Top rated Cash boxes in 2019


More and more Americans are currently searching for professional cash boxes, designed to safely store valuable things. A reliable cash box was built to store money, documents and even jewelry. There are many products available on the market which can be used in order to protect household items from third parties. We took the liberty of testing 25 of the most appreciated cash boxes available on the market for over 80 hours. When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best Cash box reviews on five high quality models. Each cash box represents a great addition to any home or local business!


SentrySafe CB-12 Medium Cash Box


Best Cash box reviewsOut of the many cash boxes available on the market it seems that CB-12 from SentrySafe represents a great way to protect valuables. This high quality cash box was rigorously tested in order to resist water, fire and theft attempts. The model uses innovative protection technology which protects home cash and valuables. Made in the United States of America this cash box contains plastic lift-out and 7 safe compartments. In addition to the solid construction the CB-12 cash box has rounded corners and superb enamel finish. The cash box measures 3.7 H x 11.8 W x 9.3 D inches!

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Sparco Money Tray with Locking Cover


Most of the current best Cash box reviews underline the solid construction of the Money Tray from Sparco. It is important to find a reliable cash box designed to keep valuables safe and well-organized. This high quality money tray incorporates an advanced locking cover with 5 compartments, which can accommodate bills and checks. Furthermore the tray features 5 compartments designed especially for coins. Constructed to keep out thieves this money tray is made of highly resistant plastic and unique steel locking cover. Affordable, durable and made of premium materials this stunning cash box from Sparcokeeps money well organized.

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Steelmaster Tiered Cash Box


With the best Cash box in 2019 people will be able to safely store different valuables without any problems whatsoever. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of Americans have in their homes the Tiered cash box from Steelmaster. This cash box features 5 compartment trays which automatically open when needed. The product has four special bill weights, needed to safely differentiate currency. In addition to the solid construction this cash box features a highly convenient push button which releases the lid. The Tiered model from Steelmaster features keyed lock with 2 keys for enhanced security.

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First Alert 3026F Cash Box with Money Tray


Selecting a top rated Cash box in 2019 take a bit of time since there are so many possibilities out there. For proper cash and home valuables security we recommend the 3026F cash box with money tray from First Alert. The cash box has a heavy-duty steel construction which helps people safely store cash and jewelry. This product features 7 compartment trays that can be hide large bills. In addition to the sleek appearance the cash box comes equipped with 4 spring clips and special security lock! The 3026F cash box from First Alert benefits from an exclusive 90-days warranty!

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Mintcraft Cash Box Customizable Combination Lock


How to identify the best Cash box in 2019? Well, besides going through professional reviews and user testimonials people should also take into account safety issues. This is why we recommend the cash box from Mintcraft. The cash box contains removable 6 compartment plastic tray with a user-friendly storage system. This device features 4 spring clips that keep different bills well organized. It is important to own a cash box that offers rapid access to coins, bills and documents. The model has a convenient carry handle which comes in handy while taking the cash box from one place to another.

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