If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best ceramic watch money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best ceramic watch on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Tissot Cera is the best because it comes with Swiss quartz movements so you can always be confident that it is displaying the precise time, and the analog display is easy to see thanks to the attractive anti reflective dial window. The ceramic accents give it a stylish appearance that is enhanced by the stainless steel case and band. If the Tissot Cera is not available you could consider the Invicta 0728 as it is the second best option.



Ceramic Watches. What to Look for:


A ceramic watch does more than just keep track of the time, it is also an elegant and attractive accessory. To ensure you find the best one to fit your personal taste and style we have included the following helpful tips in this buying guide.

best ceramic watch reviews


The best ceramic watch reviews suggest first deciding on a budget before you start looking at all of the elegant options. Ceramic watches can vary in price, and if you aren’t careful it is easy to overspend. The materials used in the band and case will affect its cost, along with its overall size and design. Once you have settled on a set spending limit you will find it easier to find a ceramic watch that looks great on you.



Almost all ceramic watches come with an analog display, but its appearance can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some come with a ceramic dial, while others only have it on the upper band. It should be noted that in most cases watches with more ceramic typically come at a higher price. Stainless steel bands are also common, though you can find some made from ceramic. The color of the wristband can also vary, but it is generally black or silver to ensure a more elegant appearance.



Ceramic watches can even come with a few features that can help them last longer, while also improving your experience with it. Models that are water resistant can withstand occasional splashes so you can safely wear it all day without fear of it breaking. Luminous hands and displays ensure that it is easy to read the time, even in low lighting. If you plan on wearing the watch to work and for everyday activities you might want to look for one that comes with a scratch resistant case.



Top Rated Ceramic Watches in 2020


Ceramic watches can be the perfect fashion accessory that is also functional, and there are several designs and models to choose from. Even though we can’t pick the right one to fit your personal style, we can still help you make an informed decision which is why you can find the best ceramic watches of 2020 showcased below.



Tissot Cera


1.Tissot Women's T0642102201100This ladies white ceramic watch is the perfect choice for someone with discerning tastes. Its elegant appearance ensures that it looks great on any woman’s wrist, and its stainless steel and ceramic construction allows you to easily pair it with almost any outfit. The round display is accented by a ceramic upper band and the dial window is designed to be anti reflective so you can easily read the time in any lighting.

The stainless steel case ensures durability, and helps to protect the precise Swiss quartz movements. You will also love the stainless steel and ceramic link band that is not only attractive but comfortable to wear. Getting the ceramic watch on and off is simple with the push button clasp, which also serves to keep it fastened securely around your wrist. For added durability Tissot designed this watch to be water resistant, though it should be noted that while it can withstand occasional splashes it should not be worn if you are planning on going swimming.


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Invicta 0728


2.Invicta Women's 0728If you love to stand out and show off your sense of style then this watch from Invicta might be perfect for you. This black ceramic watch for ladies ensures that everyone will want to see your wrist. The black ceramic link band is comfortable to wear, and contrasts beautifully with the grey blue mother of pearl dial. To add to its elegant appearance the stainless steel bezel is accented with tiny diamonds.

Not only is this ceramic watch stunning, it is also fully functional. Along with the analog display there are 3 sub dials, and all are slightly luminous for easy viewing in low light. You also have the advantage of the Swiss quartz movement so you will always know the precise time. Unlike similar models this ceramic watch is also waterproof so you can wear it swimming, though this only applies down to 330 feet and it should not be worn if you are diving.


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Hamlin Oversized Subsecond


3.Hamlin Women's HACL0400 - 002It’s hard to miss this beautiful ceramic and stainless steel watch when it is on your wrist. It has an attractive design that is perfect for casual or formal wear. The stainless and ceramic case is eye catching, especially with the oversized sub dial for the second hand. The main dial also comes with ceramic accents to enhance its elegant appearance.

The ceramic and stainless steel link band is comfortable to wear on your wrist for yours, and the small clasp ensures that it stays securely closed until you are ready to take it off. The crystal window is scratch resistant to ensure the watch looks beautiful for years. While you can’t wear this ceramic watch diving it is resistant to water down to 330 feet so it can be worn for swimming, and even snorkeling.


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