Best Car Subwoofers under $75


Cheap Car Subwoofers for sale


If you are looking for the best car subwoofers under $75, the rest of this article will prove to be helpful in the provision of insights on some of the choices that can be taken into account. The products that will be mentioned below have been given positive feedbacks in many reviews, which can be an assurance that you will not regret choosing such.


Kicker 10C124 Comp Car Subwoofer


Best Car Subwoofers under $75

Kicker is one of the most popular brands when it comes to the production of subwoofers. With such name, you can never go wrong regardless of the specific model that will be chosen. The Comp subwoofer is among the best from the said brand. Among others, one thing that is worth noting about this model is the Spiraled tinsel leads technology. This is an innovative feature that is primarily responsible for increasing its durability and sound performance.

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“I was looking for a cheap solution so that I could have the deepest and loudest bass in my car. Reading reviews I came across the Kicker 10C124 and I immediately bought it. Exactly what I wanted in the 1st place was brought to me by its quality features.” Malcom Harvey


SSL SLR12D Car Subwoofer


For many of the people who have already used this product, one of the most significant reasons on why they consider it as one of the best car subwoofers under $75 is the fact that it is able to provide them with both hard-hitting sound and sonic accuracy, which is seldom found in other products. The 2,500 watts of peak power is another thing that is worth noting, as it provides an assurance of its reliable performance.

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“Top sound is delivered by this subwoofer and the best part of it is that it didn`t cost practically anything. Cruising in my car now is at a whole nother level since I have this subwoofer and together with my speakers the music sounds awsome.” Anthony Craig


Infinity Reference 1262W Car Subwoofer


This model is excellent when it comes to mounting versatility, as it can be placed in a variety of sub-enclosures. Apart from such, another reason on why it is commonly listed as one of the best car subwoofers under $75 is the use of polypropylene woofer cones. The main benefit that is being brought by such is that it makes the subwoofer lightweight and also makes sure of maximum amplifier power. Lastly, this product is made from large-roll rubber surrounds that prevents distortion in the sound output.

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“A very simple subwoofer, yet a very powerful one, this is my take on the Infinity Reference 1262W car subwoofer which I have installed in my vehicle for quite some time now. The audio leves are of high quality and overall I’m pleased with my acquisition.” Robb Hanks


Kicker 10C104 Car Subwoofer


If you are looking for a subwoofer that can deliver awesome performance without having to punch holes in your pocket, this is probably one of the best choices that can be taken into account. It also helps that this model is manufactured by Kicker, which is one of the trusted brands within the product category. It is versatile when it comes to performance, as it can do well in both sealed and vented enclosures, as well as in free-air applications.

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“The music just got a whole lot better after I got this subwoofer for my car and now when I’m raising the volume, I definitely turn some heads while I’m cruising. A high amount of qualuty has been put into this subwoofer and the best thing about it is that it is cheap.” John Anton


Pioneer TS-W304R Car Subwoofer


This is another model from our best Pioneer car vacuum cleaners reviews that never fails to make it in the list of the best car subwoofers under $75. Although it has a practical price, you can expect that it is superior when it comes to performance. Many people have reported its delivery of high quality audio, including flat bass response and great bumps. It is able to deliver great boom for the buck, as many others would say. This is a proof that not all high-performing subwoofers should be expensive.

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“Everyone knows that Pioneer are a leading brand when it comes to audio quality and this is precisely why I bought the TS-W304R subwoofer. I set it up in my car in no time and when the music started playing, it was pure quality. This is a top subwoofer in my book!” Chris Patrick