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Safe driving isn’t about just keeping an eye on the road an staying true to all legal matters while driving. As much as you woul wish for it to be that simple, things usually get out of hand because of others. Having a baby on board is not something to be treating lightly. In fact, I myself have been through more than 60 reviews to find the best car seats 2022 that promise to protect your baby in case anything might happen and still provide comfortable day after day usage.


Learn how to select a car seat – Parent’s recommendations


8A car seat is an item that you want to purchase blindly. As a parent, your child is your most precious cargo and you can find great Black Friday deals on car seats. We have researched the top ten manufacturers and created this guide to help you understand which features are essential to have for your child’s car seat.

The very first thing you need to take into consideration when choosing the appropriate seat for your child is their age, weight, and height. Rear-facing seats are used for newborns and infants, and it is recommended that children stay in these types of safety seats for as long as possible. You can upgrade to a forward facing seat when your child’s head is one inch above the top of the seat. You may have heard that you can upgrade once your child is a year old and is 20 pounds, but that way of thinking is outdated and could be dangerous.

Convertible seats are among the most popular car seats because they act as a rear-facing seat for babies and infants, and then can be converted into a front facing seat for older children. Many of these seats can hold children up to 40 pounds while in the rear facing position, and up to 70 pounds in the forward facing position.

When you are choosing which car seat is the best for your vehicle, you will want to know how much space you have on the back seat. A seat with a large base is ill suited for a smaller car simply because it will not fit properly—not to mention it could be a problem if you have other passengers in the back seat.

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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Max Weight Colors Our Rating Where to buy

Clek Foonf

Convertible $$$$ 65 lbs Blue/White Blue Moon and more A+ AMAZON

Britax Frontier 90

Booster $$$ 120 lbs Onyx, Desert Palm and more A AMAZON

Britax B-Safe

Infant $$ 30 lbs Black, Red and more B+ AMAZON

Britax Roundabout G4

Convertible $$ 55 lbs Onyx, Silverlake B+ AMAZON

Britax Roundabout 50

Convertible $$ 50 lbs Kathryn B AMAZON


We know that children, no matter the age, are curious and will play with anything they can get their hands on—including the buckles to seat belts. For your car seat, you will want to make sure that there are two-piece retainer clips. Most children do not have the dexterity and ingenuity that is required to unhook these clips.

As for comfort, you will want to choose a car seat that is made of a comfortable material that does not dig into your child’s body or is too hot. The harness should be easy to adjust so that it fits your child comfortably and holds them securely into the seat. Also when looking for a comfortable fabric for the seat, you will want to find one that is easy to clean. A smooth fabric like microfiber is easy to wipe clean rather than textured fabric. Although fabric choice is not necessarily a safety concern, it is more along the lines of a health concern.

Whether you are expecting your first child or you want to get a gift for one for Christmas, you can find affordable safety seats almost anywhere.  Just keep these key tips in mind when you are making your selection, and you should find the ideal seat in no time!


Things to consider:

  • Find a car seat that is appropriate for the child. Convertible seats are ideal because they can grow with the child.
  • Take measurements of the back seat to ensure the car seat will fit securely.
  • Purchase a car seat with multiple buckles and two-piece retainer clips so the child cannot unbuckle the belts.
  • Select a seat that features an easy to clean material that is comfortable and breathable.



Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat


Best car seats 2022The best car seat 2022 has been designed to have it quickly installed and ready for full protection in case of a collision. 2 body layers of energy absorbing foams and adjustable headrest are features that have impressed people with efficient and real life protection of their child. Fortunately, one does not neet to experiment such tragic events in order to proove theselves the uselfuness of the producs. These seats have been long tested before released to the market and come with 100% garuanty of success.



Two layers of energy-absorbing foam and adjustable headrest infused with EPP protection supplement the metal substructure to provide superior side protection to the head

Rigid latch system on installation oriented for forward-facing purposes ensures that correct set-up is achieved easily and quickly to keep the system securely attached to the vehicle

Frontal collisions produce impact forces that can be dangerous or even fatal, and the Clek Foonf 2022 Convertible Car Seat decreases the possibility of those forces being destructive enough to cause permanent damage or harm to a young rider

Chosen as one of the bestselling car seats for young riders, thanks to patented React Safety System that works like a car’s built-in crumple zone to take impact energy and dissipate it effectively



Special features and safety components form the bulk of this heavy car seat

Can be used by children two years or older or larger ones only


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Britax Frontier 90 Booster Car Seat


Engineers have been utterly impressed with this one of the best car seats 2022 that has answered even their toughest question. No matter how badly it ma happen, and pray to God that it doesn’t happen, this car sear is designed to keep your child in the best possible position, protectiong his head, neck spine and body from getting hurt in case of a colition. No need to worry about having the chair flexing during the crash. It will stay just as fixed once you have it placed on the backseat of your car.



