If you’re here just to find the best carpet shampooers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about various products in this category by studying expert reviews and ratings in actual owner feedback and checking out the claims in different expert review sites. Thankfully, after all the in-depth product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product for sale, the Hoover F5914900 SteamVac. Outfitted with a powerful 12-amp motor, this machine provides deep cleaning results using hot tap water and carpet solution, keeping your carpets and rugs well-maintained. The carpet fibers are rejuvenated to look nice and plush and not worn out. The two water tanks in the system keep clean and dirty water separate to ensure thorough and reliable cleaning. The machine comes with a revolutionary Clean Surge feature that delivers an extra burst of cleaning solution to handle stains and spots well. The five spinning/scrubbing brushes work reliably on bare floors, upholstery and carpets. Should the Hoover F5914900 SteamVac be unavailable, we highly recommend the second best option, the Bissell 3624 SpotClean.



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It is no secret that over time, your carpet will show signs of wear and tear. There will be stains from everyday traffic as well as accidental drops and spills. It is just a sign that your home is well lived in. But you don’t want to have to keep those stained carpets forever. This is why it is a good idea to have one of the highest rated carpet shampooers in your closet.

With a new carpet shampooer, you have the ability to keep your carpeting looking fresh and new without having to call a professional carpet cleaner. Here are some tips on how to choose which carpet shampooer is the best for your home.

Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro

Weight and Size

Before you choose a machine, you will want to make sure you are comfortable with the size of it. Pick it up and pretend to be using it. You will see that large equipment that is difficult to use will not only be uncomfortable, but will make the job a lot harder to do, especially if you have narrow hallways and corridors.


Shampooer Style

Shampooers have two types of brushes—either fixed or rotating. The fixed brushes will comb the carpet and spread the shampoo out. Rotating brushes will deep clean set in stains better because they actually scrub the carpet. Be aware that the rotating brushes could damage some carpeting due to the fragile carpet fibres.


Drying Time

There’s nothing worse than going through and shampooing your carpets and you are stuck with wet carpets that seem like they take forever to try. You want to look for a unit that pulls as much water out of the carpet so that it can dry much quicker.

Purchasing a carpet shampooer can be a great investment, especially if you have pets or children. You have the ability to maintain the cleanliness of your carpeting before the stains set in and become really difficult to remove. By doing a little bit of research, we are confident that you will be able to recognize which is the best carpet shampooer for the money—even if you are trying to look for a unit that is priced under your budget.



Products for specific needs


Best Carpet Shampooer for Pet Stains


Hoover Max Extract 60 Pressure Pro


If you’re a pet owner and you’ve experienced your fair share of pet stains, then you may require the use of the best carpet shampooer for pet stains. The Hoover Max Extract features MaxEffect DualV Nozzle technology that is designed to pull more dirty water off your floor as it cleans. This makes your floors dry quicker, even though you’ve just deep cleaned the carpeting. The pressurized edge to edge cleaning capabilities gives you a stream of pressurized water that will loosen and remove tough stains with a consistent spray. The Spinscrub technology uses 60 counter rotating brushes that have been created to surround the carpet fibres, thus removing dust from every angle.


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Best Carpet Shampooer for Cat Urine


Bissell 33N8A Spotbot Pet


Anyone with cats know how difficult it can be to get the scent of cat urine out of carpeting. The Bissell Spotbot shampooer is the best carpet shampooer for cat urine because it features an automatic cleaning cycle that you can set and walk away from. The machine will run its course and you do not have to be there to monitor the progress. The Deep Reach Technology cleans from the bottom of the carpet’s fibres, making sure to remove even the most stubborn of stains. The Unique Spiral Brushing action can complete more than 400 revolutions per cleaning cycle, giving you the best spot removal from any device on the market.


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Best Carpet Shampooer for Stairs


Bissell 3624 SpotClean Professional


Stairs may be one of the hardest areas to clean in the home. With the Bissell SpotClean Professional Portable Carpet Cleaner, you can be certain that tough stains and spots will be gone. The 5 flex hose helps to clean any stains that may be on your stairs, and the it features a stair tool that is designed to get into the hard to reach nooks in the stairs, making this the best carpet shampooer for stairs.  The device uses a deep cleaning solution that is used by professionals, and when it is used in conjunction with the specialized stain removal tools, your carpets will look like new.


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Top rated carpet shampooers in 2021


If you have carpets in your room that accumulated dirt, pet stains causing a nasty smell, you will either need someone to clean your carpets, rent a carpet cleaner occasionally or buy your own carpet cleaner. When you will go through our best carpet shampooers reviews, you will learn that why it’s better to have your own carpet cleaner than borrowing one. The cleaning machine rental fees will add up quickly after a few rentals, so it is convenient to have your own carpet shampooers which save storage space also.


