Top rated cat trees in 2019


Cats are mostly curios creatures with a thirst for exploration and climbing that sometimes never ends. They love to climb and discover new spots, usually located somewhere high up. To help cat owners offer their furry friends something special to climb, manufactures have developed cat trees. Today’s market on such products is booming, since cats love the trees. Taking into account that most people don’t have the time to go through the best cat tree reviews we decided to do the research. In our study we also took into account specialists recommendations and identified 5 models that can definitely make a difference in the cat’s life.


The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower in Espresso


Best cat tree reviewsSome cat trees are more elegant than others, delivering heightened challenge during climbs or other features that cats will adore. One such model is the Lotus cat Tower from The Refined Feline, a model very popular within the cat loving community. Even though some assembly is required this cat tower incorporates with a brown Berber carpet with a unique Velcro material. Furthermore the tower comes equipped with a sisal pad, which cats will definitely scratch for hours. In addition to the stylish design the tower is equipped with very soft cushions and faux suede covers. The cat tower is made with high quality materials which ensure cats won’t break it any time soon.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree


Most of the best cat tree reviews that we read underline the unique construction of the Go Pet Club model. Designed to challenge and entertain cats, this particular cat tree represents a great addition in any home with two or three furry friends. The tree measures 50” W x 26” L x 72” H, ideal to place outdoor or indoor. It incorporates 10 posts with 15 levels which cats will definitely enjoy overcoming. Taking into account that cats like to reach the highest point of different objects and then relax this cat tree doesn’t disappoint. Designed with solid wood and covering faux fur material the Go Pet Club is easy to assemble and manage.

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Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo


Out of the best cat trees in 2019 we recommend the Furniture Condo from Armarkat, a model highly praised by cat owners. This carefully crafted cat tree is made to entertain cats, make them exercise. Designed for special activities like climbing, sleeping, scratching and mild or intense exercising the Furniture Condo is made of solid pressed wood. Furthermore the tree features special faux fleece covers (ivory color) for added style, making the tree look pretty great in any room. Very easy to assemble the cat tree also includes a detailed instruction manual which provides assistance during the installation process.

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Go Pet Club Brown Cat Condo F68


For thousands of Americans that own cats, finding the best cat tree in 2019 represents quite a challenge. According to our data we recommend the Go Pet Club Brown, a cat condo that the little furry friends will absolutely adore to use. Measuring 38 inch W 27 inch L and 62 inch H this product is without a favourite among domestic cats. It comes with 1 robe, 1 basket and 1 ladder, all covered by natural sisal. Cats can use the condo for relaxation, exercise and also fun. Furthermore the condo is covered by faux and fur materials for added elegance during each use. It is good to know that the condo takes only minutes to assemble.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Condo Furniture Beige Color


In our extended search for the best cat tree in 2019 we came across a great model from Go Pet Club, The Cat Tree Condo Furniture. This tree measures 38 inches W x 27 inches L x 62 inches H, ideal for people to install the device outdoor or in special rooms for kitties. In addition to the soli pressed wood construction the cat tree is fairly easy to assemble taking only a couple of minutes. It also comes equipped with a professional instruction manual and proper installation tools for rapid results. This beautifully crafted cat tree incorporates 1 rope, 1 basket and also 1 ladder.

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