Handheld vacuums – What to look for:


For most people, just accidentally stumbling on the top ten car vacuum cleaners in the market is a rare occurrence.  You need to do a bit of work to find who makes the best product out there for your particular car or vehicle. As there are a variety of brands and models to choose from, the search can be extensive. Your vehicle can carry children AND pets around, aside from friends and other family members who decide to hitch a ride.

This is why it is important that you choose the right kind of machine that can handle a variety of mess, dirt and debris that can come from spills, shedding, dirty shoes, and plenty more.

Powerful cleaning ability, whether for wet or dry debris

If the best car vacuum cleaner for the money does not provide impressive cleaning power for your particular cleaning needs, of what use is it? There are a variety of such cleaning devices that offer powerful suction for both wet and dry dirt and debris, designed with high voltage. Whether you want corded or cordless models, the cleaning ability should be consistently powerful.  Corded vacuum cleaners offer more power than their cordless counterparts, but they require an AC outlet to run. Cordless models are convenient for quick clean-ups and for handling difficult-to-access areas of your vehicle or home. Make sure the battery on your cordless model is replaceable. Running time should be relatively long for every charge, enough to handle messes quickly and efficiently.

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Impressive dirt capacity and effortless maintenance

Find out who makes the best car vacuum cleaner by taking note of every product’s holding capacity for collected dirt. The unit should be easy to take apart for cleaning. Handheld vacuum cleaners are sure to provide consistent cleaning performance with regular cleaning of the filters. Make sure from product reviews how the unit you choose fares in durability. Care should be minimal and not extensive. Although handheld vacuums generally have smaller dirt capacity in their containers compared to typical upright products, this should not mean you have to be satisfied with a less-than-average capacity. A handheld unit should hold at least ½ to 1 liter of dirt.


Attachments for performance-driven cleaning

The design of your unit’s nozzle may not be sufficient for tackling the many cleaning requirements you need for your car or home. However, make sure it comes with attachments to enhance its cleaning performance. Get products that come with a stretch hose attachment, which allows you to get into those hard-to-reach areas more easily. Although such models are typically heavy and bulky, the attachment makes it worth the heft. The flexible hose makes accessing those confined nooks and crannies in your vehicle or home easy. So for people who ask what’s the best car vacuum cleaner, check which brands carry attachments.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Review Bag/bagless Price Corded/Cordless Weight Customer Rating Where to buy
Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless $$ Corded 6 lb A+ AMAZON
Dyson DC34 Bagless $$$$ Cordless 4.6 lb B+ AMAZON
Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Bagless $$ Cordless 4.6 lb A AMAZON
Kenmore Evo 21000
Bagless $$$ Corded 4.2 lb B AMAZON
Shark SV75 Cordless Pet Perfect Bagless $$ Cordless 4.85 lb B AMAZON


Cleaning dirt and debris with a cheap car vacuum cleaner may not be all that satisfactory. Get the best product for the money that delivers great value for the price of purchase. You wouldn’t want to spend money uselessly on a unit that won’t work as you expect it to.


How to choose a good portable vacuum cleaner – Professional buying guide


bdeckerYour car must be in the best kind of condition not only on the outside, but also on the inside. Your vehicle’s back and front seats, the glove compartment, plus all the other interior parts, should be cleaned once a week. To keep the interior spotless always, you will need to invest in a handheld vacuum with enough suction power to scoop up all the dust or pieces of debris. In order to do this, you need to check out the best car vacuum cleaner reviews and compare the top models presented by them. You need to have a basic knowledge about what features a high quality car vacuum must have. Then you will surely get the inside of your car cleaned properly and with the least amount of effort.

A vacuum that is great for your car’s interior, is also ideal for your home furniture. The best type of vacuum for these two tasks is the handheld one. There are 2 different categories of handheld vacuums: the corded and the cordless models. The second category is the more flexible option, which is better suited for removing food crumbs from the surface of your vehicle’s backseat. A cordless handheld vacuum uses batteries and they can power a vac from a period of only 10 minutes to anywhere up to an hour. You will find 3 types of batteries, with the Li-Ion models having the longest life span. They are fully charged in less time than other types and also operate very well in low temperature conditions. The NiMH batteries are also reliable, but not as good as the Li-Ion ones. They should be able to power your vacuum for a sufficient amount of time, so you finish your task. Lastly, there are the NiCad batteries and they have the worst performance record, plus they aren’t environmentally friendly. A good tip to avoid overcharging, is for the battery charger to have an automatic shut off feature. This way when the battery is fully charged, the charger will stop working.


