If you’re here just to find the best ceiling fan and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have collected plenty of information on the best products for sale in this category by looking at expert review sites for home equipment and checking out the reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback. Thankfully, this exhaustive product research and comparison have led us to what we believe is truly the best one on the market, the Hunter 54098 Bayview. This exceptional product comes with 54-inch blades to cover a large area through its reversible antique dark wicker and antique dark palm leaf plastic blades so you feel nice and comfortable no matter the season. It circulates air well to ensure cost-effective use of your cooling and heating systems. The Whisper Wind mode ensures noise-free operation so you can rest well or enjoy music and TV undisturbed by unwanted noise. The three-position mounting system ensures hassle-free mounting along with the low-profile design that enables trouble-free setup in low-ceilinged rooms. If the Hunter 54098 Bayview is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe.



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If you’ve long wondered how to make a room in your house feel around 8 degrees cooler in the summer without turning your air conditioner to full blast, perhaps it’s time to get to know who makes the best ceiling fan. Homeowners who’ve always known which ceiling fan is the best have most likely even had their units on in winter, putting it on low or reverse speed  so they can have their thermostat on lower settings.



Appropriate Size

Even if you own the best ceiling fan for the money, if it’s not the right size, then you’ve just wasted good money on your purchase. That’s not counting the installation costs as well. Fortunately, room size no longer has to be a restriction in your choice of such a home fixture. Smaller spaces can now accommodate even traditional-size units. Mini-fan units, or those built with a single blade and a small motor, can now be installed in areas with closet dimensions. Thanks to the advanced technology that is built into today’s models of highest rated ceiling fans, homeowners have more choices. However, it is still sensible to remember that room size should be proportionate to fan size. Big rooms need big fans. 30- to 48-inch-diamater fans are ideal for small rooms. As the size of the room increases, so should the fan’s diameter.


Blade Angle/Motor

For a product to be truly the highest rated ceiling fan, its blade should have optimum angle. Better air circulation comes from having a unit with great angle of the blades. The brackets for the fan blade should hold the blade at an angle of 12 to 15 degrees. The blade should also be the right weight to provide premium balance and avoid fan wobble. When the angle is optimum, the blade is able to offer good air circulation in the room. The motor, which drives the blade and provides the power for the unit, should be of high quality. The windings should be heavy-duty grade and the sealed bearings constantly lubricated.


Installation and Control

Ideally, installing your best rated ceiling fan should require no professional service. People with a few basic skills can easily install a unit without the assistance of a professional electrician. Manufacturers provide step by step instructions for installing a new ceiling fan. Some models even come with support systems that free your hands and assist you in making wiring interface for your fan. The owner should decide how they want the product to be controlled. A ceiling fan can be controlled via a wall switch, a pull-chain or with a remote control unit. The convenience of a remote lets you change fan speed or use a ceiling fan-light when you want to.


You can enjoy the benefits of having a ceiling fan even when you’re working under a budget. The essential thing is to know what you want in such a fixture and then to find out if what you have in mind is obtainable through the budget you have set aside for the purchase.


Products for specific needs:


Best ceiling fan for bedroom


Hunter 22710 Cortland


Combining modern functionality with elegance and style, the Hunter 22710 Cortland 54-Inch Ceiling Fan lends a sense of class to your living room, den, and other large rooms. With its whisper-quiet operation, you can install this unit in your master bedroom, which makes it the best ceiling fan for a bedroom. You have the option to hang this in angled, standard or flush positions thanks to the AVT hanging system of the fan. It offers three speed settings so you can enjoy optimum air circulation at all times. The manufacturer has perfected work on a blade coating that’s been used in the fan, which helps repel dust accumulation using state-of-the-art nanotechnology. You will not have to worry about having to clean off dust from the fan blades often.


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Best ceiling fan for low ceiling


Hunter 51061 Low-Profile-III


With its low profile design  engineered for flush-mount installation, the Hunter 51061 Low-Profile-III 42-Inch Ceiling Fan offers the ideal choice for people who want the best ceiling fan for a low ceiling. Hunter offers this product, a result of the company’s unmatched 19th century craftsmanship blended with modern design, to people who want premium fixtures for their living spaces. Tough on the inside and exquisite on the outside, the Hunter 51061offers whisper-quiet performance while cutting down on energy costs by up to 47%, so you shouldn’t have to set your heavyweight air conditioner to full during the summer. Moving air powerfully yet quietly is the WhisperWind Motor, giving you precise cooling power minus the noise.


