If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice completed by our researchers but you do want to find the best carving knives money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you all you need to know. The Wusthof 4522-7/20 is the best carving knife money can buy. It’s perfect for turkey and other meats, and it features a hand-honed and hand-forged stainless steel blade. It cuts like a dream, even though it might not be your regular kitchen knife and so it might not be designed to withstand other types of activities you might have in mind. What’s more, the Wusthof is long-lasting and backed by a lifetime guarantee, which means that buyers can rest assured they’re investing their dollars into something high-quality. To make sure we offer you the best alternatives on the market today, we’ve gone through a lot of info in regards to the best cutting knives available today. We’ve analyzed the owner feedback and have consulted with some of the most well-known professional review websites. Another budget option you might want to consider is the second best product we came across, the Victorinox Granton. This model has one of the most durable blade types ever to have been built of cold-rolled high-carbon stainless steel and offers almost the same benefits as the Wusthof.



Comparison Table


Product Blade Length Price  Blade Material Handle Material Our Rating Where to buy

Wusthof 4522-7/20 Classic

8 inch $$$ High-carbon stainless steel Polymer A+ AMAZON

Victorinox Granton

12 inch $$ High-carbon stainless steel Fibrox A+ AMAZON

J.A. Henckel’s International Classic

8 inch $$ High-carbon stainless steel Polyoxymethylene A AMAZON

Wusthof WU4531 Classic

10 inch $$$$ High-carbon stainless steel Polypropylene B+ AMAZON

J.A. Henckels International Forged Synergy

8 inch $$ Forged stainless steel Molded POM B AMAZON



Buying Guide


For thousands of skilled chefs the presence of a professional carving knife in their homes is understandable. These kitchen tools can be used to perform fast cuts on different types of meat with no problems whatsoever. A good carving knife will help cooks cut meat during big family dinners or special occasions. Such a powerful kitchen tool can be used in order to cut uniform pieces of roast, ham, chicken, turkey or ducks. Gone are the days of manual labour, where strength of hands has the equivalent of proper cuts. Now, with the use of carving knives things are swift and easy. If you are on the market for a brand new knife, this article will prove to be quite helpful to say the least.

Seeing as there are so many products available for purchase we took the liberty of going through the best carving knife reviews. We also read user testimonials in order to provide a clear picture on what makes a model great. These knives can also be used in order to remove corn from the respective cob or cut fish to precise sections. Furthermore it can be used to cut different types of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and many others. Now, you should know that on the market today there are models equipped with 2 sets of blades. There is one blade, longer, which can be used efficiently to cut meat. The other type of knife comes equipped with a short blade, ideal to slice bread, fruits or vegetables. As a result, you need to determine clearly the knife’s utility around the kitchen. Another important thing is related to the knives cutting power. We recommend that you opt for models that offer at least 100 watts of power.


Choosing the best carving knife in 2021 might seem pretty challenging at first. Yet, with access to more information you will be able to distinguish the good models from the ones that will probably only waste your time. So, consider with more attention knives that are powered by a high torque motor. Such cutting tools will offer chef’s the power they need in order to cut through even thick chunks of meat. You should also decide whether or not you want corded or cordless knives. According to recent statistics it seems that a growing number of cooks use cordless carving knives. Why? Well, the answer is pretty obvious: cordless knives offer more flexibility around the kitchen and implicitly helps the user save time.

The best carving knife in 2021 should also include a set of rechargeable batteries. You don’t want the knife to run out on you in the middle of the task. Take a closer look on the blades construction. You have to make sure that it is not broken in any way. Another important aspect revolves around comfort during each use. The knife should include a solid handle, easy to grip and manoeuvre on various types of dishes.


In order to buy the best carving knife in 2021, you need to look for:

–         A stainless steel blade to safely resist corrosion and rust after prolonged use

–         A powerful battery which enhances the knife’s durability during cutting tasks

–         Ergonomic handle, so that you can hold the product without harming your fingers in any way

–         100 watts of power or more, high torque motor ensures proper cutting performance



Top rated carving knives in 2021


If you need a carving knife, one of the first things that you will notice is that there is an abundance of choices that can be possibly taken into account. Fortunately, the best carving knives reviews have been helpful in the identification of some of the best alternatives, including those that will be noted below.



