Top rated Champagne Flutes in 2019


I have a friend who is getting married soon and I wish to give her a gift that I picked especially for her. She is a wine connoisseur who has her own collection of wines and wine glasses. I would like to send her a set of wine or champagne glass, which I am sure she will absolutely love. So I searched the internet for the most recommended glasses and the best champagne flute reviews gave me five really great products which I believe suits her taste.


Luigi Bormioli Prestige (Atelier) Champagne Flute Glasses


Best Champagne Flute ReviewsDrink your chardonnay like a boss with the Luigi Bormioli Prestige champagne flute glass. It is a set of 9-1/2 ounce glasses designed by Luigi Bormioli. It is made of a sophisticated material that is transparent and has amazing break resistance properties. These glasses are made using advanced glassmaking techniques that results to smooth edges and rims. With its very classy design and advanced construction, this set is highly recommended in the best champagne flute reviews.

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LibbeyVina Trumpet Champagne Flute


Turn your intimate dinner party into something worth remembering when you serve your expensive champagne in a set of lovely champagne glasses. The LibbeyVina Trumpet champagne flute is the best champagne flute in 2019. These glasses are slightly thicker than standard crystal but it has a very classy look and a durable construction. It is very easy to clean as you can put it in the dishwasher. If you are looking for an elegant champagne flute glass, this is the set to buy.

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Spiegelau Set of 2 Festival Champagne Flutes


Simple is indeed beautiful. And when it comes to champagne flute glasses, nothing can beat the simple elegance of the Spiegelau Festival Champagne flutes. It is the best champagne flute in 2019 in terms of quality and classic design. The glasses have the slim, tall bowl and thin polished rims that makes your champagne drinking elegant and easy. You can use these glasses for intimate dinner parties or even when you are having some relaxing time with your partner.

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IKEA – SVALKA Champagne flute, clear glass (X6)


Are you looking for elegant and high quality champagne flutes that are very affordable and can last for a long time? Well, the Svalka Champagne flute is something that might interest you. It is a set of classic and elegant looking champagne flutes made of clear glass. Each glass can hold up to 4 ounce of liquid and is about 9 inches tall. It has a very slim and easy-to-hold design which makes it great for drinking as you socialize in a party.

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Stolzle 4-Pack Classic Flute Crystalline Set


Show your taste for exquisite food and beverage, not only with your choice of drinks and menus but with the way you serve them as well. When it comes to serving your expensive champagne, nothing will make it more classy and elegant than the Stolzle 4-pack Classic Flute Crystalline set. The set comes in a package of 4 glasses, each with 9-ounce capacity. The glasses are extremely durable and last longer than other champagne glasses at its price point. That is why it earned a lot of positive feedback in the top rated champagne flute reviews.

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