ601E from Snow Joe as the best chipper shredder for leaves. This unit can be used to easily dispose of leaves, twigs, branches and brush. Furthermore people can use it in order to transform yard waste into nourishing compost. It handles very well wood limbs and sticks up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter. Due to its lightweight design this powerful chipper shredder is very easy to handle. The machine incorporates a strong 14 amp motor which safely runs on 4300/min speeds.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($104.57)




Best chipper shredder for composting


Patriot Products CSV-2540H



Discovering the best chipper shredder for composting might take some time without access to professional information. For positive results we recommend the CSV-2540H chipper shredder from Patriot Products, a model known for its capacity to handle even the toughest of wood materials. This device is powered by a powerful Honda GX 4 horsepower engine, capable of delivering precise shredding actions. Now, people can use the shredder in order to shred branches, twigs and leaves up to 2-1/2 inches in diameter. Weighing only 96 pounds this unit is fairly easy to move around. People that have the capacity to move it from one place of work to another will definitely shred wood.



Buy from Amazon.com for ($1275)




Top rated chipper shredders in 2021


You yard is not easy to maintain in order and all the leaves, twigs, trimmed grass are hard to get rid of, but there is a very good solution if you have a chipper shredder which will turn them into mulch which is high in nutrients for your garden. If you are interested in buying such a device to have around your yard you should start by checking out the best chipper shredders reviews because they will identify for you top quality models.



Patriot Products CSV-3100B


1.Patriot Products CSV-3100B

This chipper shredder is perfect for homeowners and professional landscapers and will quickly turn your yard waste into mulch. It comes with a 10 hp Briggs & Stratton motor that has the power you need to effortlessly turn 3 inch branches into usable wood chips. The engine is also designed to run quieter than other models so you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors. To ensure the engine lasts for years there is a sensor that will alert you when oil pressure is running low. Leaves and other types of vegetation can also be dropped in the hopper, and within seconds you’ll have plenty of mulch for your yard.



This chipper shredder is capable of handling branches up to 3 inches thick, along with all types of vegetation.

You will appreciate its large wheels which make maneuvering a breeze, though you should never move a chipper shredder while it is running.

The side discharge ensures that the mulch won’t get all over you, and it also allows you to stay in one place so you can finish quickly and easily.



While the majority of reviews are favorable there has been a mention of the collection bag being difficult to attach, and one consumer also noted that curved branches might not always fit in the hopper.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($1399)



Earthquake 14267


2.Earthquake 14267

After using this chipper shredder from Earthquake just one time you will know why it is one of the top models for sale. It has the distinction of being one of the first chipper shredders fitted with a Viper engine so even if you have a lot of acreage you can finish mulching your yard debris quickly and easily. The knives and shredding hammers are constructed from durable metal so you know that they will last for years. You can easily turn 3 inch branches into mulch, along with leaves and other vegetation. To ensure confidence in your purchase the 14267 comes with the manufacturer’s one year warranty.



With the powerful Viper 212cc engine you can make short work of branches, leaves and other debris.

The two wheels make it easy to roll the chipper shredder around, and it also has a sturdy kickstand to provide plenty of stability when it is running.

Since it comes with a 2 bushel bag you can immediately get started turning your large brush piles into mulch.



While there are very few negative reviews regarding this model, some consumers have noted that it can be difficult to start. This should be carefully considering depending on who is going to be using the machine.


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Earthwise GS70015


3.Earthwise 15-Amp Electric Garden GS70015

It’s not hard to see why this is considered the best electric chipper shredder by satisfied consumers. Since it comes with an electric start you won’t wear yourself out pulling the cord, and it is also easy to maintain. You don’t have to spend time mixing gas and oil, simple plug it in and turn it on. It is a great choice for small yards since it comes with a 1.2 bushel collection bin, and with the ability to chip branches up to 1 ¾” it can handle most of your yard debris. Since this is an electric chipper shredder it is also quieter than gas powered models.