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Best ceiling fan for kitchen


Hunter 59073 Sonic


With blades that are specially coated using patented Dust Armor technology from Hunter, the Hunter 59073 Sonic 52-Inch Ceiling Fan makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. Its white finish and four white blades ensure a clean  look, which is essential for the most important room of the house: the kitchen. This is the best ceiling fan for kitchens because it can create a cooling breeze with its neat-looking blades, so you do not have to bear the heat in a sweltering kitchen, where fumes from cooking food, the stove and oven can make the room unbearably hot, especially in the summer. Get reliable operation with cost savings on your utility bills throughout the year. The remote control lets you change fan speeds to suit the room’s ambient temperature.


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Top rated ceiling fans in 2021


In hot weather, fans help to cool down the room. Ceiling fans are preferred over bracket fans or window fans because they provide cool air constantly in a room. There are many different types of ceiling fans available that have different shape and style. It is wise to select the ceiling fan that increases the beauty of the room.




Hunter 54098 Bayview


If you are looking for a modern design to your ceiling fan, then look no further than the Hunter 54098 Bayview Provencal Gold. The design is not its only strong point, being energy efficient as well and consuming much less electricity than an air conditioning system. Large rooms up to 485 sq. ft. can be cooled down properly, making it a very popular model in the best ceiling fans reviews.




Classic Provencal gold shade complemented by five plastic blades of antique dark wicker/rustic dark palm leaf design;

Engineered to provide year round cooling for large rooms measuring 485 square feet and less or for use in patios, covered porches and sunrooms;

Variety of mounting options from standard, angle or flush mounting;

Certified for Energy Star superior energy efficiency for outstanding performance , certainly the best ceiling fan with remote.



Optional light kit in the package will not provide adequate illumination;

Installation not tool-free.

 “This ceiling fan has proven to be better than expected, so I must recommend it for other people who are looking to invest in one. It looks and operates just great.” – Melissa Jones


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Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe


2-hunter-53091-builder-deluxeCombining 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology, the Hunter 53091 Builder Deluxe offers unparalleled style and quality with its whisper-quiet performance. This ceiling fan ensures year-round comfort for your living space so you can save energy on your utility bills.




Made using the finest materials, this ceiling fan will surely blend in with the rest of your room decor. Saving you up to 47 percent on cooling costs, this model helps you cut down on your utility bills as it effectively circulates the air in the room.

Providing 5,110 cubic feet of air movement at high speed, this ceiling fan is outfitted with a powerful yet whisper-quiet motor that runs efficiently without generating too much noise. The reversible Brazilian cherry/stained oak blades provide a fantastic finish to complement your existing modern decor easily.

Equipped with a classy frosted encased glass bowl light, this model provides multiple functionality for genuine value for money. Perfect for large rooms up to 400 square feet, this ceiling fan also comes with two 60-watt candelabra incandescent bulbs for decorative lighting purposes.

The three-speed motor lets you customize your cooling experience to your most comfortable level. Get the precise cooling power you need every time.

The three-position mounting system simplifies installation. You can set up this unit flush, on an angled ceiling or a standard straight down rod.



This fan tends to wobble on high but fortunately it ships with a balancing kit to handle the issue. Just use the balancing kit to ensure wobble-free performance at high speeds.


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Westinghouse Lighting 7214100


Fans cool the air in hot season and provide cooling effect to the room, but this fan is also capable of providing warmth in winter. It is designed beautifully and covers the room of 144 square feet. I can set its limit according to my room environment, it has three fan speeds: low, medium and high. It also has two light bulbs. Its energy requirement is 53 watts that keeps my bill low. Its motor has three capacitors with air flow efficiency of 92 cfm per watt.



Cited in dozens of best ceiling fan with remote reviews thanks to easy connectivity with a compatible remote;

Well-built ceiling fan of brushed nickel with opal frosted glass light fixture and silicon steel motor fitted with triple capacitor;

Reversible switch plus three fan speeds maintain cool room ambience and comfort the whole year;

Quiet air circulation with whisper-working motor.



Designed for indoor use;

Light fixture not meant for total room illumination.

