Most popular ceiling fans with lights in 2022


A ceiling fan with lights can satisfy many needs; it can offer the basic capabilities of a regular fan and also contribute to the comfort of a room through its lighting functionality. There are many such fans on the market, so the main question is: which one to choose? The next guide will help you make a decision and buy the best ceiling fans with lights for you.

3.2 Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Ceiling Fan

What to look for when buying a ceiling fan?



Putting design and style on top of other considerations may sound a bit of a stretch, but the truth is no one will purchase a ceiling fan with lights for their home, if they do not like the design, or they simply find the model downright ugly. When you go shopping for a ceiling fan, try to imagine how the model you pick will fit in the general layout of the room. Finding a model unattractive or unfit through this simple process can save you money and a great deal of frustration.



Next in line is performance. First things first, a ceiling fan must perform like a fan and help reduce the temperature in a room. Manufacturers of the best ceiling fans with lights provide very clear information on the matter, explaining how much you should expect saving on cooling costs when using the fan at high speeds.



While ceiling fans are named in this manner because they are hanged on the ceiling, there are models that are quite versatile. These can be placed in other locations, and even work on an angled ceiling, contributing greatly to the overall design of a room.



Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan

1.1 Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling FanThe first on our list is this Hunter model that stands out in terms of features, performance and style. Without a doubt, this is the best ceiling fan under 100 dollars you can find on the market right now, and it combines all the needed features with some beautiful extras that make it so popular among home owners.

The manufacturer has been in business for over 126 years, and their craftsmanship, acquired over more than a century, is obvious in the beautiful execution of this ceiling fan. Its unobtrusive, yet stylish presence will compliment any room, and the reversible blades in two shades – Brazilian cherry and stained oak – can be adjusted to fit your furniture.

The high quality materials are not, however, the only ones recommending this beautiful ceiling fan. Its performance is among the advantages you should consider when you go shopping for such an item. According to its description, when used at high speeds, it can move 5,110 cubic feet of air per minute, helping you reduce the temperature in your room without putting your AC to work. This way, you can save up to 47% in cooling costs, and you will be able to recuperate the money spent on this purchase within a very short time.

Another great advantage of this ceiling fan with lights is that it comes with a special mounting system so you can place it everywhere you like, even on an angled ceiling, for a great effect.

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Minka-Aire F1000-ORB Ceiling Fan

2.1 Minka-Aire F1000-ORB Ceiling FanIf you prefer a more contemporary style in your ceiling fan, the Minka-Aire model is the ideal choice. Part of the Dyno collection, this is the best ceiling fan for high ceiling you can find right now. Keep in mind that it is more expensive than the model reviewed above, so you may want to compare the two in terms of performance and style, before making a purchasing decision.

An interesting aspect of this modern looking ceiling fan is that its remote control can help you adjust the light and the fan rotation separately, so you can create the best comfortable atmosphere for your bedroom or living room. The oil rubbed bronze finish makes it stylish and attractive, and you can integrate it well with almost any type of furniture setup.

The five blades can rotate with adjustable speeds to move air inside a room with great efficiency. As most ceiling fans, it is very effective in reducing energy costs, since you will not have to use your AC during summer days at full capacity with the help of this model.

The dimmable led contributes to the unobtrusive presence of this Minka-Aire model. If you prefer a dim light in your bedroom or your living room, you will find this ceiling fan with lights to be exactly to your preferences. The integrated LED light source is greatly appreciated by consumers, as the many positive reviews indicate. It does not offer the same versatility as the Hunter ceiling fan, but it can easily be pegged as the best ceiling fan for bedroom.

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Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Ceiling Fan

3.1 Westinghouse 7801665 Comet Ceiling FanAnother stylish option you may want to consider when you are shopping for a ceiling fan with lights is this particular Westinghouse model. The black finish gives it a more conservative look, so, if you are looking for something less rigid, you may have to shop around a bit more. The frosted glass used for the light fixtures gives it a more cutting edge look, but unless you like modern minimalist design, it may not do it for you.

The three speed pull chain with manual reverse lets you operate the fan as you see fit. During hot summer days, this will feel like a godsend, especially if you do not want to use the AC and consume energy to keep your house cool. Nonetheless, it is easy to notice that this is a notch down from the previously presented models.

An interesting aspect is that the manufacturer advertises this model for its reversible airflow abilities. Basically, you can use the ceiling fan during winter months to circulate the warm air that soars to the ceiling, and to eliminate cold spots and drafts. Capable of moving 5,199 cubic feet per minute, it is safe to say that this is quite a good and reliable ceiling fan.

A good advantage of this ceiling fan with lights is the lifetime warranty offered for the motor. The other parts have just a two year warranty, but it is clear that this is a sturdy model that will serve you for a long time.

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We hope this short guide will help you decide which ceiling fan with lights is best for you. If you want to combine great price with style and functionality, pick the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe Ceiling Fan. The Minka-Aire F1000-ORB Ceiling Fan is another great choice, although a bit on the expensive side.