1.1 Sony ZSPS30CDAXBTSometimes you need something more than just your MP3 player to play your favorite music. A boombox is still easily portable, and is great for playing music at backyard BBQs, beach parties, and almost anywhere else you want to hear some tunes. Boomboxes are available in different sizes and styles, and can give you many of the same options that you find on a stereo. While the best boombox for you will often depend on your individual needs, we can help you make an informed decision. With the helpful tips included in our buying guide, you will be sure to find the best CD player boombox for your money.



What to look for when buying a boombox?



There are several aspects to consider when you are looking for a boombox, but the most important one is compatibility. If you are not able to play your music, then you have just wasted your money. All models include an AM/FM radio, along with a CD player. You will also want to consider if you want it to be compatible with your Bluethooth, and your iPod and MP3 player. This will give you even more options when it comes to playing all of your favorite music.


Sound and Power

Even though a boombox will never be able to give you true stereo quality sound, you do want to look for models that includes sound boosting technology to enhance the bass. The type of power needed is another important consideration, and there are even wireless models that can be used almost anywhere. If you plan on using your boombox at more remote locations, you might want to consider one with extended battery life.



Modern boomboxes also offer several innovative features to improve your listening experience. This can include programmable settings for your favorite radio stations, along with the ability to support satellite radio stations. Others will charge your various media devices will they are connected, and some boomboxes can also record music directly onto an inserted disc. One thing to remember is that certain features can also affect the price of the boombox.


Top 3 boomboxes:



1.2 Sony ZSPS30CDAXBTThis is often considered the best boombox under 100 dollars, and it includes all of the features you need to enjoy your music. The compact model is easily portable, and gives you the option of using battery power. The front facing control buttons are easy to use, and with 30 preset radio stations you can always find great music to listen to. Enjoy the ease of the auto scan to find new stations to listen to, or simply put a CD in the top loading player.

This is also the best CD player boombox for connecting to your other media devices. It is compatible with iPads and iPods, along with any MP3 player. The portable boombox is perfectly sized to fit almost anywhere, and you will love the full sound from the small speakers. With sound enhancing technology, you will be able to enjoy listening to all of your music. Customize the radio settings to your specifications, or simply let yourself be surprised with the auto tune function. When you want to listen to music without disturbing anyone, there is a convenient plug for your headphones.

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Axess PB2706

2.1 Axess PB2706If you are looking for a wireless boombox this might be the model for you. It features a lightweight and portable design that can go almost anywhere with you. Its durable construction makes it ideal for outdoor parties, or for simply listening to music at the office. Another benefit of the boombox is its stylish design that won’t look out of place no matter where you put it.

This portable boombox features a top loading CD player, and is also compatible with your MP3 player. This will let you choose between listening to music from your discs or from your audio files. The front facing USB port also makes it easy to connect your media devices. You will love the large buttons on the interface, and the bright LED screen lets you clearly see which track is playing. Like all modern boomboxes you also have the option of listening to the AM/FM radio, along with being able to choose between using battery or electric power. Bring your music with you to the beach or liven up your next backyard BBQ with this affordable CD player boombox.

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Memorex MP4907BK

3.2 Memorex MP4907BKThis boombox is under $200 and provides you with excellent value for your money. It features a stylish design that looks great anywhere, and can be used indoors and outside. Bring your favorite tunes with you to the office, or finally have an additional source of music in your dorm room. The CD player boombox is priced to fit any budget, and it also includes several versatile features.

You can not only program the CD player boombox to automatically find your favorite radio stations, but you can also choose between electric and battery power. This makes it easy to take the boombox with you anywhere, including beach parties where there are limited power sources. Not only can you enjoy your favorite CDs and audio files from an MP3 player, but there is also a tape deck so you can listen to some old favorites. You also get the advantage of listening to the high power speakers, which can give you amazing quality of sound even though it is only three inches high. Listen to tapes, CDs, and audio files, or simply relax and enjoy one of your favorite radio stations.

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Final words:

There are several styles and models of CD player boomboxes to choose from, and only you can decide which features are important to you. Two popular models to consider are the Sony ZSPS30CDAxbt and the Axess PB2706. Each of these boomboxes are designed to provide you with a quality listening experience, anytime you want. These audio players are designed to fit almost any budget, and can make it possible to always listen to your favorite songs.