Listening to music on your own headphones is perfect for when you are trying to be quiet, but in order to get the party stated, you will definitely require a quality speaker. Unfortunately, with so many options available today, it is hard to pick up just one product and stick to it. But, as difficult as it may be, we have read plenty of online reviews and reached the conclusion that the Pioneer SP-C22 Andrew Jones Designed is the perfect speaker because it will provide an enriched bass response, the sound will hear clear even at high volume levels, and you will have the guarantee of an reputable Pioneer design. If the Pioneer SP-C22 is not available for purchase, we suggest opting for the Polk Audio TL1 because it is similar in terms of price and quality as the product mentioned above



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In the quest to create an awesome home theater system, people turn to the highest rated center channel speakers to give them the best audio experience they can afford. These speakers are necessary because they tap into the sound effects, music, and even dialog that directors and production engineers put in the center channel. Surprisingly, this can be up to 50 percent of the audio experience!

Now, if you are unfamiliar with who makes the best center channel speakers, it is okay. We have created this guide to help you decide how to choose what is the best speaker system for your needs.

Infinity Primus PC351


When you are looking at the most popular center channel speakers, you will want to make sure they are compatible with the other speakers you may have. The speaker should have the same characteristics acoustically, as this will prevent changes in timber when the sound spreads across the speakers. The center speaker should be from the same manufacturer and in the same series—if not identical to the existing speakers.


Technical Specs

Choosing a center channel speaker can be likened to doing homework because there are a lot of specific terms and meanings that you will want to familiarize yourself with. Some of the most important are configuration ratio (for example 4:2 means there are 4 surrounding speakers and 2 subwoofers). The subwoofer is the driver that creates the low-frequency (bass) sounds which usually range below 100Hz. Adversely, the tweeter is the driver that is used to create high-frequency sounds.



The size usually will dictate the sound quality the speakers will create. Full-sized speakers are usually 38-inches or larger and they will always create incredible sound. Of course, if space and budget are an issue, you can find mid-sized speakers that are between 12 and 15-inches, that should still be able to produce high quality sound. Even small, 7-inch speakers can produce decent quality sound, but be warned that the acoustics may suffer.

Creating your ideal home theater system doesn’t have to end with a headache. In fact, with a little bit of research, planning, and searching, you will be able to choose the highest rated center channel speakers that fit your budget and still get excellent sound quality!



Products for Specific Needs


Best Center Channel Speakers for TV


Sony SS-CR3000


By purchasing one of the best center channel speakers for TV, you can create a home theater system that feels like you are in the theater. The Sony SS-CR3000 Speaker Package can be used to supplement your existing your home theater. The bold center channel speaker and two dynamic surround speakers add dramatic depth to your audio experience.

The system is designed to integrate with the Bravia design, so it looks as beautiful as it sounds. The center channel speaker uses a ferro fluid-cooled tweeter design that will transform voice coil heat into magnetic circuits which provide you with a higher power reproduction while  decreasing resistance and creating less heat than regular compound tweeters.



Even though it doesn’t come with a myriad of speakers, this set is extremely good at completing your sound system.

The cinema-like atmosphere that you will get to experience thanks to the SS-CR3000 will undoubtedly be a unique experience.

Having been designed with the home theater in mind, this model makes it possible for your existing components to be a great fit for the SS-CR3000 as no compatibility issues should exist.

The magnetic shielding boasted by the speakers can give you the freedom to place it right next to your TV without any interference.



The speakers are rather small and so their sound and performance cannot be compared to that of bigger ones.

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Best Center Channel Speakers for Music


Cerwin-Vega XLS-6C


The large format, center channel speaker offered by Cerin-Vega is considered to be one of the best center channel speakers for music because it provides you with incredible all-round performance. The XLS-6C features two 6.5-inch fiber impregnated woofers and one 1-inch soft dome tweeter. These components are paired with a proprietary wave guide that can handle up to 125 watts peak and is ideal for large scale surround set ups.

This system can provide you with audio that is clear, crisp, and immersive. Your home theater system will be complete with the addition of this center channel speaker.



This 2-way center channel speaker has it all. It’s affordable, effective, and convenient, and comes with a power capacity of 125 watts.

Thanks to its design, this model speaks to the needs of people who have bigger and smaller systems alike.

The crisp and clear audio created by this speaker will leave you feeling wanting for more of that cinema-like experience you’re likely to witness each time you’re watching TV.

The black-ash enclosure provides an eye-catching design and allows the device to work well with the rest your home media components.



The product consists of just a speaker so you’ll have to buy extra ones separately if you need more than one.

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Best Center Channel Speaker for Car Audio




The Pyle View high powered amplifier speaker system is considered to be one of the best center channel speakers for car audio because it can be easily mounted into a half-DIN slot in your dashboard. The device is a perfect solution for creating incredibly powerful sound in such a confined space. The system features five 3/4-inch speakers that provide you with full range audio that is clean and crisp.

The two 1-inch rear mounted speakers provide mid-bass that when combined has a total peak power output of 50 watts. The system has a frequency response of 200Hz to 28kHz.