Best Car Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum


1With its interchangeable hard nozzle plus flexible rubber contour nozzle, the Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum makes it easy to pick pet hair up around the house or in your vehicle, earning it the title the best car vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It is designed to  give the power required for fast results. The flexible rubber contour nozzle is useful for effective removal of dirt and pet hair from upholstery and stairs. The hard nozzle is engineered for tackling dry messes or the interior of automobiles. Switching from one nozzle to the other is easy by simple pressing down on the round nozzle-release button to remove the attachment in use and snapping the new nozzle into place. The fingertip-access on/off switch makes operating the unit easy and convenient.

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The features we present were chosen after carefully reading the most reputable car vacuum reviews. A top cordless handheld vacuum should have all the aspects we highlight in this buying guide.

You should only buy a model which is light and with an ergonomic handle because these features won’t cause wrist fatigue if you need to use the vac extensively. The best car vacuum cleaners use cyclonic technology, so all new generation models have it. This technology is able to suck up all types of debris with the help of its superior suction power. Pollen and allergens can be dealt with, if the vacuum you buy has HEPA, electrostatic or micron filtration. If you have a family dog, then try to get a vacuum with a powerful motor. For large debris and pet hair, you should go for a model with a motor over 15 volts. Accessories are also very important and you will be able to find vacuums with crevice tools, upholstery attachments, stretch hoses, dirt cups and many more.


Best Car Vacuum for Sand


Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Corded/Bagless Handheld-Vacuum


The Dirt Devil Scorpion Quick-Flip Corded Bagless Handheld Vacuum is outfitted with a powerful 7-amp motor that allows easy pick up of messes that other units leave behind such as sand or pebbles, making it the best car vacuum for sand. The cleaning device boasts of a Quick Flip crevice tool  that lets you tackle tight spaces fast and easy, so you can clean in between couch cushions or car seats with little effort. Offering a variety of cleaning options are the dusting brush and hose attachment, so you do not have to figure out how to get maximum cleaning performance. The long 16-foot power cord ensures consistent cleaning power.

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The features mentioned above are enough to get you the best car vacuum cleaner in 2019. With such a vacuum you won’t leave behind a speck of dust. A handheld vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be too expensive and normally can be afforded by a customer with average budget possibilities.  Read also customer reports because they always point out the drawbacks to certain models.


Best Car Vacuum for Detailing


Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac


Made to be the perfect size, the Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-Vac offers you the best car vacuum for detailing of any vehicle. The 360-degree pivoting elbow and 40-inch vacuum hose provide all the detailed cleaning you need in order to have access to all the tight spots in your vehicle. You don’t need to worry about dirt that might have rolled away from sight thanks to this product’s 550 watts of impressive cleaning power and 120-volt design. The product comes with dash cleaning tool, a console brush, a carpet and upholstery tool and a crevice tool, so you’ll have the precise attachment you need to give your vehicle expert cleaning. The reusable collection basket makes clean-ups thorough and quick.

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Things to consider:

Don’t rush into a decision, compare the best car vacuum cleaners and then make a decision.

–          Choose between a vacuum with a long power cord or a cordless one;

–          Go for Li-Ion or NiMH batteries, not for NiCad ones;

–          Try it out before you buy it and see if it feels comfortable in your hand;

–           See if it works properly (if you are buying it from a store);

–          Go for cyclonic technology every time because it is the best when it comes to suction power;

–          HEPA filters are excellent for eliminating allergens;

–          The more attachments, the better you will cope with every scenario.


Top rated vacuum cleaners for autos in 2019


It is ideal to get your car cleaned at least once a week. But instead of going to a car wash every time, it can also be fun to clean it yourself. One of the best items to help you do this is a car vacuum cleaner. There are different brands and models today so you may want to consider which one will suit you best. Below the buying guide there is a list of the best car vacuum cleaner reviews which will help you to decide what to buy.



Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Auto-vac


Best Car Vacuum Cleaner reviewsThe Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa Bagless Auto-vac has great design and features making it a reliable car vacuum. Its 120 volt design is able to gather up to 55 watts of pure cleaning power which enables it to eliminate dirt, dust and other elements. It also features 360 degrees pivoting elbow and a 40 inch flexible vacuum hose to give you easy access to tight spots within your car. It is handy so you can bring it with you and clean your car. Its impressive featured and design make it worth getting as it is reliable in cleaning and maintaining your car.



It weighs just 8 ounces, thus it will allow the user to vacuum for hours on end without getting tired

It’s powerful enough to remove pet hair, breadcrumbs, all kinds of dirt, dust etc.

