Professional Cat Bed Buying Guide:


If you’re a cat owner, you are well aware that cats have a mind of their own and they will sleep wherever they want to–it’s just what they do. If you happen to start early when they are kittens, you may have the ability to train them to sleep in a new cat bed.

We understand that it may be difficult to choose which cat bed is the best to get for your feline friend, but we have checked out the best cat beds of 2018 and we have created this guide to help your decision process go a little smoother.

If you’ve ever noticed that one of the most popular places any cat will sleep is usually an enclosed space, whether it is a box, a pile of blankets or clothes. This is partially because they are crazy but mostly because they like to preserve their body heat—especially if it is cold. If you happen to have a kitty that likes to curl up, try getting them one of the highest rated cat beds that is shaped like a cup or a cave. If you want to splurge a little bit, you can choose a heated bed too. Some cats prefer to stretch out, so they may like to sleep on a soft pad.

Although choosing what kind of bed is important, you will want to make sure that the bed is washable—or at the very least has a washable cover that is made of quick-drying materials. This will reduce the chance of mold forming on the bed and possibly getting the cat sick.

While it is important to choose what is the best bed for your cat, you should also consider the location of the bed. You wouldn’t want to stick your cat out in the open in a high traffic area. Ideally, you should put your cat’s bed in a quiet corner, some place where they can be away from the activity, but still watch the goings-on. Also, if you have a spot in the house that gets a lot of sunlight, you may want to put the bed in the sunlight. This will allow them to sun themselves and keep warm. If you notice that your cat likes to stare out of a particular window, some of the best cat bed reviews suggest setting up a window perch that includes a bed.

For safety reasons, when you are choosing from one of the best cat beds from 2018, you should look for a bed that doesn’t have the potential to become unravelled, have loose strings, or can be torn apart. Cats generally like to knead their bedding before sleeping, and if they get their nails caught in the material, they could get hurt trying to pull the nail free. Plus, playful kittens may play with loose strings or stuffing from the bed and it could become a choking hazard.

We hope that the tips provided in this guide will help you when you are trying to choose your cat’s bed. Simply keep these things in mind, and you’ll have your pillow back in no time!


Things to consider:

  • Look for a bed that appeals to your cat’s sleeping style. If they like to curl up, choose a cup or a cave type bed. If they like to stretch out, they may prefer a sleeping pad instead.
  • Take into consideration the location of the bed. If you are going to put the bed in a secluded corner, try an elevated bed or a perch so they can have a nice vantage point to watch the activity in the room—after all, they are silent watchers.
  • Choose a bed that is made of a material that is not likely to unravel or get their claws stuck if the knead the material. This could be a choking hazard for small kittens, or it could rip out the nails.


Top rated Cat Beds in 2018


PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge – Deluxe


Best Cat Bed reviewsThis cat bed serves two functions: it is a bed and a place where they can sharpen their nails. It could also serve a third purpose as a play thing if there are multiple cats. One can hide under the loops and pounce on passers-by. This bed is made for the cats who like to scratch cardboard in mind. The unique shape of the gives the cat plenty of places to lay or curl up.

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ABC Pet Cat Ottoman Bed


This faux leather ottoman can blend seamlessly into any home décor, thanks to its sleek design. When the ottoman isn’t in use, it can be folded up and stored in a closet. The inside of the ottoman has plenty of room for a fluffy blanket or a sleeping pad, so your kitty will be comfortable while they sleep. The darkness of the inside will appeal to the cat who likes to hide away from the activity while still being able to peek out if they want.

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K&H Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed


For owners who live in colder climates, this heated cat bed is a perfect option to keep your kitty nice and toasty. It uses a dual-thermostat unit which will raise the temperature by fifteen degrees above the temperature of the room. The bed has a removable cover that is nice and plus, but also easy to wash. The bed is available in a two different sizes, a 16-inch bed for smaller cats and a 20-inch for larger cats.

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K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe


This bed is ideal for cats who like to perch on the window sill and watch the world outside. The microfleece padding gives your cat a soft and warm place. The bed can hold up to 40 pounds and is 14” x 14” in an oval shape. Installation for the bed is simple and does not require tools—an added benefit for those who rent and cannot mar the walls of the rental. The cover is removable for easy washing and is available in several different patterns to match the home’s décor.

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Kitty Ball Rattan Cat Bed


This bed is ideal for the cat who likes to act like they are the rule of the house. It is made of a non-toxic poly-rattan. The durable material can withstand even the sharpest of claws. It comes with a machine washable, 17-inch cushion, which will definitely make kitty happy.

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