Expert Buying Advice on Car Subwoofers under 200


Your choice of car subwoofer can spell the difference between a ho-hum and an awesome-sounding audio entertainment system in your vehicle. Most car owners want to own the best car subwoofer to complete their vehicle audio equipment collection. Let us tell you what to look for in this kind of gear.


Audio Power

Plenty of power ensures that the system will really boom, so pay attention to the RMS power ratings of the best car subwoofer under 200 you’re eyeing. Peak power ratings are not what you consider essential, but RMS ratings, which quantify continuous power handling or output, offer a much more realistic parameter. The amp’s power output should match the subwoofer’s power handling.


Sensitivity and Frequency Range

For high output, the audio power of the best car subwoofer under 200 should work well with its sensitivity. A higher sensitivity rating needs less power to come up with the same level of sound as a car subwoofer with a lower sensitivity rating.

To determine how low the subwoofer can play, check out its frequency range.


Enclosure Type and Cone Material

A lot rides on the type of enclosure the subwoofer is mounted in when you determine the kind of sound the device can produce. Deep and accurate sound is produced by subs with sealed boxes. Greater volume is delivered with band pass or ported enclosures.

Sizes being equal, square enclosures deliver greater performance compared to round ones. Hexagonal enclosures offer a better average performance than round ones but just a bit less than square ones.

Additionally, the material of the surrounds and cone play a role in the durability and sound quality of the sub. Steer away from paper, avoid urethane and check out rubber elements.


Most Popular Car Subwoofers under 200


If you spend a lot of time in your car, it always pays to have a great quality subwoofer to enhance your car audio experience. Your purchase should be guided with suitable information on the different models and brands on the market and the positive and negative elements of each. These three products should easily satisfy your audio entertainment requirements.


MTX TNE212D Audio Terminator Series


1.MTX TNE212D Audio Terminator Series
The MTX TNE212D provides the ideal solution for individuals who want to pump up their vehicle’s audio system without having to break the bank. This subwoofer combines value and performance to give audio enthusiasts hard hitting bass that the MTX brand has been known for. The subwoofer unit is housed in a dual 12-inch sealed enclosure with a single terminal cup that demonstrates a final 2-ohm load to any amplifier linked to it. The durable yet lightweight polypropylene dust caps ensure lasting use thanks to their ability to withstand the rigors of various trunk configurations while using less power.

The MTX TNE212D handles 200 watts of RMS power, delivering a total power level of 400 watts RMS for the entire enclosure. The subwoofer incorporates a mechanical cooling process called Spider Plateau Venting, which allows continuous air ventilation around the voice coil to effectively dissipate heat during extended play. The enclosure is designed to be strong, capable of containing low frequency sound waves. The subwoofer has a rugged construction utilizing 5/8-inch medium density fiberboard plus aviation-grade black carpet.

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Pioneer TSSWX2502


2.PIONEER TSSWX2502 10-InchBoasting 300 watts RMS and nominal music power of 1,200 watts, the PIONEER TSSWX2502 subwoofer delivers the bass that you want from your car audio equipment. With a superb sensitivity rating of 93 decibels at one watt per one meter, the subwoofer delivers awesome audio every time. Expect nothing less than tight bass from the subwoofer’s shallow compact design. It boasts reinforced MICA injection-molded resin in the subwoofer cone structure, which helps the polyurethane in the speaker cone to retain its tensile strength and flexibility. The enclosure surface is carpeted, scratch resistant and non-slip to ensure durability.

The PIONEER TSSWX2502 kicks hard without eating up too much space. The 300 watts RMS ensures more than enough pump in your bass. The PIONEER TSSWX2502 also has a frequency response between 20 Hz to 125 Hz, delivering a high-quality, deep bass that elevates your car audio experience to a more robust level. Shipped with a one-year warranty, the PIONEER TSSWX2502 assures you of superb craftsmanship and quality for years of car audio enjoyment.

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Kenwood Car Under Seat Super Slim Powered Subwoofer


3.Kenwood Car Under Seat Super SlimSuperbly lightweight at just 8.5 pounds, the Kenwood Car Under Seat Super Slim Powered Subwoofer pumps up the bass without taking up too much space. Built slim and compact to fit easily under the seat, the powered subwoofer will not require a separate amplifier, saving you money and installation time. The aluminum enclosure of the subwoofer boasts ample stiffness and internal dampening while ensuring that the subwoofer unit remains lightweight. The built-in amplifier helps make the subwoofer weigh less than a passive unit with an external amp. This enables you to save on gas with the reduced weight, especially when your car is fuel-efficient.

The subwoofer makes a perfect solution for installation in racing cars and smaller cars, where space is a primary consideration in the choice of audio equipment. The Kenwood Car Under Seat Super Slim Powered Subwoofer comes with a wired remote for effortless control over. The amplifier delivers 75 watts RMS power, at a maximum of 150 watts for booming audio entertainment. The frequency response of 35 to 135 Hz ensures rich bass, prominent treble and a recessed mid-range.

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