With 15 amps of power you can easily chip small branches into usable mulch in minutes.

Since it comes with a “reset” switch you don’t have to worry about overloading.

The durable impeller is constructed from sturdy metal and can handle branches up to 1 ¾”.



Some consumers have noted that it does not always chip smaller branches, and often leaves are not shredded if they are put through wet. This is something that you will want to consider, and make your decision based on your yard debris.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($268.91)




Stanley CH7


If you want to get your hands on one of the best chipper shredders in 2021 you should consider getting the very powerful and very reliable Stanley CH7. You just have to feed it the debris from your yard through its top funnel and then the mulch will come out the side cute so you can place it directly in the garden or in the trash bin, wherever you want. The impressive 270cc engine powers its 2 steel cutting blades and its 6 hammers, making short work of any yard debris.



Due to its highly resistant construction the heavy-duty chipper, mulcher and shredder can safely transform 3-inch branches, twigs or roots into 1/4-inch chips, great for fireplaces or camping trips

As one of the best electric chipper shredder available on the market is powered by an impressive 11-HP 270cc recoil-start engine which ensures smooth chipping performance

Backed by an exclusive 1-year warranty the electric shredder includes goggles, professional tools for fast assembly and sharp blades

It incorporates a 2-way feed limb chute and special leaf funnel that safely transforms 12 bags of yard waste into 1 useful bag of wood chips



The basic package doesn’t include the Chipper Shredder collection adapter (this part is sold separately)


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LawnMaster FD1501


Best Chipper Shredders reviewsAll the waste in your yard can be put to good use with the help of the LawnMaster FD1501 chipper shredder. With it you will manage to have a 10 to 1 mulch ratio which is one of the most effective ratios of its class. Mobility is assured by its 8 inch wheels so you can easily take it from one part of the yard to the other one. Fill up the large collection bag with mulch and give your garden plants that little extra bit of nutrients. The conclusion is obvious, this machine is one of the best chipper shredders in 2021.



For thousands of people that want transform unwanted waste into nutrient-rich mulch this powerful chipper and shredder delivers amazing performance every time it is used

Powered by a durable 15-amp motor and equipped with a wide 1-1/2-inch cutting diameter the FD1501 electric shredder accurately produces mulch at a ratio of 10:1, which is quite impressive to say the least

As a reliable green alternative to the gas powered shredders this model can easily chip and shred twigs or branches to 1-1/2” wide chips

Environmentally friendly and equipped with 8-inch wheels the model is built to cover a lot of ground around the yard



Does not include a multi-language user manual (only English, Danish, French and Chinese)


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Sun Joe CJ601E


The Sun Joe Electric Wood chipper shredder is just the thing to get for your home in order to make good use of the leaves and twigs that fill your drive way. The powerful 14 amp motor powers its blades so that it even takes care of thick branches thus making your property looking like everything is in perfect order. The portability for this shredder is assured by its 2 wheels of 6 inches in diameter each. Its popularity has made it one of the top rated chipper shredders in 2021.



Designed to help people chip, shred, mulch and compost different leaves, branches and twigs this machine is powered by a powerful 14-amp motor for amazing performance

Offering instant start system the chipper features an amazing safety hopper locking knob which improves the motor’s lifespan

Considered by thousands of people as the best electric chipper shredder delivers speeds up to an impressive 4300/min which accommodates the needs of any household

Backed by an exclusive 2 year warranty and ETL listed this chipper and shredder gets the job done whenever it is used



The electric chipper shredder comes with only 1 power cord with no replacement (this is an optional accessory)


Buy from Amazon.com for ($104.57)




GreenWorks 24052


Yard debris will no longer be a problem once you have the GreenWorks 24052 corded shredder/chipper by your side. Everything that is shredded by it can go back into nature and can help you have that nice and healthy lawn you have been dreaming of. For you safety it also has a push paddle for when you put the twigs and bushes in the feed. Change its position easily because it is fitted with two 7 inch wheels. An additional blade set will also be found when you receive its package.



