Who makes the best ceiling fans for bedroom


The market on ceiling fans is more than generous, reuniting a wide range of models. Manufacturers have invested a lot of time and money in developing sleek and energy efficient ceilings fans. In the present people want to equip their bedrooms with ceiling fans in order to ensure proper cooling effects. If you are among them, this is probably the best time to choose such a household appliance. Choosing a model from the best ceiling fans requires access to professional information. It is important to choose a product that fits the existing space and matches the general style of the room.

Ceiling fans are basically the cheaper versions of air conditions but they do provide smooth air circulation. Ceiling fans push air around the room while also encouraging peaceful sleep. In our research on the best ceiling fans in 2019 we came across three features which need to be present in your future model.


  1. High quality blades

Thousands of Americans are now looking for the best ceiling fans for bedroom use. It is important for the product to be equipped with reversible blades. Besides style and utility the blades of a ceiling fan move the air around. Still, you should know that the fan’s capacity to move air is determined mainly by the pitch. Today’s blade shapes and sizes have experienced a major upgrade. The blades are slimmer and sleeker. Every bedroom has its own personal style and for reason there are so many ceiling fan styles out there. Starting with 4 to 9 blades, most fans offer a smooth air circulation.

  1. Style

Each ceiling fan comes with a traditional, contemporary or modern style. So, you have the liberty of choosing the ideal style for your bedroom or living room. Most of today’s ceiling fans are designed with different styles and some unique finishes. You will find models with black and white, brass, bronze, brushed nickel and aluminum. There are even more innovative models. Some fans are hidden behind the lamp shade while others include special adjustable speeds. You need a ceiling fan which is fully controllable and easy to care for. Some models even come equipped with heat durning cooler settings, for a smooth transit from hot to cold.

  1. Accessories

A good ceiling fan should have accessories, designed to help you control easier the cooling process. This is where a remote control comes in handy. With this tiny device you will be able to safely control the fan’s speeds and air cooling effects. You can use it to adjust the ceiling fan until it reaches your comfort level. Light kits are also desired. Such kits are great if you want to switch to regular lighting. Some people also look for ceiling adapter. This component can reduce the ceiling fan’s height, for maximum coverage. These are only a couple of accessories that let you enhance the ceiling fan’s capacity to cool indoor air.


Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan


What are the best ceiling fans under 100 ? Well, for smooth cooling effects we recommend the 53091 Builder deluxe ceiling fan. This powerful fan delivers an impressive 5.110 cubic feet of air which fills any room fast. The model has a deluxe casual style with an exclusive new bronze finish. This particular design makes the ceiling fan a great addition to any room. The 53091 deluxe ceiling fan can be used in rooms up to 400 square feet. You will be able to install the device without problems. It has a 3-position mounting system which makes it easy for you to attach the fan on the ceiling.

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Westinghouse 7861500 Contempra Trio Ceiling Fan


There are only a handful of ceiling fans that can match the cooling performance of the 7861500 Contempra Trio from Westinghouse. Regarded as one of the best ceiling fans for high ceilings this 42 inch model is perfect for living rooms, kids bedroom or offices. The model features 5 reversible blades which gently move air around. Due to the wooden construction, the blades operate efficiently and without causing too much noise. It offers access to 3 speeds, which keep the home cool and livable. Furthermore the circulating air ensures that you won’t have to worry about drafts or cold spots.

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