Hoover F5914-900


Best Carpet Shampooers ReviewsThis Hoover powerful steam cleaner saves the expense and hassle of renting a carpet cleaner and keeps mats, upholstery and floors looking like new-fangled. You can feel your cleaning on your feet and a fresh smell overwhelms your home with clean carpets. Most carpet cleaners move dirt from one place to another because what it collects from the carpet gets trapped in the unit. But it’s too easy to clean its unit and it has a separate dirt tank. Hoover offers its SteamVac for a moderate price. Best carpet shampooers reviews placed it on the top 5 list for its excellent quality.



Revolutionary Spin Scrub technology of five counter-rotating/spinning brushes that draw dirt and stains from all directions deep within the carpet. Cleaner sucks in all that dirt via gentle scrubbing motion that leaves the carpet nicely groomed.

Incorporates unique Clean Surge system useful for eliminating stubborn spots and stains when button is pressed, releasing extra detergent onto the target surface

Switch for three agitation speeds for the spinning brushes to provide gentle to normal cleaning levels or to just turn the brushes off, making the product the best carpet shampooer for pet urine

Dirty and clean water in separate tanks, with hot water in the clean tank to enable a more effective kind of cleaning



No built in water heater, clean water tank can be easily filled with hot water

Absence of rinse mode and separate detergent compartment, but that’s just a matter of convenience and not necessity


“Hoover F5914-900 is the best carpet shampooer 2021 because it has made my carpets look like brand new. The cleaner doesn’t produce a loud noise and leaves a fresh odor after I use it. I don’t think such a device can get any better than this and I give it a five star rating.” – Dana McGee


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Bissell 3624 Professional


If you care about your carpets then the Bissell 3624 spot cleaner is the best utensil you can get your hands on. The toughest stains or spots can be easily removed by it even from stairs or upholsteries. It comes with a long power cord which has 22 feet as well. The two year warranty rounds up a top set of features making it one of the best carpet shampooers in 2021.



Dragging an old cleaner around and having to change outlets can be annoying, but the Bissell 3624 is built with a long-reach 22-foot cord plus a five-foot flex hose to make carpet cleaning less of a time-consuming hassle

.1/2 horsepower motor powers this cleaning machine so stains are quickly knocked out

¾ gallon tank ensures that water is always at hand for deep cleaning of carpets, and a 6-inch stair tool takes care of dirt in hard-to-reach areas

Small portable design made to do more work in less time and with fewer hassles



May not be a steam cleaner but effectively uses hot water and cleaning formula to take stains and dirt out

Brush does not rotate while providing thorough cleaning


 “I bought this shampooer a while back so I could take proper care of my carpets in which I invested quite a lot. To this moment I have successfully managed to remove any stains from them with its help.” – Janet Brown


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Hoover F7412-900


This Hoover eliminates the trouble of renting a cleaner with convenient clean features at your disposal. You have to add detergent and water only, the automatic detergent mixing system will determine the most favorable ratio for cleaning. The Auto rinse feature saves your cleaning time by rinsing while you wash. So take your time to pick the right thing while you go through these best carpet shampooers reviews. This device also offers one year warranty for a very low price. The Hoover MaxExtract is the best cleaner in the market indeed!



Three speeds for counter-rotating brushing mechanism: power scrub, spill pick-up and gentle, for additional control on the brushing level while ensuring that the carpet does not get over-scrubbed

12-amp horsepower gives the unit a competitive edge as the best carpet shampooer for pet urine

Counter-rotating spinning brushes with exclusive Hoover Spin Scrub system to ensure superior pick-up and cleaning of carpets, removing deep penetrating stains and dirt better than brushes that rotate in a single direction only

Unit has a wide cleaning path made possible by its 6 brush heads, with separate rinse mode and detergent compartment, giving 20% more surface coverage plus faster and more thorough cleaning in one pass



Heavier weight due to additional features not found in other brands

Great choice for buyers who believe money is not an issue


“This carpet cleaner from Hoover is quite the beast and it makes short work of dust or stains on my carpets. The price I’ve paid for it was surprisingly cheap and now I feel confident my carpets are cleaned thoroughly. The refreshing smell it leaves behind is also a feature I like about this cleaner. This is why I think I’ve bought one of the best rated carpet shampooers in 2021.” – Ronald Dorsey


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Bissell Power Lifter 1622


Every time you walk on the carpet the dirt on the carpet can get ground deep into its fiber. The Bissell Power Lifter is portable, has less weight and easy to use. This is a quiet, nicely designed inexpensive cleaner. You would be happy acquire for this masterpiece. It can prove to be your rug’s best friend and whenever you clean using it, you get a fresh newly purchased look on your rug. Most people love it for noiseless service that Bissell Power Lifter can provide. So think before you buy!