Has the state-of-the-art CLICKTIGHT™ Installation System, a combination harness concept that allows parents to get optimum and secure installation using the seat belt of the car

With legendary True Side Impact Protection® with deep side walls plus energy-absorbing EPP foam and premium head restraint, designed to distribute crash forces, shield the child from vehicle intrusion, and contain the head, neck and body while keeping them in true or aligned position

With Energy Absorbing Versa-Tether® that secures  the top of the car seat to the vehicle using a two-point attachment, to reduce the degree of forward movement of the car seat,  and stage-released stitching that helps decrease the significantly dangerous crash forces acting on the child

SafeCell Technology® on the base is precisely designed to keep the child safe and secure during crash, working to compress and hugely reduce the center of gravity, thereby decreasing the forward movement of the car seat



Weighty car seat made heavy due to number of safety features

May be a bit difficult to set-up or adjust at the beginning but process gets easier with time


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Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat


When choosing a good car seat think of the protection you need to provide for your baby but also bear in mind that it doesn’t have to make you take all day to go around and set it. What makes this model be the best car seat 2022 is safety and accesability. Place your child in good hands because this product has all it needs for keeping it altogether and distribute crash forces so that your child keep his head and body safe.



Keeps child in rear-facing position till he grows to be about 32 inches tall or 30 pounds heavy, definitely a good choice for the best car seat for littles 2022

Side impact protection provided by energy-absorbent foam to keep the child safe and secure during crash events, meeting all safety standards and federal crash safety requirements

Employs simple LATCH connectors to keep the child strapped in, with infant cushion insert to create a customized fit for infants that weigh only about 4 pounds

Base for vehicle installation facilitates seat belt-based set-up or LATCH installation, with boys outgrowing the seat when they reach 1 and girls when they’re around 15 months old



Integrates well with a separately purchased Click & Go adapter

Straps on the harness can be difficult to tighten and loosen only at the beginning


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Britax Roundabout G4 Convertible Car Seat


With integrated steel bars that prevent your child from going up front and with a good distribution of forces, this model protects and is to be protected for long term utility. Parents have agreed that this model is very good for passing from on kid to another. Quickly installed and made out of easy to clean fabric, this seat will never give you or your child and pain. It will surely provide a cosy and comfortable setting for your little one.



US-made product ensures that it has met federal crash safety standards and has proven its dependability through numerous lab testing and meets the strictest quality control requirements

Engineered for safe vehicle seating for rear facing children who meet the 5- to 40-pound weight limit, and for forward facing children from 20 to 55 pounds

Uses the exclusive SafeCell technology from Britax, with a metal base, integrated steel bars plus Versa-Tether that effectively absorbs energy during a crash in consolidation with minimization of head injury during frontal impact

Five-point harness and multiple recline and buckle adjustments plus infant pillow, all working together to offer exceptional comfort and infant positioning, making this a common part of numerous best car seat for littles reviews



Built for smaller children, so can be outgrown easily, but safety features make the car seat a worthy investment


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Britax Roundabout 50 Classic Convertible Car Seat


This fluffy chair will have your baby sleep like an angel and keep you off the hook to focus on driving your way through. Don’ be short minded into thinking that a more friendly look and fabric means less protection. In fact, all car seats are designed in such a way that the main protecting features are not to be seen but to be understood. Go through to the instructions manual and get a clear picture of how this car seats has all features for keeping your baby safe.



Ideal car seat for newborn babies up to the time the child moves into using a booster seat, with either forward facing or rear facing configuration

Rear facing car seat serves well for children and toddlers up to 49 inches tall and weighing from 5 to 35 pounds and forward-facing car seat suitable for toddlers up to 49 inches tall, at least one year old and weighing 20 to 50 pounds

Three buckle positions and four harness positions ensure that the child is optimally positioned on the car seat, securely held by a special Versa-Tether system that holds the seat firmly in place

Designed to support the LATCH system for vehicle installation, with straps that are easy to position and clip onto the anchors and a Versa-Tether system that attaches to the back of the car seat at two points



Not geared with automatic adjustment feature, requiring rethreading of the straps every time the child outgrows the current configuration


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