I am really happy to have the Westinghouse Lighting 7214100. This was a gift for me from my mom and compared to other ceiling fans that can just cool up the room, this one can warm my room when the cold season comes too. Also, I bought it because it’s one of the most popular ceiling fans in the US.” Betty Sharrow


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Hunter 28700


Best ceiling fan reviews

A ceiling fan that doesn’t produce much sound and can cool up a whole room easily is a good fan. This product has gain its place in best ceiling fan reviews due to many features. It has five reversible blades that can cool up to 400 square feet area. It is provided with anti vibration technology quiet motor that doesn’t produce much sound. The dust armor feature can reduce dust by up to 50%. Its low profile design fits low ceiling rooms easily. It is also provided with 120-Watt amber glass bowl light.



52-inch ceiling fan in special transitional bronze finish and with five reversible airflow blades;

Dark maple/walnut  blades go well with amber glass bowl light for a classy and sophisticated look;

Built with proprietary anti-vibration technology and am excellent whisper wind quiet motor;

Anti-vibration technology supplemented by Dust Armor that reduces dusting.



Does not come with remote control, only designed with wall switch;

Designed as an indoor fan.

I have the Hunter 28700 Ceiling fan in my room. With this, I can sleep silently because it doesn’t produce any noise. The product can really cool my room down, especially when the hot weather comes. The product is affordable and can be set up with ease” Ralph Lyons


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Hunter 20803 Low Profile III


The best ceiling fan reviews hold the Hunter 20803 in high regards because it manages to combine a great and stylish design with top performances. The 5 white blades are rotated by a powerful and reliable motor which has the Whisperwind system, letting it operate quietly, not disturbing anyone. Also the motor is so durable that it comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. While the motor is powerful it still manages to be energy efficient , adding almost nothing to your yearly electricity bill. This fan is perfect for middle sized rooms in your home.



Exceptional blend of traditional craftsmanship and revolutionary fan technology that effectively circulates air so room is cooler in the summer and warmer in the colder months

Sturdy flush-mountable motor housing and strong  blades work together exceptionally well

Blades are interchangeable with Sawyer Art mix-and-match blades sold separately

Simple and easy installation and stylish, versatile design



Low profile fan meant for low-ceilinged rooms

Not meant for installation outside the house

“I bough this ceiling fan for a Xmas discount which made it quite cheap. The installation process was a breeze and it works flawlessly. Hunter made a high-quality model which looks great on my patio’s ceiling.” – Mary A. Sanders


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Hunter 22720 Cortland Basque


1Very few ceiling fan models can be as stylish as this one from Hunter which comes with four 40 W candelabra bulbs that can create a fantastic atmosphere in the room you set it in. The motor will operate quietly and will spin the 12 degree pitched blades in order to cool your room off in those warm summer days. Some even see it as one of the best ceiling fans in 2021.




54-inch elegant ceiling fan with brushed gold accents, light kit and five aged ebony blades in special Basque black;

Covers large spaces measuring up to 485 square feet, and comes with Installer’s Choice 3 position mounting system that enables flush, standard or angled mounting;

160-watt Four-light fixture with 440-watt candelabra bulbs included in kit;

Fan has three speeds from low, medium to high plus reversible airflow functionality for customized, year-round cooling.



Comes with small parts not meant for children;

Muted light not meant for complete room illumination.

 “The way Hunter 22720 ceiling fan looks in my living room is simply brilliant, adding the sophistication I was aiming for. It functions like a charm, making me believe it’s one of the best ceiling fans for the money I paid for it. And I didn’t pay much because I got it for sale on Black Friday.” – Anne Jackson


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Westinghouse 7861500


This ceiling fan is designed for low ceiling rooms and enhances the room’s beauty to many folds. It is 42 inches in length. It is equipped with five blades that cool the air and has three lights to illuminate the room. It has three speed levels that can be adjusted by the requirement: low, medium and high. I like its feature of reversing blades that makes it more elegant in style and functioning. With all these stylish features, this fan can be found in many best ceiling fan reviews.



Soft ambient illumination provided by lighting fixture with trio of frosted glass shades;

With three fan speeds of high, medium and low plus reversible switch to enable customized cooling at various periods of the year;

Makes rooms look classy without being too flashy;

Easy installation and quiet operation.



Geared with close-to-ceiling design meant for low-ceilinged rooms;

Torpedo or G16 ½ bulbs for light fixture not included.

“If I have to answer who makes the best ceiling fans in 2021, my answer would definitely be Westinghouse. I have in my patio the 7861500 model and I’m pleased with the overall design and the way it functions.” – Michelle Crum


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Westinghouse 7861400


Simplicity has its own beauty and when it is providing the best results it has no match with others. This ceiling fan has the beauty that works best. It is that much powerful that it can cool the area of about 360 square feet. It is a 56 inches fan with three blades that have airflow power of 6,254 cubic feet per minute. It has a single capacitor and 153-MM by 17-mm cold-rolled steel motor. I find it best because of its efficiency. No matter how hot the day, this fan cool down the room easily.



