Top rated cat towers in 2019


Nowadays, science evolves increasingly faster. So happens with the objects intended to make our life easier, or at least more enjoyable. But our lives are sometimes filled with pets that need constant care and loving. Among these brand new things, we encounter towers for those customers who have cats. These are very useful things because a cat needs to climb a lot and such a tree is very welcomed in the households where felines do not have the possibility to escalade a real tree. The best cat tower reviews reveal interesting facts about these little animals that fill our lives with joy.


The Refined Feline Lotus Cat Tower


Best cat tower reviewsThe lotus shape of the cat tree provides the animal a lot of space to climb and to explore the sight of the room in perfect freedom. Made out of brown Berber carpet attached with Velcro, your cat will experience the delicacy of a nice furniture just for her. It also contains a sisal pad for scratching which places this product among the top rated cat tower reviews. In addition, your cat will experience the coziness of soft cushions with washable faux suede covers above and inside the hide-a-way cubby. Thise product will come with its separately removed components, which will require their assemblage. But don’t worry because the tools are included in the package.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree


Whether you have one cat or more, this product is mentioned as the best cat tower in 2019. Its color is very bright, which will represent an advantage for those who do not like cat hair. Customers who purchased this tree declared themselves very content with the fact that it has many spaces for many cats. It is very spacious and the felines love to play on it. As the title of the product suggests, it can be very easily considered a cat club if you have friends with their own cats coming to visit.

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Armarkat Cat tree Furniture Condo


The best cat tower reviews reveal the fact that customers are very content with this product due to its strength and to its capacity of remaining stable even if cats are running or climbing very fast. Although it seems a little bit difficult to handle with it, this cat tree is considered by many customers very handy and useful, not to mention the coziness of the fleece covering and the stunning aspect. Another very appreciated advantage by clients is the fact that this unit contains a spot for scratching and exercising.  This way, your cat will keep fit every day.

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Go Pet Club Cat Tree Brown


This unit is a little bit cozier than those described above, because it looks like a tree house that is the perfect place to hide. Although it does not have many compartments for more cats, the only cubby hole it has is big enough for two felines. It is easier to climb, thing that will be very appreciated by older pets that become at some point lazier. They will appreciate it, too. The only color that comes in is brown mixed with beige, which represents a very warm combination for your little friends and the hair cat will no longer be noticeable.

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Trixie Altea Cat Tree


The customers who purchased this model stated that fat cats do not feel comfortable in it because their weight might unbalance this item. Although it is not considered best cat tower in 2019 and it may seem a little bit simpler for some picky clients, in fact, this unit is perfectly designed for kittens. These may feel unsecure on a very high tower, so this is why this product is the best for them. Many clients declared themselves happy with the fact that their little pets stopped scratching other places in the house and used the special carpet for this process. All in all, it is a very warm and cozy house for a little feline.

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