Carpet Steam Cleaners — What to Look For:


If you have pets, small children, or just light colored carpeting, you are probably already well aware how dirty carpeting can get. One of the wisest purchases you can make to help maintain your home is a new carpet steam cleaner. These machines can breathe new life into drab carpeting and upholstery just with a good (and deep) cleaning.

With so many machines available on the market, you may not know what to choose. While we cannot tell you which carpet steam cleaner is the best one for your home, we can offer you some suggestions as to what kind of features you should look for.


Performance Features

There are several things that can impact the performance of your steam cleaner. These include factors such as power, heat cleaning, if the cleaning spray is controlled or auto-released, the way the brushes work, the size of the water tank (or tanks, if there are two) and how effective the suction is. You can find a cheap model that cleans okay, but it may not give you that deep clean that you may want. In order to get the best cleaning for the money you are going to be paying, you may want to compare customer reviews with various products at different price points.

Best Features

One of the best features that you should look into is having a cleaner with two tanks. You don’t want to clean your carpet with dirty water, after all. The two tank design can really give you the deep clean that you are looking for and be positive that you are not spreading the dirt. It also limits the amount of trips you will have to take to the sink to change out the water. Another excellent feature to look for is multiple brushes. By having more than one brush working at the stains, you will be able to see better results. The multiple brushes work in unison to loosen dirt that is deeply set into the fibers.


Accessorizing is Key

The accessories that come with your cleaner can greatly enhance the performance of your steam cleaner. One of the most useful tools is a hand tool that has a rotating brush attachment. This allows you to clean the carpet on stairs and also spot clean upholstery. Of course, as important as this hand-held attachment is, you will also want to pair it with a decent length of hose. There’s nothing worse than not having a long enough hose to complete the job.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Dimensions Price Warranty Accessories Our Rating Where to buy

BISSELL Big Green 86T3

20.5 x 11 x 42.2 inches $$$$ 5 years YES A+ AMAZON

Hoover MaxExtract FH50220

23.8 x 16.2 x 26.8 inches $$$ 2 years YES A KMART

Hoover MaxExtract F7452900PC

29 x 20.5 x 15.7 inches $$$ 1 year YES B+ AMAZON

Hoover MaxExtract Dual V F7412-900

20.2 x 15.8 x 29.2 inches $$$ 1 year YES B+ AMAZON

Hoover SteamVac F5918900

19.6 x 14.3 x 30 inches $$ 1 year YES B+ AMAZON


Having a carpet steam cleaner can be a great investment. You can save a ton of money on expensive carpet cleaning companies and you don’t have to worry about running to the store to get a rental cleaner. The convenience alone is worth the investment!


Expert Tips for choosing the best carpet steam cleaner


carpsteamThere are thousands of Americans that have carpets in their homes, placed with attention in order to add style. Still, carpets require special attention, weekly care with advanced cleaning devices. Out of the many cleaning instruments available on the market, designed especially for carpets it seems that steam cleaners represent primary option. There are thousands of carpet steam cleaners available on the market which can become a great addition to any person that loves to live in clean surroundings. How can you find the most efficient model? Well, you should consult with attention some of the best carpet steam cleaner reviews and use the information towards the proper end: purchase a product that can help you clean different types of carpet day after day.

Now, carpets can remain clean for a long period of time. A professional car pet cleaner can clean while respecting the carpet’s texture. With the best carpet steam cleaner in 2022, you won’t experience problems while cleaning different types of carpets. Now, before you decide upon a particular product, there are a couple of things to consider up front. Today, for home usage there are various types of carpet cleaners available on the market: upright steam carpet cleaner or smaller, handheld and portable cleaners, which are quite versatile and easy to use.

People resort to carpet portable cleaners while dealing with stains but not to cover a whole carpet from one end to another. As recent statistics pointed out on this matter, carpet steam cleaners are very popular in the US and UK, known for their capacity to cover every inch of carpets. It is important to have a complete control on the level of cleanliness of the carpet, thus providing the right living environment.


Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Pets


Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge


The rotating brushes on this steam carpet cleaner by Hoover can scrub away the toughest pet stains and even the upholstery on the grungiest couches. The SpinScrub rotating brushes work to deep clean these stains with minimal effort. Because of this technology along with the powerful Clean Surge capabilities, this has been dubbed the best carpet steam cleaner for pet stains. There are three different brush speeds that you can adjust the device to: normal is ideal for general cleaning, the low setting is perfect for delicate cleaning, and you can turn the brushes off entirely to suck up large puddles of liquid. The heat drying feature helps dry your carpeting so you can expect minimal drying times after cleaning.

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Going through some of the best carpet steam cleaner in 2022 functions and cleaning characteristics, you will be able to safely have in your home a reliable product, which won’t let you down. The unique heating system of the steam cleaners can handle with ease various stains, resulting in an efficient way to clean. There are top models that perform tremendously, delivering a whole carpet cleaning system which less hassle and fatigue. You should take into account that there are some factors which need to be part of your new carpet cleaner: power, heated cleaning system, suction force, spray management system, design and activation of brushes, water tank and head characteristics.


