A Professional Cat Tower Buying Guide:


Cat lovers look over the best cat towers reviews before they get a kitty gym, cat condo or cat tree that they believe will be perfect for their feline pet/s. After all, a cat, regal as it is, deserves vertical space to climb, stretch in, jump over, scratch, relax and run in. So why not get her royal felineness a good quality cat tower then?

A best rated cat tower is built with a really sturdy base. This is to prevent your pet from getting hurt when it jumps into its favorite perch on the cat tree. The base should be thick enough to support all that weight, especially when you have a multi-cat household. Cats are gentle creatures yes, but they tend to stay away from things that they know will be less-than-nice to them or for them. They are regal creatures, and they certainly will not tolerate a cat tree that will endanger them in any way. You, as the owner, are best advised to remember that. So do get a cat tower with a strong base. A wobbly cat tower will not be attractive to your feline pet. Choosing a cat tower with a secure base also ensures that if you just have a kitten now, there will still be ample space (and support) in the cat tower for it when it grows up.

A cat tower will prove to be the most popular product in the house for your pet if it integrates a scratching post where her royal highness can remove the outer root sheath of her nails. Cats like to do this after a meal or a nap. The scratching post should have that specific texture that allows the pet to dig its nails into the object’s surface. Soft carpet covering is loopy and may have been treated with toxic formaldehyde. Some cat owners wonder why cats scratch the furniture. Well now you know. A scratching post covered in sisal rope is what the bestselling cat tower in Black Friday deals has.  There are some cats that go crazy for bare wood, tree bark or corrugated cardboard, but sisal covering is a heavy favorite.

Height in the scratching post is also an important element. This guarantees two-in-one purpose for the cat. A tall scratching post allows the cat to stretch and get her favorite exercise. Cats have that languorous way of extending their back, sort of like a human being getting a unique high when the vertebra gets relief from being in a slouched position for so long. Get your pet a tall scratching post in its cat tower for Christmas. She’ll love you more for it.

Location, location, location. The new cat tree should be located in an area where your pet loves to be. Hiding it or putting it in an area where your cat would not like to rest at is defeating its very purpose. Unless of course your pet prefers it that way. The space should allow freedom for your pet, too.

Check if your choice for the best kitty gym for the money has provisions for hanging some toys or putting cat nip in your cat’s favorite perch.  This is to help your pet really grow to love the unit. These are the elements that make the best cat tower 2018.


Things to consider:

  • A strong and sturdy base to prevent it from toppling over, making it safe for your pet
  • Integrates a scratching post with textured covering/surface so your pet will not be damaging your furniture
  • Ample provisions for the cat to get its exercise
  • Can be placed in an area conducive to restful perching for your pet


Top rated Cat Towers in 2018


Go Pet Club Beige Cat Tree


Best Cat Tower ReviewsWith an overall size of 50″W x 26″L x 72″H, the  wooden, easy-to-assemble Go Pet Club Cat Tree integrates all the elements that an ideal cat tower should have. It has two condos that your pet can use as hidey holes. The bigger condo down below has dimensions of  20″W x 15″L x 11.5″H. The upper one measures  15″W x 12″L x 10″H. It has three perches on top, each measuring 13.5″W x 13.5″L x 2.5″, where your pet/s can sit lazily while watching the world go by. This is the best cat tower 2018 for multiple cat households due to its 15 different levels in all. The posts are covered with natural sisal rope, giving your pet/s lots of space to scratch, and keeping  the house furniture safe. The covering material is faux fur, making it safe and comfortable for your pet.

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Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo


Let your pet exercise, sleep, climb and scratch on this lovely-looking cat tree. The Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo is made of sturdy pressed wood and covered with attractive faux fleece in ivory. It looks great in any room, making it a perfect addition to the rest of your household furniture. It can be assembled easily and is shipped with the tools you need to set it up. The cat tower comes with an instruction manual so you don’t have to figure out by yourself how to put its components together. Each post is 3.5 inches thick so your cat has a full scratching post to enjoy at every level. The cat tower has a maximum holding weight of 40 pounds, which a full tabby cat can optimize, making it a favorite in many best cat tower reviews.

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TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold-and-Store Cat-Tower


The Miguel Fold-and-Store Cat-Tower from TRIXIE Pet Products makes an ideal cat tree for pet owners who dwell in cramped living spaces. It can be simply folded shut for easy and quick storage when kitty is outside the house, or for traveling. The top lying hammock makes the perfect perch where your pet can just idly watch everything. The condo serves as a convenient hidey hole where your pet can rest. Both the hammock and condo are wrapped in plush for comfort to your pet. It has  scratching surface covered in natural sisal for your pet to enjoy long scratching sessions. There is a cushion insert that is removable, making it machine washable. The cat tower provides enough space for your pet to scratch, explore, play or just relax.

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Best Choice Products Deluxe Cat Tower


This four-tier condo from Best Choice Products makes a great choice for cat owners who want their pet to have a place to exercise, scratch, explore, relax or just have fun. Four different locations are on the cat tower, all made to provide your cat its own feline space: a tunnel, a hammock, a condo and a perch. With this cat tree, your pet will surely stay away from your household furniture, clothes and drapes.  It is made of faux fur material, making it safe for your pet to enjoy its features. There are two scratching posts where your pet can scratch and stretch in abandon. The cat tree assembles in minutes and is shipped with instructions to help you build it.

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SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber


Designed to hang on any standard door, the SmartCat Multi-Level Cat Climber provides the space necessary for your cat to exercise, sleep, climb and scratch. It integrates a spring-loaded bracket system that makes it easy to move to whatever location you prefer in the house. It can be easily assembled. The multi-level cat climber has a post covered with natural sisal, providing the ideal scratching surface for really discriminating pets. It fits on just about any door from 79 to 82 inches high. This enables the pet owner to take care of their cat’s special needs without having to sacrifice a specific area of the house. The climber is constructed of durable wood, for safe and secure installation. It is designed to withstand years of use.

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