How to Choose a Top CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kit


CCTV/DVR systems not only allow you to conduct surveillance of your premises but also capture the security video in a digital video recorder for later review. They can serve as a deterrent to theft or vandalism. Having surveillance video also allows you to identify perpetrators of crimes. Choosing a system can be difficult though, due to the sheer number of options available in the market. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind when choosing a surveillance system that can help you cut through the jargon to find the one that meet suits your requirements.

Best CCTV DVR security camera kit

Camera specifications

The specifications you should be familiar with include the image resolution of the cameras, the number of LEDS and the illumination range. Resolution is measured in TVL or TV lines of resolution, with higher TVLs representing better image quality. For example, the range for standard image quality is 380 TVL to 420 TVL while very high quality is 540 TVL to 700 TVL. Cameras use LEDs to flood the area with infrared light and thus, cameras with a high number of LEDs are appropriate for use in low-light environments. Illumination range refers how far the camera can see at night. You should also consider 2MP cameras as they provide resolution that is clear enough for license plate identification.


Indoor or outdoor camera system

When choosing a system, one important question to ask yourself if where it will be installed. Cameras designed for outdoor use are waterproof and resistant to the elements.


Storage Capacity

The higher the storage capacity, the more recordings you can keep. This is especially important if you are using multiple cameras and you do not want to delete the recordings after just a day or two. CCTV/DVR systems typically have their own storage ranging from 250 MB to as much as 2 TB. Others have limited internal storage and rely instead on burning the recordings to an SD card.


Light sensitivity

If you need a camera that can work in low light conditions, look for one that can take video at low lux levels. For example, a camera with 0.001 lux can work on a moonless night with clear skies.


Additional features

Look for features like Electronic pan/tilt/zoom (ePTZ) that allows you to not only zoom, pan and tilt on live streams but also previously recorded footage.


Top Rated CCTV/DVR Security Camera Kits in 2022


Now that you know what to consider when buying CCTV camera systems, you can go on Amazon or your favorite online shopping site and start conducting your search with confidence. If you still need more help, however, here are our some of our recommendations for the best CCTV/DVR security kits.


ZOSI ZR04GF/05+ZG2621N-B-K4


1.ZOSI ZR04GF-05+ZG2621N-B-K4The ZOSI ZR04GF/05+ZG2621N-B-K4 is one of the top rated CCTV/DVR security cameras 2022, with five star and four star ratings comprising more than 70% of its reviews from Amazon users. The four channel system is ideal for those who are planning to install their security system outdoors where they need to work under low light conditions and are exposed to the elements. The kit includes four HD 720p color cameras with a 500GB Audio HD (AHD) DVR. The cameras have a ¼-inch Aptina CMOS image sensor with ICR (which produces image resolution of up to 700 TVL), 3.6mm megapixel lenses and 36 pcs IR 5mm LEDs. The night vision of the cameras has a visibility of up to 100ft or 30m and has a weatherproof rating of IP66 (dust tight and resistant to powerful water jets).

The DVR supports full four channel video and audio input and HDMI (1080p) and full HD VGA video output, allowing it to store video from up to four CCTV cameras. It can be connected to the Internet, allowing the user to monitor and control the system using portable Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones and iPads. Thus, it should not be surprising it is highly rated in the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit reviews.

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FLOUREON CCTV DVR Camera Security Kit


2.FLOUREON CCTV KitThe FLOUREON CCTV kit has earned some of the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit reviews on Amazon, with 2/3 giving it five-star ratings. The four-channel system is a good choice for users who need a surveillance system that will be installed in areas where they will be exposed to the elements and take video at night or in poor light conditions. The system comes with four CCTV cameras and a four-channel HDMI 960H DVR.

The four cameras have a CMOS image sensor, have an image resolution of 700 horizontal TVL and can take video at a minimum illumination of 0.1 lux, meaning that it can take video on nights where there is a full moon. It also has an automatic electronic shutter that accommodates changes in light levels and supports an NTSC standard of 1/60 – 1/100,000.

The DVR features a four channel video input BNC interface and a one channel video output BNC interface. The HD output is 1920×1080 HDMI and you can select between PAL and NTSC. Although it has no hard disk included, you have the option to save output to an HDD, a flash disk or stream it through the network. The DVR allows you to remote view the video or control the DVR using iOS and Android devices.

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3.ELEC CVK-HL08CP03B-4The ELEC CVK-HL08CP03B-4 is one of the best CCTV/DVR security camera kit 2022 models since it provides the user with a lot of flexibility as to where the system will be installed. The Elec is an indoor/outdoor system that can be set up anywhere they are needed and are easy to install. The kit includes four bullet-style CCTV cameras and an eight-channel mini-DVR with a 1TB HDD as well as related accessories such as four sixty-foot connector cables. The cameras have an image resolution of 700 TVL, which means that you get a very high definition image.

The  DVR has a motion detection recording feature, which saves you time and effort, as well as disk space on your HDD by starting to record only when its detects a “motion event”. It also features BNC output when you use a TV as a monitor and VGA output when you use a computer monitor. In addition, you have the option to view the CCTV feed on your 3G smartphone or over the Internet, allowing you to remotely monitor the premises even when you are not on-site. There are eight channels, which means that you can upgrade the system and add up to four additional cameras.