Best Carpet Steam Cleaner for Stairs


Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine


The Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine is a professional grade home carpet steam cleaner that rivals the professional rentals. The large capacity of clean and dirty water tanks allow you to clean longer without making so many trips to empty out the device. The rotating DirtLifter PowerBrushes scrub away the toughest stains while the cleaning attachment allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas such as stairs and upholstery, thanks to the nine foot hose and the six inch stair tool. These attachments make this the best carpet steam cleaner for stairs because they provide you with optimal convenience and superb cleaning action. The device features a flow indicator which monitors the water and cleaning solution levels. The indicator will alert you when it is time to check the tanks to make sure there is enough cleaning solution and water in the tank.

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As you probably could already tell, carpet steam cleaner’s most important aspects revolve around spray and brush design. With a lightweight product you will be able to cover every inch of the carpet with attention. It is also important to have in your cleaner a powerful motor that can maintain the cleaning force and precision at high levels. Furthermore make sure that your new carpet cleaner should come equipped with advanced set of accessories which can improve the way you clean. Make sure that the cleaner comes with a powered rotating brush hand tool, ideal to handle stains on various laces of the carpet.


Top rated Carpet Steam Cleaners in 2022


While it cannot be denied that there were already several best carpet steam cleaner reviews published in the past, it is obvious that choosing the best within the product category is still a hard task, which is basically because of the wide array of options that you will be confronted with. To be of help, I list down five of the best models below, along with a quick look about what you can expect from each.


Things to consider:

– Carpet steam cleaner uses tap water and the precise steam system to obtain clean carpets within a short period of time. The better the steam cleaner, the faster you will able to finish your job.

–  There are two major categories of carpet cleaners: upright steam carpet cleaners and small, handheld devices. For big rooms we recommend the first ones. You can check the product we recommend in the lines below.

–  Cleaners come equipped with carefully designed accessories which can expand cleaning precision. Don’t miss them!



Bissell Big Green 86T3 Cleaner


Best carpet steam cleaner reviews

Being able to maintain your carpet clean will be an easier task if you have the Bissell Big Green 86T3 carpet cleaner. This is especially true if you have babies all around. This will prove to be helpful in the removal of dusts and dirt that can cause allergy, especially for babies. The Dirt Lifter Power Bushes, among others, is one of the most notable features of this product. This will provide you with an assurance than no trace of dirt, no matter how small it may seem, will be left behind.



Big US-made carpet deep cleaning machine garnering raves in best carpet steam cleaners ratings 2022 due to better cleaning results and rapid drying, more than the  leading rental carpet cleaner

Power Brushes made with Rotating DirtLifter energy for more dirt-lifting power

Long reach hose and cool attachment/tool to facilitate removal of stains and tough spots

Flow indicator allows easy monitoring and checking of water and solution levels



Premium quality cleaner that comes with a high price

Has a fairly heavy build


I considered  BISSELL Big Green 86T3 to be a professional carpet steam cleaner. All the dirt and dust is removed from all my carpets. I haven’t encountered one problem with its operation and I end by recommending it to other people that have carpets on their floors.” Natalie Whitcomb


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Hoover MaxExtract FH50220 Pro Carpet & Floor Cleaner


With this carpet and floor cleaner you will be able to remove any kind of spots and stains, plus dust and debris for an extra clean home which will impress your guests. A powerful spray will remove easily dried up dirt and then the powerful suction will dry your floors. Separate tanks for different types of water are present which combined with other features make it one of the best carpet steam cleaners in 2022.



Powered by MaxExtract Dual V Nozzle Technology to pull up more dirt water so floors  dry rapidly while leaving them with deep cleaning quality

Edge-to-edge cleaning facilitated with pressurized system to loosen and force out stubborn, ingrained stains

Patented Spinscrub Technology that powers 60 counter- rotating brushes designed to surround carpet fibers and force dirt out

With Smart Tanks System for easy separation of clean and dirty water while facilitating easy filling, emptying and rinsing out



Pricier than other models or products in this category

Heavy and hard to maneuver


 “This is really a complete device that is able to thoroughly clean both my hard floors and on my carpets. It is quite mobile and I am able to clean every corner with it. I give it a 5 star rating!” – Helene Withers


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Hoover F7452900PC MaxExtract Cleaner


This is another model of carpet steam cleaner that has been given high ratings in various best carpet steam cleaner reviews. One of the features that I like about this model is the fact that it can deliver superior cleaning performance as it can do more than just one function. It can wash, scrub, rinse, and dry, while requiring minimal effort on your part. All of these things, especially drying, will be accomplished in a snap. There is no need for you to wait forever before the carpet can be dried.