The five speakers that this model comes with can make it possible for you to get the best in terms of clean audio.

Two 1” rear-mounted speakers have taken over the responsibility of offering you solid mid-bass.

Unlike some of the other models we have tackled in our selection, this one can be mounted in a half-din slot in the dashboard of your vehicle.

Some buyers who were kind enough to provide feedback following their purchase say that their car audio surround system has become excellent since installing this system.



Several consumers say that this speaker and amplifier system is a compromise between quality and size.

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Top rated center channel speakers in 2022


If you are looking for new speakers, you are reading the right article. The different products that will be mentioned below have been given exceptional feedback in many of the best center channel speakers reviews that have been published in the past. The positive experiences reported by others can provide you with the guarantee that these are some of the choices that you will not regret.



Pioneer SP-C22


1.Pioneer SP-C22

This model is an option that can’t possibly be ignored by any buyer prospecting the market for center channel speakers with the best size. The curved cabinet design of this product makes it possible for the standing sound waves to be significantly reduced, which leads to excellent sound quality and an even more impressive performance.

The Pioneer SP-C22 seems to be the right choice for people interested in purchasing a model for home theater, as it can reproduce movie and game sounds as faithfully as possible.



The unit gives owners the freedom to enjoy the soundtrack of movies on account of its capability of improving the sound by 50%.

The true curved cabinet design looks great when placed both above or below TV, considering that it looks and sounds beautiful.

The neat thing about this Pioneer product is that it has been constructed using the highest quality circuitry, in that it utilizes a 6-element high-quality crossover.

One of the most esteemed units in the line, the Pioneer SP-C22 has gathered over 900 positive reviews on Amazon and a variety of other marketplaces.



Power auto standby does little to nothing in regards to saving power.

The shape and size might be two details some people don’t appreciate.


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Polk Audio TL1


As you read the best center channel speakers reviews, you will notice that this is another model that is frequently recommended by many people. The Time Lens Technology is one thing that makes this able to stand out from the rest of the choices within the competitive landscape.

With this technology, the acoustic centers of the tweeter and mid-bass drivers are installed in the same plane, which is the one that allows superior imaging. More so, this model is known for the delivery of big speaker sound while being able to maintain compact size.



Incorporates the exclusive Time lens technology which enhances the acoustic centers of the mid-bass drivers and tweeter in order to provide superior audio quality during each file played

Present in the Black Friday deals on center channel speakers this powerful device is available at a low price

Features Dynamic Balance Driver technology and also solid 2 1/2” long-throw tweeters for a thriving audio experience

Includes high quality 1/2” silk dome tweeters which ensures daily crisp, clear and powerful imaging and smooth frequency response



Even though among the current affordable products in this audio segment, the product costs a bit more than others

The user manual is written in only English, Finnish, Spanish, French and German


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Fluance XL7C-DW


2.Fluance XL7C-DW

If you’ve been looking for a high end alternative, this one might be worth considering as it has been praised by many buyers in the United States. This model is capable of doing anything from enhancing the vocals to considerably improving the dialogue one might fail to hear faithfully when watching a film.

The Fluance is a high-performance option that lives up to its claims considering that it has been constructed with top-quality materials that make it possible for the unit to deliver the most accurate sounds in the industry. What’s more, it might be worth noting that the design of the Fluance XL7C-DW certainly doesn’t disappoint, as it can tie almost any room together, regardless of its style.



The unit has been built with high-quality components which allow users to enjoy listening to music, playing games or watching a motion picture in the comfort of their homes.

Both monologues and whispers are something you’ll finally be able to hear, should you choose the Fluance XL7C-DW.

The model looks just as good as it sounds.

Faithful reproductions, thrilling highs as well as distortion-free sound – you name it, the Fluance XL7C-DW has it all.



It might sound a bit boxy.

The price might be off-putting for some people, but it offers incredible value for the money.


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Polk Audio CS10


This is another option that can prove to be great when it comes to the best center channel speakers in 2022. According to the people who have used such in the past, one thing that is commendable about this product is the high efficiency design, specifically when it comes to its connectivity with a wide array of devices.

The narrow baffle geometry is another thing that deserves to be given emphasis about this model. The latter is basically the one that makes the speakers compact while making sure that the sound produced is powerful.



As one of the best rated products in 2022, the CS10 center channel speaker offers a high audio entertainment packed with rich and intense sounds

Measuring 6-1/2 by 20 x 9-3/4 inches the speaker can be safely placed under the TV and capable of delivering amazing sounds

Having a high quality construction, the channel speaker features special pewter accents and unique piano black top accents

The CS10 features a narrow baffle geometry, adding elegance in the room where the speaker will be installed



Does not produce very low bass during audio files but during in general the speakers amaze with sound clarity

The sloping top can be become an issue if you have a habit of placing things on the speakers


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Yamaha NS-C310BL


Best Center Channel Speakers ReviewsIn today’s time, many of your sources of contents for entertainment are made in high definition, and this only means that your speakers should be in high definition as well. In such case, this is one of the products that can be taken into account, as noted in the top rated center channel speakers reviews. Clarity and depth of audio are two of the most important things that you will experience from the use of this model. It is made with the use of aluminum cone woofers, which is asserted to be excellent when it comes clear audio orientation and exceptional resolution.