Upright deep cleaner geared with deep-penetrating rotating brushes so dirt and stains get loosened in carpets while strong suction lifts all that dirt away

Warm cleaning formula is forced deep into the carpet so grime and dirt are blasted out while incorporating the deep cleaning power of the built-in brushes

Patented DirtLifter Powerbrush is composed of stiff and tough bristles positioned in wavy formation on rotating brush so dirt and stains are scrubbed off and lifted out from the deep fibers of the carpet

Employs three powerful cleaning mechanisms: spraying, scrubbing and suctioning, so carpets look good as new



Heavy-duty cleaner with a large build yet easily maneuverable using the unit’s wheels

Water tank may not be that easy to fill, but regular use should fix that


“No stains have proven too much for my new Bissell carpet cleaner, which I recommend for other homes. The compact design makes it very maneuverable and to be honest, I can’t think of one drawback to this model. I don’t know who makes the best carpet shampooers, but I’m certain this is a top 10 model.” – Jessica A. Barnes


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Bissell Spot Lifter 1719


When it comes to cleaning up a spilled mug of hot coffee or chocolate on the rugs everyone has their own system to do that job. He or she may start with half a roll of paper towels to soak up the excess liquid then apply the cleaner of choice, wipe ferociously. The manual cleaning pushes the grime deeper into the carpets, perhaps this problem could be solved by Bissell Spot Lifter carpet shampooer. Do you want a simple, economical, rechargeable, cordless cleaner? This is the right one to buy for a very low price.



Provides an easy and convenient way to clean spills and spots when they happen, with an easily portable handheld design

9.6-volt cleaner is cordless and runs on full power setting for 15 minutes

Dual tank system provides convenient compartmentalization for collected dirty water in one tank and clean water with cleaning solution in the other

Stationary cleaner brush works on soiled spots while a 7-inch nozzle sucks up debris, simultaneous cleaning action that also removes odor



Not intended for heavy duty cleaning provided by really expensive units

Canister snaps on at an angle, may take some practice to attach


“Unwillingly I’ve put my Bissell Spot Lifter 1719 to the test when I spilled a bit of coffee on my living room’s carpet. I did a magnificent job, proving it’s one of the most reliable models money can buy. I’m happy I bought it at the recommendation of the best carpet shampooer reviews and for a Xmas discount.” – Marjorie V. Phipps


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Ewbank 280 – Not Available


Shampoo your rugs with a soft touch of a trigger without calling services or renting heavy machines. Ewbank lightweight shampooer provides a telescopic service for 43” of reach and comes with a 17 ounce shampoo bottle which is completely free. This thing works well for apartment size carpets and swivels under the beds or other furniture as well. No cord, no power is required for this carpet cleaner, in addition, your mother can use this economical cleaner with ease.

“I didn’t pay too much for this carpet shampooer from EWbank  because I got it for sale on Black Friday and I’m satisfied with how it cleans my carpets. The shampoo I use for it leaves behind a very pleasant odor which has impressed even my guests. I think this is a great affordable carpet shampooer!”  – Rachel D. Roche




Carpet Shampooers – What to Look For:


There are thousands of American homes that have carpets lying around living rooms, dorm rooms, hallways or study rooms. It is pretty challenging to keep carpets clean and looking great day after day. Still, with our help you will see that there are professional cleaning devices which can help you keep every inch or every carpet spotless. According to recent statistics it seems that you can use with confidence carpet shampooers. Such cleaning devices make cleaning tasks on any type of carpets a breeze. People use carpet shampooers in order to clean their carpets because they get the job done fast without harming in any way the fabric. In order to find the most efficient model, you should consult the best carpet shampooers reviews. Once “armed” with professional information, you will find what you need, from entry-level shampooers to premium ones.

You will see that there are many carpet shampooers available on the market. Such devices are carefully designed to clean with precision different types of carpets with minimal user effort. Finding a powerful model from the best carpet shampooers in 2021 represents a great investment in the general appearance of your indoor carpets. There are a couple of things that you need to consider before deciding upon a product. In order to experience quality cleaning results, you have to select a shampooer with a special rotating brush, capable of going deep in the carpet pile and remove allergens or dirt. Furthermore, this particularity makes it easy for you to cover large areas of the carpet within a short amount of time. You will basically save time while cleaning with precision every inch of the carpet.

As the best carpet shampooers reviews underline, a great model needs to clean well even over tight areas such as stairs or around the furniture. In addition, if you own pets it is important to choose shampooers that can address this issue, since pet hair can be pretty tricky to clean. Try your best to identify a product with special heaters on board, which use hot water in order to enhance overall cleaning power. This cleaning particularity ensures that germs or bacteria living inside carpet layers become a distant memory. Shampooers equipped with double rows of special brushes can also improve cleaning results, irrespective of the carpet’s length or composition.

It is important to choose a model from the best carpet shampooers in 2021 for optimal cleaning results. As several users pointed out, a good carpet shampooer should come equipped with specialise upholstery tools and accessories. Such particularities can help you clean with lease chairs, car seats, lounge suites, pet beds and so on. They come in handy when you need to do a whole house cleaning project. Carpet Shampooers are sought for their capacity to clean through layers and layers of carpets, removing with precision allergens, dust mites and dirt. As such, at the end of each cleaning action, local or as a whole, you will enjoy walking on clean, fresh looking carpets.