Hard surface cleaner built to North American Electrical Standards, also doubles as all-terrain carpet deep cleaning device, with powerful 12-amp motor that works with 120 volts

With Dual-V Technology that ensures uniform suction across the full width of the nozzle

Uses SpinScrub brushes, with heated cleaning feature,  automatic detergent mixing and auto rinse

Comes with functional hard-floor accessories including SpinScrub brushes, soft wheels and Squeegee



Works on hard floor surfaces but tile grouts can be a problem

No spout to enable no-mess pouring out of leftover solution


I had the chance to test this cleaner and see how well it coped with different kinds of stains. It lived up to its expectation and removed stains and dirt from my carpets, giving them a very nice aspect. I give this model five stars and place it among the best rated carpet steam cleaners in 2022. The Black Friday discount I got for, makes it even better. ” Alice Williams


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Hoover F7412900 MaxExtract Dual V Cleaner


Dual V Technology is one of the innovative features that make this carpet cleaner a top choice for many people. This technology provides the steam cleaner with the ability to demonstrate equal suction power in order to provide consistent cleaning capability in the entire area. In addition, it also comes with intuitive controls that will allow you to finish cleaning the carpet without having to exert much effort and waste a lot of time.



Uses patented SpinScrub Technology to gently wash and groom all aspects of individual carpet fibers

Three available settings include Power Scrub, Gentle Scrub and Spill Pick-up for greater flexibility and versatility on the job

Exclusive DualV Nozzle for even distribution of power from 12-amp motor to propel out detergent, water and dirt

Automatic Detergent Mixing System smartly determines optimum ratio



Cleaning the machine after use recommended

Leftover detergent not to be left in tank


I don’t find it hard operating the Hoover MaxExtract which does an excellent job of cleaning my carpets. The package came on time from Amazon and the price I paid for it was quite acceptable. I don’t know who makes the best carpet steam cleaners, but I know that Ths model from Hoover is one of the most popular models currently on the market.”  Sally Maier


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Haan SI-35 Cleaner


This is the model of steam cleaner that I will recommend for people who are often having a hard time in cleaning areas that cannot be easily reached. This model has a sleek and portable design, making it a breeze to reach under the table or chair, making sure that the whole area is thoroughly cleaned. Because of the design of this product, it is also an excellent choice when it comes to maneuverability. It has 1200 watts of power, which is a testament to remove dirt and dust in the most efficient way that is possible.



Slim and lightweight steam cleaner that leaves floors clean and dry while killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria, with ultra-sleek and stylish design for worry-free floor sanitizing

With quick start-up capability, ready to use in less than three minutes

20 minutes of steam cleaning time offered by an easy-to-fill water tank and a low-profile steam head

Comes with carpet glide attachment and a pair of microfiber pads, easily maneuverable under cabinets and appliances



Pads tend to get saturated quickly, needing frequent replacing

Floor pad with larger size than head of cleaner so steam and cleaning solution do not get to the outer edge of pad


This model caught my eye because it sanitized, l while removing all kinds of stains, thus it was the perfect Xmas present to make to myself. The slim and sleek design ensures that I have no trouble getting to hard to reach places. All these advantages and more make me believe I have made a terrific choice through the SI-35.”  Maria Morrison


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Hoover FH50010 Quick & Light Carpet Cleaner


The best carpet steam cleaners reviews have great faith in the Hoover FH50010 for its superior set of features and accessories which will aid you in making your carpets spotless. The brushroll spins with the help of the 12 amp motor to clean even the most dangerous stain. The detergent water tank has a large capacity so you clean everything on one full tank. The carpet drying time will take less thanks to the powerful suction power.



US-made carpet cleaner given the best carpet steam cleaners ratings 2022 thanks to powerful 12-amp motor that provides all the energy needed to give floors and carpets thorough cleaning

Exclusive Power brush roll with deep cleaning brushes complemented by powerful suction that helps make carpet drying time as short as possible

Large-capacity one-gallon detergent tank to hold clean water and solution in a full size reservoir to enable less refilling

Quick release design in dual tanks not only facilitates easy filling and cleaning but also keeps cleaning solution and dirty water separate



Deep cleaning brushes do not rotate

Designed for light- to medium-level cleaning


 “Now I feel assured that I can look after my carpets in the best way possible, with Hoover FH50010. I love the fact that my carpets are not wet after I clean them with it. No stain is left behind which makes me think I have invested in a one of the top 10 stream carpet cleaners available for purchase.” – Sandra Hopkins


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Hoover SteamVac Cleaner


The SpinScrub technology is one of the features of this product that I think will make it a good choice. This innovative feature will make revolutionary brush movements while cleaning, in order to see to it that the whole area is thoroughly cleaned. It also has an efficient design, as shown by the incorporation of dual tanks. With this, you will be assured that the clean water will not be mixed with the dirty water. You might also like the fact that it has fingertip control that can be used for spot removal.



Has SpinScrub technology that uses multiple rotating brush system coupled with Forced Heat Cleaning that directs hot air to help lift and remove residual water from carpet fibers while speeding up drying time

With Clean Boost Control function easily activated by fingers to give control where it’s needed

Engineered to last with no belts to maintain and subjected to stress level testing in Hoover labs

Heat cleaning directly applied to surfaces and floors



Intake bit can get clogged with pet hair

Not intended for heated or steam cleaning of surfaces


Hoover SteamVac Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner has made my carpets look like new again, without one trace or dirt on them. Seeing that it works so well, I recommend it for other homes as one of the highest rated steam carpet cleaners in 2022.” Amanda Hilliard


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