Top Rated Car Subwoofers in 2019


If you love to hear quality sound no matter which environment you are in you need to invest in the right kind of audio gear. If you want that loud bass sound in your car than you should purchase a powerful subwoofer. It is not that easy to find the right one because you have so many choices and they don`t always prove right. So you make the correct choice here are the top car subwoofers in 2019.


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Since there are millions of Americans searching for reliable and powerful car subwoofers capable of streaming clear sounds. Everyone likes listening to songs or audiobooks while driving around town or even cross-country. This is where a high quality car subwoofer can deliver amazing audio clarity every step of the way. Searching for a brand new subwoofer designed especially for cars takes time. You should know that subwoofers are dedicated audio devices that reproduce low frequencies, capable of delivering intense audio experiences. Irrespective of the music you love hearing; a car subwoofer can make it worth your while. The trick is to be creative and identify the right model for your vehicle. Well, car speakers and subwoofers are small, lightweight and usually with a stylish design. With the right product your car progressively becomes a source of audio pleasure and excitement.

As you probably have observed the market on subwoofers is pretty impressive. Taking into consideration the multitude of products available on the market, we decided to help people discover the most efficient car subwoofer. Well, after testing 30 of the most popular models available for purchase and 80 hours invested in professional research, we were able to draft the best car subwoofer reviews. You should invest a bit of your time in learning more about what makes a subwoofer great. Adding a subwoofer to your car speaker system is pretty challenging! Now, you need to take into account musical taste, budget, sound force, clarity and space. Setting a personalized audio system requires access to high-performing components. Mounting a subwoofer in the vehicle implies a bit of audio knowhow. Most of the current component subwoofers range in size, usually starting from 8” to 15”.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Speaker Size Price Output Power Voice Coil Our Rating Where to buy

Dual BP1204

12 inch $$$$ 1100 W 4 ohm A+ AMAZON

Hifonics HFX12D4

12 inch $$ 800 W 4 ohm A AMAZON

Legacy LWF8X

3.31 inch $$ 300 W 4 ohm B+ AMAZON

Boss P156DVC

15 inch $$$ 2000 W 4 ohm B AMAZON

Pyle PLW10BL

10 inch $$ 600 W 4 ohm C AMAZON


How to find the best car subwoofer in 2019? This is an important question which needs to be handled with attention. Well, you should also take into account the fact that some car subwoofers include advanced impedance and voice coil settings. These are important features which should match the overall audio system, offering clear sounds during each song played. Another thing to look for revolves around type of car subwoofer enclosure. You might want to find a model with enclosed design. Why? Well, enclosed subwoofers are safely pre-mounted in high quality boxes which eliminate sound distortion. Furthermore they are also stylish enough to incorporate in any type of vehicle. Building a great audio system starts with the quality components you install in the car.

With the best car subwoofer in 2019 you will enjoy quality songs whenever you drive. Every ride becomes pleasurable, packed with amazing musical experiences! You need to invest in a powerful subwoofer, combined with amplifier and reliable speakers. Furthermore you need to take into account the car’s characteristics. Well, SUVs, trucks, small and medium-sized vehicles have different audio systems and interiors. While shopping for a brand new car subwoofer should involve a deep look the general theme of the car. With attention you will find a car subwoofer that blends and enhances your car’s audio performance.



Dual BP1204 Subwoofer


Best car subwoofer reviewsThe Dual BP1204 has all the neccesary features to be prove a great solution for the inside of your vehicle. It adds to the interior design as well with its blue illumination that puts on quite a show during a loud bass tune. This is a dual subwoofer so instead of one you get two 12 inch DS series. I must concur with the best car subwoofer reviews and consider this a fantastic audio device and recommend it for anyone else.



