Buying a cheap tent for camping is a great idea if you want to spend some time in nature, be it by yourself or with your family. However, there are some things to consider before you finalize your purchase. Important aspects, such as the size of the tent, weather compatibility and water resistance all have their say in the decision you’ll ultimately make.

Additionally, if you aren’t particularly patient, it might be a great idea to go for a tent that comes with easy transportation and an easy setup. Check out the buying guide we’ve put together to make sure you pick the right model for your needs.

A. Cheap tent for camping

What to look for when buying cheap camping tents



As with any other product you might be tempted to buy, purchasing camping tents has a lot to deal with your personal requirements. If, for instance, you enjoy taking hikes or exploring the great outdoors by yourself, you might need a camp for 1 or 2 individuals. Including your family in the adventure should automatically turn your attention towards larger-sized tents.

Some people might be broader than others while some others might be taller than the regular individual. Think about these details before making a call. A little extra room is perfect because you can store items such as sleeping bags and mattresses.


Weather compatibility

It would be wonderful if all tents had the same specifications and features, but each one is different, even when it comes to weather. Some products can be used during the summer, while others are great for up to three seasons. A four-season tent gives you the freedom to use it all throughout the year.

Weather compatibility also refers to how water resistant the product of your choice is. Mountain trips are somewhat surprising, because you can never know when rain’s about to start.



As you might have guessed by now, price is also related to your needs. Summer tents can be cheaper than the ones you can use all year long. This happens mostly because the materials employed in the development of four-season tents are generally thicker and thus more expensive. Finding the best affordable tent is a little difficult, because what’s cheap isn’t necessarily also top quality.

Buying a tent that doesn’t make you go through bankruptcy will cost you somewhere between $25 and $50.


Top Rated Cheap Tents for Camping in 2020


Coleman Sundome


1. Coleman SudomeThis Coleman product is by far the best tent of 2020, particularly if you intend on taking trips by yourself or with a companion. The tent has a dome structure and comes with a center height of 48”. It is smaller-sized than its family-fit counterparts, which is why you’ll need to use the same door as the person you’ll be sharing your sleeping space with.

One of the greatest issues of picking a tent is its ventilation. If the ventilation isn’t adequate, you won’t be able to breathe properly and you’ll most likely feel like it’s too hot. The Coleman Sundome comes with a vented Cool-Air port, which largely helps deal with this situation.

The product is waterproof which means you won’t have to go through uncomfortable situations. While getting wet in this one is practically impossible, overachievers can always use a waterproofing spray.

The item has received some of the best camping tents reviews, with customers claiming it’s very easy to set up. Something that’s worth mentioning is the fact that larger-sized individuals will probably consider this one a 1-person tent.

Other buyers were pleased with the hook that they discovered inside, at the top of the dome. The hook can be used for hanging a LED light.

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Stansport “Scout” Backpack Tent


1. Stansport “Scout” Backpack TentIf you’ve been looking for cheap camping tents for some time, you’ll be glad to know that this one’s a bargain. It comes with a classic A-frame which somewhat resembles the one of tents that are used in the army. Although it is simply designed, it can comfortably shelter two people.

A neat advantage of picking this one is the fact that it is flame retardant. Consequently, even if you go through an incident involving a small fire, you won’t necessarily need to buy another tent.

Stansport is a well-known brand among American tent users and has an experience of more than 50 years manufacturing these items. Since the company certainly wants to preserve its good reputation, it makes a big deal out of producing sturdy products.

If you’re looking for durability, don’t hesitate to have a look at the “Scout” model, because it comes with two dependable aluminum poles.

The mesh door screens largely help with protecting users from bugs and mosquitoes.

Buyers claim this tent is easy to setup and it’s remarkably lightweight. An individual claims that the ratio between the price and the quality is amazing, considering the money you’ll be paying on the model.

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Happy Camper 80-170T


2. Happy Camper Two Person TentFrom the three models we’re showcasing, this one is by far the cheapest one. Don’t be fooled by the friendly price, though, because this one comes with some pretty neat features. For example, it includes solid zippered doors which also feature screens, so yet again you won’t be forced to stand any mosquitoes or other insects.

The door of the tent opens up from the interior.

An additional reason for getting this particular model is the fact that it even comes with a carry bag. If you like to have some small storing space, this one’s the product for you. It features an interior pocket, which is specifically designed for items that you might want to have at hand.

The model is easy to install thanks to the 4 metal stakes it comes with. There’s no need for a user to require the help of any other person. The tent is a great choice for both camping and hiking mostly thanks to its small size.

Various buyers claim that the product is well made and that it features thick zippers. It is compact and comes with a beautiful design. If you want to purchase a simple and classic tent, this one is definitely for you.

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