What ceiling fan to choose


In many homes and offices a good ceiling fan can improve comfort levels. People don’t love to live and work in hot environments where heat guides all activities. Fortunately the current market on ceiling fans is willing to help people find proper temperature relief. Finding one of the best ceiling fans 2019 requires access to professional information. There are many things to take into account before selecting a model. Ceiling fans is an affordable solution to spaces where high temperatures represent a serious problem. In addition to their cooling effect, ceiling fans are a stylish addition to any room. Here are some of the features to look for in a good ceiling fan:

Proper controls

The ceiling fan controls need to be accessible and easy to use. People should be able to control the speed of the blades and intensity of the air circulating. Most fans are installed at a ceiling box, in the primary light fixture. As a result electricians will install instead of a standard light switch the fans controls. So, users will be able to control the fan speeds and light settings with minimal effort.


Blades quality

The best ceiling fans for high ceilings will come equipped with solid and durable blades. Most of the current ceiling fan models have from 3 to 5 blades. Surveys showed that the most popular unit is the ceiling fan with 4 blades. Still, it is important to know that the blades number don’t necessarily improve the cooling effect. The primary effect of more blades is cost. Unites with 5 blades cost more than their 3 or 4 blades system cousins.


Blades construction

Today’s blades are made to send a message. There are ceiling fans for bedrooms designed to be elegant while others to stand out. Still, most of the current blades on ceiling fans are made from solid wood. Usually they come with one or even two of the following finishes: walnut, white, oak, cherry wood, rosewood, granite, black and many others.


Westinghouse 7214100 Harmony Two-Light


Choosing from the best ceiling fans from Westinghouse ensures that people will enjoy elegance and a smooth cooling effect in their homes. For maximum cooling performance we recommend the 7214100 Harmony ceiling fan. This 2 light and 2 blade unit will easily blend to any room. With a sleek brushed nickel finish and fully integrated opal frosted glass light fixture this ceiling fan attracts attention. The 2 blade paddles are mode of weathered maple plywood for added style. Furthermore the ceiling fan is powered by a whisper quiet motor which powers the blades to spin and offer a cooling effect.



Features a 4 speed switch which permits users to easily customize the air movement in the room for optimal results

Offers impressive airflow at 4.881 cubic feet per minute more than enough to cover the needs of a room of 144 square feet

Backed by a lifetime motor warranty and 2 years on different parts this ceiling fan can be used to control temperature levels

Includes a unique 2 candelabra base and a unique globe style for added elegance



Some assembly is needed but doesn’t take long if the instruction manual is consulted

Not recommended for large offices which cover more the 144 square feet


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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe


Choosing a model from the top ceiling fans under 100 can be a tricky task to perform. Now, according to our research the 53091 Builder Deluxe from Hunter will look great in any room. This beautiful ceiling fan combines a traditional design with some of the latest advancements in air circulation. The model comes with a superb New Bronze finish and 5 reversible blades made of Brazilian cherry and also stained oak. Affordable, useful and easy to manage the 53091 deluxe ceiling fans can be used in large rooms. It can cover without problems 400 square feet, offering a smooth cooling effect for all inhabitants to enjoy.



Powered by Whisper Wind 3-speed motor this ceiling fan operates without annoying the users with the blades movement

Includes a unique Toffee glass bowl light which adds style to the lighting process (users have the possibility of installing the fan without the bowl)

Benefits from 1 year warranty on different parts and a lifetime warranty on the fan’s motor

Measuring 13.1 x 25.2 x 9.1 inches the ceiling fan doesn’t occupy a lot of space and still renders an impressive air capacity of 5110 CFM



Some installation is needed but it won’t take long due to the explicit manual


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