As the best center channel speakers under $500 the NS-C310BL model offers high definition sounds, directly from Blu-ray discs, digital broadcasting or radio programmes

Features powerful speakers which can produce full and dynamic sounds with each song, movie or radio played

Incorporates woofers with light aluminum cons and 1-1/8” dome tweeter with unique Neodymium magnet for a thriving audio experience

The speakers have durable cabinets with precision-shaped lines which makes them easy to install in any room of the house



The relatively small design of the speakers doesn’t recommend them as an addition for large rooms

The speakers offer only a narrow listening angle during each file played


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Bic America DV-32CLR


If you are looking for an option in this product category that can prove to be excellent when it comes to space efficiency, this is most probably one of the best choices that can be taken into account. It has a sleek profile that will make it easily fitted even if you are constrained in terms of available space. More so, this model is also chosen because of the smooth and clear sound produced by such, which can rival those that are found in the higher end of the market. It also has a minimal design, which does not only make it excellent in terms of appeal, but also with ease of use.



One of the best products for Christmas or special anniversaries, the DV-32CLR 2-Way center channel speaker represents an audio warranty of crystal clear sounds

Incorporates 2 31/2” woofers made of polygraphite which resists well to daily and prolonged use

This powerful center channel speaker from BIC America can deliver a powerful 10 to 125 watts at 8 ohms, ideal to handle even party events

Offers a smooth frequency from 72-20 kHz which permits people to set a thriving audio experience, accessible day and night



Doesn’t kick up a storm at high volumes but in normal mid-range sounds it performs great

Some assembly is required but with the installation manual things become easier


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Center Channel Speakers – What to Look For


5For thousands of Americans having a great audio system in the comfort of their homes represents a chance to enjoy clear and smooth sounds. The search for sound perfection starts with center channel speakers, an essential component to any surround sound home theater. This device ensures proper sound reproduction, during movie dialogs, songs or game special effects. The market is more than generous when it comes to such speaker systems, capable of rendering smooth quality sounds. With attention anyone can install a high-end center channel speaker system without investing a lot of money. The key to any smart purchase relies on the quality of the information consulted. There are a couple of things to take into account before you decide upon one particular product.

Channel speakers deliver enhanced sound quality in specific ways, depending on the type of file played. For example: during movies, a good device can enhance the listening experience by safely reproducing sounds without distorting them in any way. In the case of music, each song is rendered with clarity without compromising the instruments fluidity or artist’s voice. This is why choosing the right center speaker system requires attention. In order to make your job easier and invest in a high quality product we drafted with attention the best center channel speakers reviews. We carefully tested over 30 products for two weeks, and thus determined what makes some models great. You have to choose a product that offers optimal performance for every kind of audio content.

When it comes to sound consistency, it essential for the center speaker system to present the same acoustical characteristics as the speakers controlled. This particularity ensures sound fluidity with no changes in timbre when the sound goes across the speakers. As a result you have to make sure that the center channels system is the same as the existing stereo speakers. If you can’t help it make sure that speakers comes from the same manufacturer. Find the best center channel speakers in 2022 and install in your home a reliable audio device that renders quality sounds. There are also some technical specifications that need to be taken into account which can make your job easier.

You will most certainly find a couple of numbers like 3:1, 5:1, 6:1 or 7:1 which refer to the surround sound system configuration. For example: a 5:1 surround sound system can include the following pieces left and right speakers, one center speaker, subwoofer and 2 surround speakers. How can you find the best center channel speakers in 2022? Well, you can get a good speaker if you are attentive to details. You should also take into consideration impedance, magnetic shielding, maximum input power, mid-range driver, frequency response, crossover frequency and also biwire capability. It is important to wisely invest in a reliable audio device that can render impressive sound quality with each file played.




Products that are no longer available



Infinity Primus PC351


In the reviews about this product, many people were highly satisfied with the realism that is produced by this speaker. This means that you can expect a more immersive entertainment experience in your home, which can be comparable to what can be experienced in a professional theater. The patented MMD transducer of this model is also highlighted in different reviews. Because of the latter, cone performance and sonic accuracy are improved. The low resonance enclosures can be considered as another good thing, which enhances quality of sound without altering such. This is also effective when it comes to the elimination of enclosure resonance.



Placed among the current top 10 center channel speakers, the PC351 offers clear sound lyrics, vibrant audio plays and radio show dialogue

Delivers high crossover frequency of 2800 Hz and low crossover of 650 Hz through the dual 5.25-inch Metal Matrix Diaphragm woofers

Features the exclusive MMD transducer  technology which enhances sonic accuracy and cone performance

Includes superior Infinity construction with high quality drivers, cabinets, waveguides and baffles for clear audio experiences during each song played



The only con of the set can be too large for small rooms

Benefits from only 1 year manufacturer warranty but it is enough time to convince of the product’s quality design