Present in the current U.S. top 10 car subwoofer models, the BP1204 from Dual Electronics offers 1100 watts peak power, designed to enhance audio force during each song played

Features an exclusive Dual “Illuminite” bulb system and dual-chambers with 2 12-inch subwoofers for a vibrant audio experience

With a frequency response of 25 to 200 Hz and impedance of 4 ohms the car subwoofer will produce clear and realistic sounds every moment of the drive

It has a solid construction with special bracing system which significantly eliminates sound distortion caused by movement



Some car assembly is required but the instruction manual will definitely help

The coils can overheat especially while playing loud music


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Hifonics HFX12D4 Subwoofer


One of the top car subwoofers in 2019 is considered to be the Hifonics HFX12D4, coming with top features and a standard design. The superior excursion which is achieved by it is possible with the injected poly light ring that combines its features with the 1 inch NBR reinforced rubber surround. The result of these characteristics is a nice deep bass sound which I enjoyed to the full in my car.



Considered by many as one of the most reliable products from Hifonics, the HFX12D4 car audio subwoofer offers a peak power of 600 RMS watts and a standard one of 300 RMS

Manufactured from injected poly light with a solid cone and 1” NBR of reinforced rubber, this audio device permits users to safely stream quality music whenever they desire

Designed to impress with sound clarity and force this model incorporates 4 ohm voice coil for a smooth transition from low to high frequencies

This powerful and easy to install subwoofer set operates in ported and sealed enclosures bringing the best out of each song



During high bass it tends to lose some of its audio clarity but during normal streaming it works just fine

Some minor assembly is needed to fit into the car’s interior design


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Legacy LWF8X Subwoofer


A very simple design and powerful sound capabilities make out of the Legacy LWF8X a very good solution for your car. With its 300 Watts max power the bass it creates is of high quality amd will please every ear. Among its features I was impressd by the poly cone and 50 oz magnet structure which enable it to put out such a great quality sound.



Placed among this year’s Black Friday deals on top products, the LWF8X car subwoofer from Legacy represents a great addition to any driver’s daily audio experiences

The subwoofer has a brown injected polypropylene cone which resists well to prolonged play sessions needed to make rides more pleasurable

It incorporates a specially designed black rubber that matches the car’s interior and thus maintains its personality intact

This powerful vehicle subwoofer can offer 150 watts RMS with 300 watts peak which is more than enough for a thriving audio experience



Some installation and wiring is needed in order to set the subwoofer in optimal working parameters

The connectors could’ve been a bit more powerful but they hold the subwoofer right


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Pyle PLW10BL Subwoofer


With the Pyle PLW10BL your favorite tracks will have a very deep bass line of top quality. With 600 watts of power, the sound which ca be put out by it is pretty impressive. It is made of quality materials which allow it to be very durable. The rigors of the inside of your vehicle are well supported with the butyl rubber surround which still reproduces the best sound no matter which conditions it has been through, a sturdiness which I appreciate very much.



As one of the best rated car subwoofer from Pyle, the PLW10BL is capable of producing 600 watts of peak power during different songs played

Besides the sleek blue design this 10” subwoofer will enhance the power of the existing sound system, bringing to the mix an extra kick of audio force

Incorporates a blue CD wave electro-plated cone which looks cool and easily blends into any vehicle big or small

Given the 1.5 inch Katpon voice coil that resists well to high temperatures this car subwoofer for Christmas or birthdays will do just great



Some installation is needed but the mounting hardware makes the task easy


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Boss P156DVC Subwoofer


The best car subwoofer reviews have been impressed by what the Boss P156DVC performances and highly recommend it to whoever is intrested in buying it. My favorite feature about it is that it manges to peak at an astonishing 2500 watts, way above the class avarage. Having such power it is only normal that it comes with a very aggressive design which I really like from when I first laid eyes on it. Your car environment will be forever changed after you purchase the Boss P156DVC.



Even though an affordable product the P156DVC Phantom from BOSS Audio delivers amazing low-frequency sound clarity making every song sound great

With a stylish design this 15-inch high quality car subwoofer features a dual 4-ohm voice coil that easily render up to 2500 watts peak power

Designed to impress during each audio session, this powerful car subwoofer has a cone made of poly injection which handles very well high bass

The car subwoofer features a special butyl rubber layers that maintain the frequency of each song at balanced levels



The user guide needs some work because it lacks information on the benefits of the Kaptop voice coil

Some minor assembly is needed


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