With a smooth functionality and 0 Carbon footprint, this corded shredder and chipper is powered by 15 Amp motor which can help people chip and shred unwanted yard waste into useful chips

The machine comes with a cutting diameter of 1 3/8” which delivers amazing trimming debris in just a matter of minutes

This powerful shredder turns debris into healthy and nutritional mulch for the lawn’s more delicate areas

Equipped with 7” wheels this electric chipper is fairly easy to manoeuvre around obstacles thus helping users get the job done with minimal effort



The electric chipper and shredder includes only one collection bag and not a replacement one (this is an accessory sold separately)


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Eco-Shredder ES1600


The best chipper shredders reviews are impressed with how well the Eco-Shredder ES1600 operates and with the affordable price it comes at. Because it is electric you won’t have to go through all the trouble needed to maintain a gas motor so it works properly. The triple action cutting is possible thanks to the reliable 14 amp motor and to the sharp blades. You will even receive an extra set of cutting blades for when the one inside the shredder will be worn out.



This electric chipper is powered by a powerful 14-amp 2.5-horsepower motor which responds well to composting, mulching, shredding and chipping needs

Gardeners can use the electric chipper and shredder in order to significantly reduce sticks, leaves and also small branches into healthy and nutrient-rich compost, ideal to use during plant fertilization processes

With a special top hopper design and sharp V-type blade the machine incorporates a safe 3-way feed which reduces yard waste in a short amount of time

Due to the powerful 3-cycle mulching and shredding system which provides fast and uniform results with no problems during the operation



Does not include a user manual with detailed instructions on each process (read more information on specialized gardening magazines)


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Chipper shredders – What to look for:


Maintenance around any yard involves the presence of specialized tools. One of these gardening instruments is the chipper shredder. As so many Americans living in houses pointed out, dealing with sticks, twigs, roots and acorns around the yard can be pretty frustrating. This is where a powerful chipper shredder can deliver a much needed assistance. The market on these vegetal waste disposal systems evolved a lot in the last couple of years. In today’s offer on chipper shredders you will find pretty amazing products, especially if you know what to look for. At the end of this buying guide you will know how your future chipper shredder should look and function! One thing is certain, with the right model you won’t have to worry about branches, twigs or leaves laying around the yard.

Since there are so many products available on the market, we decided to make your job easier. We consulted with attention the best chipper shredder reviews in order to determine what makes certain products perform so well. During our extended research we noticed that there are a couple of common features among the best models which ensure proper chipping and shredding performance. This powerful machine will help you clean up every inch of your property and even turn the yard’s debris into useful mulch. Now, among the top chipper and shredder models you will find some of the following: towable models, stationary models and mobile push models. Each type of chipper shredder comes equipped with various functions which easily handle different twigs, roots or branches.

Choosing the best chipper shredder 2021 can be done only after you understand how to use the machine. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of American gardeners prefer the mobile push chippers. Why? Well, such models are flexible and provide results on the spot. Mobile chipper shredders come equipped with special vacuums clean up the garden in matters of minutes. You should also make sure that the model is either for home or commercial use. The size of the property is very important when choosing a chipper shredder. For large back or front yards powerful stationary models incorporate special feature which handle large amounts of debris. Most of the current models include 2 steel blades (3 to 4 inches long) and 8 to 28 sharp shredding blades that manage to slice and dice the yard debris.

While browsing for the best chipper shredder 2021 you should take into account the engine force. It is important to choose a machine that incorporates a powerful motor with dual ball bearings. Furthermore the motor should have cast iron sleeves which resist well to wear and physical abuse, maintaining oil control. You should also sure that the chipper shredder includes a shredding chamber in order to avoid dealing with jams, caused by larger twigs or branches.


Things to consider:

  • Powerful motor with impressive revolutions-per-minute (RPMs)
  • Quick electric ignition system
  • 2 sharp chipping knives for amazing cutting performance
  • Proper shredding chamber