It comes with numerous attachments so the user can do a complete cleaning session of the car’s interior

Most of the attachments have a rubber a rubberized coating which makes them great for cleaning almost any kind of surface

It produces a low noise level, thus preventing it from becoming annoying when turned on



Some customers have pointed out that the power cord is too short for larger vehicles (this problem can be solved by simply using a power cord extender)

The hose is made out of cheap plastic (this shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t pull too hard or overextend it)


“Through the Carrand 94005AS AutoSpa I got the best price-quality ratio I could ever wish for, making me very pleased with the way the interior of my car looks like now. The motorized brush helps me to even clean my carpets.” – Amanda Cook


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Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum


The Dyson DC34 is considered by many to be a very good option for the interior of your car. What sets it aside from all other vacuums is its extremely powerful motor which is 3 times more powerful than what most other vacuums have. This means the suction power is extreme, getting every speck of dust in its path and the suction will remain always constant, whithout any the lowering of its intensity. The battery which it is equipped with lets it run for an extended period of time and also recharges in a jiffy so you are always ready to clean.



 Powered by a digital Dyson motor, this car vacuum is the best handheld car vacuum cleaner with patented no-suction-loss Root Cyclone Technology

 Dyson motor works up to three times faster than other standard motors today

 Recharges much faster than conventional handheld vacuums so cleaning can be commenced immediately after charging

 Hygienic bin emptying ensures convenient no-mess usage that will prevent germ spread



 6-minute battery life may not be sufficient for use in huge vehicles

 Can prove to be quite pricey for a handheld cleaning device


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Black & Decker FHV1200 Vacuum Cleaner


Black & Decker is a brand that has been known for many years for their high quality products, including car vacuum cleaners. The Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex Vac is efficient and reliable in cleaning your car. Its high performance motor can last for a long period of time and also includes a 3-stage filtration system to help keep your air exhaust clean. It has other features such as a charge, storage caddy and dishwasher-safe filter. Its features make it an easy to use and reliable car vacuum cleaner that will be able to clean and maintain the inside of your car.



 Engineered to be an ultra-compact cleaning assistant with a cordless design and high-performance motor

 Flexible hose measures four feet to facilitate all-around efficient cleaning in a vehicle’s various nooks and crannies

 Comes with a storage caddy for convenient storing

 Has a reliable two-year warranty plus impressive Energy Star approval rating



 Bulkier than other handheld vacuums in the market, which means it eats up considerable trunk space when travelling

 Battery life is a bit shorter than expected. Otherwise we would consider this model the best car vacuum cleaner.


“After going through the highest rated car vacuum cleaner reviews, I decided to get this model from Black & Decker. It might be not as compact as other models, but I got it for the extra suction power. No debris can resist it and my car’s interior is cleaner than ever.” – William J. Cork


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Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster Hand Vacuum


The best car vacuum cleaner reviews recommend getting the Black & Decker CHV1510  for your car even though it was not design for this role. It manages to be a fantastic car vaccum thanks to its top features like the slim nozzle which can even rotate so there is no place in your car which can`t be cleaned by it. The main advantage of this vacuum is that it has a large mouth which allows it to scoop up even large pieces of debris. Also it has a cyclonic suction power which keeps the suction strong and constant.



 US-made, ensuring a top quality cleaning device offering less bending plus better accessibility for car owners

 Slim nozzle is engineered to rotate so dirt in all the tight spaces can be accessed with ease

 Comes with innovative cleaning accessories including a built-in brush and crevice tool that eliminates tool misplacing and quick adaption to cleaning spaces



 24-hour charging time is not commensurate to the short runtime

 Small bin can require constant emptying and constant  switching on/off of the motor


“After I’ve used the Dustbuster for two months, I know which car vacuum cleaner is the best. All its accessories are extremely helpful and help me clean my car’s seats thoroughly. I’m glad I got a Black Friday deal for it and I managed to save some money too.” – Homer Pruett


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Eureka RapidClean 41A Handheld Vacuum


The Eureka RapidClean 41A has what it takes to be a top vacuum which will manage to keep the interior of your car nice and clean. The brush which it is equipped with means you will be able to clean all kinds of surfaces in your car so it looks shiny and spotless. With it you will also get a crevice tool for those hard to reach places and a 3 ft hose with the same role. The dust canister is transparent so you see when it is full and at the same time is bagless, making it very simple to clean it.



