How to Buy the Right Cat Collar


There are many reasons why you may want to purchase a collar for your beloved furry friend. A collar is a sign of ownership and it helps you identify your cat in case it gets lost. However, collars can play other roles, as well. For instance, they may come equipped with a bell, in order to prevent your feline pet from catching wild life and get sick from it. No matter the reason, whether it is just for decorative purposes, or you need to keep track of your wandering companion, cat collars must be safe and must prevent the cat from strangling itself with the collar. Various types are readily available, but it is highly advisable to read plenty of the best cat collar reviews in order to get a clear idea of what kind of model is a good fit for your pet. The following guide focuses on the most important aspects to keep in mind when shopping for such a product.

Best Cat Collar


Cats are very curious creatures and they are skilled climbers. If they wear a collar while going about their usual climbing, jumping and chasing activities, you need to make sure that the collar your cat is wearing can allow it to release itself in case the collar gets stuck in a branch or any other thing that can hinder the cat’s freedom of movement. Breakaway collars are the most popular models for cat collars for this reason, because they let the cat get away without the risk of the pet ending up strangling itself.



If you need to choose between various models of cat collars, another thing to look for is width. A collar that is too wide can be very uncomfortable for your feline. The particular anatomy of a cat is different from that of a dog, for instance, and a wide collar can hinder the natural movement of a feline. Thinner collars may be a better choice, especially if your cat is of a smaller breed. Always check with your pet to see what is uncomfortable for it. Since cats are creatures that love comfort above else, your pet will surely let you know it doesn’t like the collar at all.


Overall weight

A good cat collar is one that does not feel heavy for the pet. As mentioned before, a bell can be attached to the collar, to prevent your cat from eating wild animals when spending time outdoors, but it can add to the overall weight of the collar. It is highly recommended to get a cat collar that is made of a lightweight material and even with a bell attached to it, doesn’t feel too heavy for your cat.


Top Rated Cat Collars in 2022


If you are looking for the best cat collar 2022, you will find our next selection useful. Picked from the most popular models around, praised by pet owners and loved by cats, all these cat collars offer the necessary conveniences for the owner and the much required comfort for the pet.


GoTags Custom Embroidered Cat Id


1.GoTags Custom Embroidered Cat Id CollarsWhat can be more useful for a pet owner’s peace of mind than knowing that their beloved cat will always return home, even when it gets lost? The GoTags Custom Embroidered Cat Id Collars offer you the best solution to this very common problem for pet owners. When you order your cat collar, you only need to follow some simple instructions in order to customize the product. Your cat’s name along with your phone number will be embroidered on the collar and anyone who will find it will be able to contact you and have your beloved pet returned. Other aspects can also be customized, such as the color, the tag shape and additional pet info.

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Coastal Pet Products CCP7001BLL


3.Coastal Pet Products CCP7001BLLAll the best cat collar reviews can tell you that safety is paramount for cats, as they are such curious animals and they tend to get inside cramped places, climb on trees and so on. This adjustable breakaway model is the best choice you can make, because it is cheap, durable and it allows your cat to release itself in case the collar gets stuck, making it impossible for the pet to move. The nylon material the collar is made of is very durable and it does not stain with ease. The length of the collar can be adjusted, so your kitty is always comfortable.

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Lanyar Fashion Leather Pet Collars


4.Lanyar Fashion LeatherIf you are looking for something a bit more luxurious for your pet, the Lanyar Fashion Leather Pet Collars for Cats are a great choice. Made of high quality PU leather, this collar comes with a detachable bell, in case you want to let your cat wander outside, without fear that they may catch wild animals during its journeys. You can adjust the length of the collar around the cat’s neck, from 8 inches to 10.5 inches, for maximum comfort. In case you are searching for the perfect gift for your beloved pet, there is hardly a better choice than this fashionable cat collar.

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Catit 55284


5.Catit Cat CollarThis very lightweight cat collar is one of the top rated cat collars 2022, and it is much appreciated by pet owners. Weighing just 0.04 pounds, the Catit Cat Collar will never inconvenience your pet in any way. Adjustable in length from 8 to 13 inches, and measuring 3/8 inches in width, it is a very comfortable collar that your cat will not even know it is there. Made of durable nylon, this cat collar comes equipped with a metal tongue buckle and its own bell. Anything you care about having in a cat collar is made readily available, which is why so many people love this particular product so much.

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Coastal Pet Products CCP7001SSO


2.Coastal Pet Products CCP7001SSOA good and reliable pet collar should be one that always ensures the best safety for the feline. This breakaway collar allows the buckle to become loose whenever your curious pet gets stuck in various places and needs to get away fast. The length of the collar can be adjusted with ease from 8 inches to 12 inches, so you can pick the most comfortable setup for your little friend. Style should not be overlooked, when you are shopping for a cat color. This bright orange collar will stand out and make your cat easy to identify in case it gets lost in one of its long adventures outside.