Best Casseroles under $15


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By having the best casseroles under $15 that will be mentioned in the rest of this article, you can have another good addition in the kitchen that will prove to be useful for various cooking tasks. Even if they differ in terms of brand and model, the five options that will be identified below are amongst the best you will ever find in the marketplace today.


Pyrex Easy Grab 4-piece Casserole


Best Casseroles under $15 Among other things, one of the reasons on why this is a popular choice in many best Pyrex casseroles reviews is the handles of this casserole. They are designed with generous size, which means that you can easily grab it and have it placed in a different location when needed. It also comes with a snap-on lid, which will not only make sure that flavor is retained inside, but will also cover the food to have it protected from external elements that can damage it quality, such as dirt and insects.

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“You can never have enough casseroles, because they can always come in handy. I have this set and it is a very reliable one for storing leftover food. Even though the lid doesn’t allow air to pass through it when it is shut, it can still be opened easily.” Britney Williams


Pyrex Easy Grab 2-quart Casserole


With this casserole, there is no more need to be worried about cleaning after its use. It has soft contours, which will allow you to easily clean it and will prevent the accumulation of dirt on the corners. Additionally, many have also expressed their satisfaction over the type of glass that is used. The glass is non-porous, which means that it does not have the ability to absorb odor and stain that can affect the quality of the casserole overtime.

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“I find this to be a very good casserole, after I have been using it for some time now and the best thing about it is that it comes at an very affordable price. The glass that it is made of is praised by many reviews and it was one of the deciding factors when I bought it in the first place.” Amanda Raymond


Nordic Ware Microwave Round Casserole


This microwave is safe for almost any appliance that you have at home, you can have it cleaned with the use of dishwasher and it can be sued to cook or reheat foods in the microwave. This is often listed in the best casseroles under $15 because of the fact that it can serve a variety of purposes, making it a great item to have in the kitchen. When it is used in the oven, take note that only the casserole itself is safe for oven cooking and the lid needs to be removed.

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“This casserole is ideal for heating food in the microwave and this was the exact reason why I decided to get it. Also I use it to store food in my fridge and it doesn’t pick up any smells or anything. On top of all this I find it to be extra cheap.” Elizabeth Moore


Nordic Ware Microwave 28-ounce Casserole


This is basically just similar to the model that has been mentioned above, with the capacity being the only difference. It can only handle up to 28 ounces, which will prove to be perfect if you usually cook in smaller quantities. For many, the brand in itself is already enough reason to trust this specific product. Nordic Ware is popular within this category, and it is known to have never failed in delivering superior value for their products.

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“I recommend the use of this little casserole because it is very useful, especially when I want to use it for heating things in the microwave. The food inside doesn`t pick up any unusual odors or tastes. It is a great addition to any kitchen in my opinion.” Ruby Eroll


Anchor Hocking 77890 Glass Casserole


This is another product that can prove to be a good find if you are looking for the best casseroles under $20. One of the things that you may like about this product is that it is made from transparent glass, which will make you easily see whatever is inside. The glass is able to resist heat, which means that it is safe for microwave use. In addition, it is also dishwasher safe, which will make it a snap to clean the casserole after it is used for cooking or reheating foods.

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“The title of my favorite casserole goes to this one because it is transparent and it gives me the chance to see in what state the food is inside it, when I’m cooking it in the oven and so on. I don’t even put effort into cleaning it because it is dishwasher safe.” Lindsey Watt