 Comes with a bare floor brush that enables easy cleaning on non-carpeted stairs and other hard surfaces

 Brush-roll switch for on/off provides easy access control and manageability

 28-foot reach system incorporates a 25-foot cord and a three-foot hose plus crevice tool

 Superior cleaning performance from the powerful 6-amp motor for electric-powered cleaning convenience and knock-out cleaning results



 Corded device that may be a letdown for those who want clutter-free convenient cleaning

 Bulkier than other portable handheld vacuums


“The RapidClean is far superior to my old vacuum, making me put less effort into cleaning the interior of my car. I knew it was one of the most reliable car vacuum cleaners from the reviews I read and this model certainly lived up to its expectations.” – Ricky M. Dittmar 


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Kenmore Evo 21000 Hand Held Vacuum


A very affordable alternative for a handheld vacuum cleaner is the Kenmore Evo 21000 which has some high-quality features for a vacuum coming in this price range. For it you won’t need to make any extra investments because it is bagless. The top suction power will scoop anything up from your floor, furniture or the interior of your car. Many consider it to be the best portable vacuum cleaner of 2016.



Works great on any surface because it’s very versatile and can connect to all sorts of accessories, from brushes to crevice tools

It comes with an adapter which can be easily connected to old and new Kenmore canister vacuums

A low price range which can be easily afforded

The low weight of this handheld vac prevents you from getting tired when you have to use it extensively



Some customers have complained about the noise level (It’s cleaning efficiency should more than make up for it)

It doesn’t come with any accessories, they have to be bought separately (on the bright side, the accessories aren’t expensive at all)


 “For the price I paid for it, I can say I have made a bargain with Kenmore Evo 21000 handheld vac. I use it successfully for the interior of my car and also my home furniture.” – Betty Helton


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Hoover Platinum LINX BH50030 Hand Vacuum


The best car vacuum cleaner reviews were impressed with the Hoover Platinum LINK BH50030 and its top performances even though it is not designed as a car vac in the first place. The nozzel has the advantage of pivoting 25 degrees allowing you to clean any part of your car. It doesn`t matter which kind of surface you have in your car`s interior this vac will deal with any kind. The innovative and modern design plus the tools which come with it, like the Deluxe Dusting Brush, will allow you to clean even the mess your pets leave behind.



 Cordless handheld vacuum offers quality removal of  even stubborn hair from surfaces, all without a cord in the best handheld car vacuum cleaner

 Fade-free power from a rechargeable lithium ion battery that delivers twice the run time

 Pivot design moves up to 25 degrees for easy maneuverability even in tight spaces

 Three-blade design on Pet Upholstery Tool ensures efficient pet hair removal



 Limited battery life will not ensure fast cleaning of huge spaces

 Dirt holder detachment can prove an issue for some users


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Bissell 33A1 Corded Handheld Vacuum


If you want for your car a vacuum which is at the same time cheap and effective than a great suggestion would be the Bissell 33A1. It is a very versatile vacuum which can fulfil many roles and because of its interchangeable nozzles it can clean any type of debris, even pet hair. The handle is another nice feature because it allow you to have a very strong grip on it and you have immediate access to the on/off switch or the button for the cord wrap. The best car vacuum cleaner reviews approve this model for its superior features.



 Comes with two specially-designed nozzles that help users adapt to any cleaning surface

 Innovative rubber nozzle pulls dirt and pet hair out of surfaces and spaces such as stairs and upholstery

 Takes care of dry messes on wide variety of surfaces

 Contour nozzle works well to draw out dirt anywhere



 Power cord can prove bothersome when there’s a lot of area to cover, as there’s a  need to find another AC outlet when transferring areas

 Constant emptying of dirt container interferes with the cleaning process


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Black & Decker Platinum BDH2000L Hand Vacuum


Another very viable choice for you car can be the Platinum BDH2000L which is made by the renowned vacuum manufacturer, Black & Decker.  The fact that it is cordless helps you reach every corner of your car no matter how hard it is to get to it. The slim nozzle also helps it go underneath seats so no dirt is left anywhere. It can run for a very extended period of time because of its lithium integral batteries which are rechargable. Also its filter is very easy to take care of because it is very simple to remove and wash.



 US-made top quality handheld vacuum built with constant voltage from a 20-volt max rechargeable lithium ion battery

 Comes with revolutionary cyclonic sucking action that takes care of the dirt efficiently and sturdily

 Washable filter offers consistent and repeated use that won’t give up on tough cleaning jobs

 Rotating slim nozzle is built with a brush and crevice tool for surface adaptability



 Translucent dirt canister may not withstand strong impact and requires constant emptying

 Battery requires longer charge time in contrast to short run time


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Wagan EL2326 Power Vacuum Cleaner


The Wagan EL2326 Power Vacuum Cleaner is good at cleaning large areas of your car with ease. To get it charged, you simply need to plug it into the cigarette lighter. This means you won’t have to find an extension just so you can plug it to an outlet. It also comes with a 14 feet power cord allowing you to access different parts of your car. The Wagan EL2326 is very handy so you can clean hard to reach places within the car. It is perfect for car owners who want to keep their car clean simply by plugging it in.