Wusthof 4522-7/20


In reading the top rated carving knives reviews, you will notice that this is another option that does not fail to gather positive responses from many of its users. One of the reasons for such would be the fact that the manufacturer provides lifetime guarantee, which can be seen as a commitment of the manufacturer in its pursuit with superior quality. The long-lasting cutting edge is also being highlighted as a primary reason on why it is a favorite. It also has the ability to resist stain. The edges will stay sharp for a longer period of time.



Thin narrow blades are complemented by pointed flexible tips or ends to make cutting and carving around the bones of roast a perfect job every time, making this slicer the best carving knife for brisket 2021 in the eyes of kitchen professionals and homemakers

Cutting and detaching slices is always an easy job thanks to the pointed ends, also ideal for carving poultry and other meats

Hand-forged and hand-honed stainless steel blade of high carbon ensure consistently razor-like sharpness

Triple rivets on the traditionally-fashioned composition handle made to ensure long use and greater strength through the years



Cuts like a dream as a carving knife but not made for all-purpose cutting


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Victorinox Granton


Best Carving Knives ReviewsThe company is originally known for the production of Original Swiss Army Knife. However, it has branched out in other products as well, including cutlery. In the best carving knives reviews, one thing that is often highlighted about this product is that it has an excellent grip that makes it safe and easy to use. When it is held with your hand, you can expect to feel as comfortable as possible. The Fibrox handle is perhaps its best asset. The latter is a patented technology and is known for being ergonomic. With such, you can be assured of your comfort when the knife is used.



Light and narrow stamped blade of cold-rolled high-carbon stainless steel and bolster-less edge, to enable long term use, durability and use of the entire blade for slicing

Generous 12-inch Granton Edge slicing surface has safe rounded tips plus long, straight edge to give maximum cutting ability and is also easy to sharpen

With exclusive Fibrox handle made to stay firmly in the hand with textured surface and ergonomic design, for superior balance and comfort while handling tough slicing jobs, making this knife a perennial member of the  best carving knife for brisket reviews line-ups

Swiss-made knife from the creator of the Original Swiss Army Knife, an assurance of total quality and reliable usage through the years



Awesome slicer perfect for carving but not for all-purpose use


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J.A. Henckel’s International Classic


The high carbon steel that is used in this product, like in the case of most of the models that have been mentioned above, is known for being stain-resistant and its exceptional durability, which will eliminate the need to have a replacement every now and then. It also has full tang and bolster that is effective in adding length to the knife, and hence, making it possible for such to be more stable. The lifetime warranty that is being offered by the manufacturer is also a paramount reason on why this is preferred by many buyers.



Stain-resistant carbon steel construction ensures durability while providing exceptional slicing ability during most big carving jobs

Full tang surrounded by a triple-riveted handle with narrower and shallower lines ensures generous cutting surface for slicing of ham, poultry and roasts while being easy to use for those with small hands

Blade is hot drop forged to ensure greater durability, with full bolster for added weight and extra factor of safety

Made dishwasher-safe but hand washing with mild cleanser ensures optimal usage through the years and a better-preserved functionality



Handles meats, ham and poultry exceptionally well but may be unsuitable for slicing soft foods


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BergHOFF Gourmet Line – Not available


Among other things, the forged bolster is being considered by many people as one of its best features. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for being able to promote the highest level of comfort of its user, while also being able to promote safety. This leads into having perfect balance and stability, allowing you to carve better. The high carbon stainless steel that is used in the product is also worth commending. Such material is known for being able to resist stain, and hence, being able to demonstrate extended functional life, even if it is frequently used.



Mundial 5100 Series


If you are still looking for the best carving knives in 2021, there is no more need for you to look any further as this specific model can prove to be an option that will not lead into regrets. It has a classic style that chefs have grown to love. More so, another thing that makes this popular is the fact that it has an ergonomic design, which is perhaps one of the most important factors in evaluating the alternatives within the product category. The riveted blade is also known for its precision and the ability to be functional even for a longer period of time, which is reflective of its ability to provide the best value for money.