Blades turn quietly thanks to three-speed motor that offers efficient air circulation;

Ideal for commercial or industrial applications including warehouses or rooms measuring a maximum of 360 square feet;

Cold-rolled steel motor with single capacitor to turn blades continuously at high speed;

Package comes with ball hanger installation system, downrod, lead wire and 5-speed wall control.



Design not intended for decorative purposes;

Metal industrial fan with industrial-type blades.

“So far so good, this ceiling fan does’t it’s job properly and cools me off when the temperatures get unbearable. While not the best model on the market it’s surely in the top ten ceiling fan list.” – Terry A. Baker


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Westinghouse 78108


It is 30 inches wide and 12 inches high, 6 blades ceiling fan for the small rooms. It can cover about 80 square feet area. I can sleep in piece because it doesn’t make any sound. It is also good on pocket because it don’t consume energy more than a hundred watts bulb. It has a single light fixture. It has reversible switch and three speed levels that can be adjusted according to the need. It has pure white color that adds decency to the room.

“My conclusion about the Westinghouse 78108 is positive one. It’s a cheap ceiling fan with an stylish design and a very quiet operation. I certainly like the light too, which provides a very romantic atmosphere. I recommend this model to other households.” – Sandy Green


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Minka-Aire F518-BN Concept II


For cooling off a room in your home a great solution is getting a ceiling fan, which with a minimum investment will make you get through those hot summer days. One of the best fans is the Minka-Aire F518 –BN Concept II, which is a 3 blade low profile one, with a very stylish design and  a halogen light for creating a nice atmosphere in your room. Also you will have the advantage of controlling it via a remote control from the comfort of your sofa. The installation process is extremely simple as well, being done in almost no time. Many consider it the best ceiling fan for high ceilings.


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Ceiling fans – What to look for:


Thousands of American homes need a high quality ceiling fan. There are many products available on the market today which can guarantee proper room temperature and also act as a source of light. How can you find that special fan which deserves to improve air temperature in your home? Once you read the best ceiling fan reviews, written by satisfied users and technicians in the field, you will be able to identify the product best suited to your needs. Why should you invest in an air conditioner when you can opt for a more elegant solution: ceiling fans, which are designed to brighten up your home. There is a product for every room of the house, but you have start looking now!

The soothing breeze of a ceiling fan can cool down any warm environment by 2 to 8 degrees. Under such pleasurable circumstances, you will be able to sleep and laugh in peace, without having to deal with increased temperatures. With the best ceiling fan in 2021, you will ensure the right living conditions anywhere you desire. You should know that ceiling fans are far superior to air conditioners in regards to energy consumption, operating at lower cost standards, thus keeping the energy bills low at the end of the month.

As you probably already know, a ceiling fan can replace with ease a central lighting system, because they come with built in lighting or optional lighting kits. Furthermore, many fans include a wide range of fan accessories such as: remote control, automatic controls and dimmer switch.

How to locate the best ceiling fan in 2021? Well, with more information on top ceiling fans, you will upgrade the quality of indoor air temperature. If the device you want doesn’t have a remote control, you can purchase one. There are many fans with different styles, which can match your room. The first thing you want to decide upon is the place where you will install it.

If you decide to place the fan in the center of the room, you will enjoy optimal air flow, for all to enjoy without restrictions. Try not to install the ceiling fan over your bedroom’s bed.

Furthermore, take into account the room’s dimensions in order to properly install a great ceiling fan. Usually, you need a 30” ceiling fan for rooms of 8’ x 10’, a 42” ceiling fan for 12’ x 12’ and 52’ ceiling fan for 18’ x 20’ which includes large bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms and great rooms. You also need to take into account ceiling height: low ceiling, standard 8’ ceiling, 9’ or higher ceiling and sloped ceiling, for better air management. It is important to ensure the ideal air circulation, for everyone to enjoy. Your home can become a safe and comfortable environment, ideal for day to day activities. So, a ceiling fan can become your source of light and cold air, whenever you desire, night or day.



Things to consider:

–   Ceiling fans offer a safe and low cost alternative to air conditioners.

–  These devices represent a great source of light and cold air, ideal to access whenever you want.

–  Search for ceiling fans which have Energy Star certification.

–  Ceiling fans offer superior air circulation around every inch of the house.