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I am amazed withWagan EL2326 Power Vacuum Cleaner and how well it works. I can even recharge it through the cigarette lighter, which is pretty cool.  Aside from that, I can also clean a large area of my car without putting too much effort into it. This is one Xmas gift, I’m very satisfied with.”  Ezra Johnson


Black & Decker PAD1200 Car Vacuum


If you want to keep your car tidy at all times than you should have at your disposal a trusty car vacuum and one very good option is the Black & Decker PAD1200.  You will be able to reach areas which other vacuums can not, like underneath or in between car seats thanks to the long crevice tool which equips it. One key feature which makes it so effective, able to dispose of all kind of debris, is the innovative triple filtration system. The container which holds the dirt is very large and also is transparent so you know when you need to emply it.

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Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Hand Vac


Best Car Vacuum Cleaner reviews

The Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac is perhaps the most effective in cleaning the inside of your car thoroughly. It has 18 volts of power and combined with high performance motor with cyclonic action, it cleans fast. It is compact allowing you to clean hard to reach places. Many consumers will like its quiet operation too. It would be a handy device to have as you just might need to get your car cleaned when you least expect it. When you turn it on, you will find out with its cleaning power and impressive features why it is recommended by many experts.

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“For many months I was looking for an affordable car vacuum cleaner. Then I saw Black & Decker Pivot Vac on Amazon and this model got my full attention. I ordered it  and it was delivered to my home two days after. I can’t complain about the performance level and I recommend it.”   Kenneth Digirolamo



Eureka Hand-held Vacuum


The Eureka Hand-held Vacuum has improved featured that make it more efficient and powerful. It is a reliable device that has been designed to get rid of dirt, dust and other elements inside your car. Its cord is 20 feet long allowing you to clean different parts of your car as needed. With its 5.5 amp power, you can be sure it will be able to keep your car clean after every use. It is well priced which is why the Eureka vacuum cleaner deserves a place in the best car vacuum cleaner reviews.

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“Two months into using this best rated car vacuum cleaner from Eureka and I am quite satisfied with the way it removes dirt from my car. The suction power scoops up even large pieces of debris and pet hair.” – Mary O’Sullivan

Shark SV780 Guro-Pro Handheld Vacuum


A vacuum which is ready for everything you throw at it is the reliable Shark Guro-Pro SV780. The suction power remains constant all the time even if you go over uneven surfaces.  The filter will not become a bother like for other vacs because it is easily detachable and washable at the same time. You will know when the battery for the vacuum is charge because of its LED and the fully charged battery will last you through long cleaning sessions with it. The handle because it is made from a special kind of rubber allows a strong and comfortable grip.

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Dirt Devil AccuCharge BD10045RED Hand Vac


Your car`s interior could really use a vac with the quality of the Dirt Devil AccuCharge, praised by many reviewers. The 15.6 suction power which is very impressive is possible thanks to its powerful internal motor, which may not have the greatest size, but it packs a mean punch. Its excellent rechargable batteries allow it to work for an extended period of time, giving you the opportunity to finish your car’s interior in one go. Plus the battery charger has a Energy Star qualification, which means your energy bill won’t suffer any great modifications after you start using it. So if you wondered what is the best rechargeable car vacuum cleaner, you have one possible answer. Though we wouldn’t place near the best car vacuum cleaners.

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HS Powerful Suction Automotive Cleaner


For the role of a car vacuum this model is ideal because it has all the right features for making your car clean. It is so good against dust, cigarette ashes, dirt and all kind of debirs because it is equipped with a heavy duty motor. Another plus which many reviews point out is the excellent quality to price ratio, superior to many other car seats. The dirt bag is very resistant and won`t release one speck of dust until you decide to empty it, plus it is very simple to remove it from the vacuum. This is not among the best car vacuum cleaner because the suction power when it comes to pet hair is pretty awful.

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Shark SV75 Cordless Pet Perfect Hand Vacuum


The Shark SV75 is great for a multitude of reasons, from getting rid of your pet hair problem to making the inside of your car super clean. Even the reviews on the best car vacuums are impressed by how well it functions thanks to the powerful motor and the durable battery. The twister cyclonic action will scoop up all types of debris easily so after you are done your house or car will be spotless.


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