Top rated Carpenter tool belts in 2019


Every professional carpenter, electrician or technicians needs a great tool belt. Fortunately the wide selection of products makes it possible for anyone to end up with a reliable model. A tool belt needs to offer comfort and safety. Besides bearing different types of tools, it seems that most of the best models out there significantly improve work performance. Due to the increasing demand for professional information on this matter we decided to draft the best carpenter tool belt reviews. After one week of extended tests, we safely determined that the selected tool belt models responded very well during different wood working applications.


Custom Leathercraft 1614 23-Pocket/5-Piece Comfort System


Best Carpenter tool belt reviewsAccording to the current top carpenter tool belt reviews it seems that Custom Leathercraft released a high-end product which impresses through its utility around jobsites: the 1614. This tool belt is ideal for electricians, carpenters or installers. It can be used to safely transport 23 tools. The belt includes 6 very large pockets and 13 additional sleeves and smaller pockets which can hold a wide range of tools. It has 2 hammer holders and a measuring clip. Designed to improve people’s way around any project, this tool belt is comfortable and safe. Due to the padded suspenders which are fully adjustable, this belt fits very well on adult carpenters.

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BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035 Mullet Buster Tool Belt


There are many skilled carpenters in need of a professional tool belt that can hold many pieces. Today’s best carpenter tool belt reviews underline the utility of BucketBoss Extreme Gear 55035. With this high quality belt people can work faster. Keeping the most important tools close speeds up any repair or construction project. This tool belt from BucketBoss has padded suspenders which enhance comfort levels every time it is worn. The model includes deep pockets with extra storage capacity, fit to accommodate larger tools. Made of 1680 denier fabric this tool belt resists long hours of work with no problems whatsoever.

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MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic Carpenter’s Tool Belt


Searching through the many tool belt models available today can be pretty frustrating. There are so many options! Still, most of the current customer reports point to MagnoGrip 203-017 Magnetic as the best carpenter tool belt in 2019. This professional tool belt can easily hold different types of tools thus keeping hands free. It includes 12 pouches with easy-access points which come in handy while storing or removing tools. Made of double layered 1.680 denier nylon, this tool belt will resist to the roughest of working environments. Comfortable and pretty affordable this model from MagnoGrip is a great addition to any serious carpenter!

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Style n Craft 76-425 11 Pocket Tool belt in Polyester


A good tool belt can help handymen like carpenters and electricians do their job faster. In the present more and more people use the 76-425 11 Pocket Tool belt from Style n Craft. Considered the best carpenter tool belt in 2019 this model combines style with utility. It features 11 pockets which can accommodate different kinds of tools. The belt is made of 600D polyester, available in black and kaki combination. In addition, it is stitched with heavy duty nylon thread for extra safety and durability. The tool belt also includes 2 unique holders which accommodate different sizes of hammers.

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Dead on Tools On DO-FR Framers Rig


Carpenters know the important role a high quality tool belt plays during various construction projects. This is why we are not surprised to see so many of them use Dead on Tools DO-FR. With this high quality tool belt any carpenter can get the job done faster. It includes 31 pockets ideal to store tools and nails. Designed with a rugged fabric and a unique moisture wicking mesh, this belt is comfortable and easy to put on. Users can adjust it from 28 to 36 inches for added comfort and stability. Besides the regular tool pockets the belt also includes a special cell phone holster.

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