Expert Buying Advice for Car Phone Mounts


A car phone mount is an indispensable accessory in this day and age where mobile devices are part of everyday life. Talking to someone is much easier, when you use a car phone holder, because you can keep your hands on the wheel and continue driving and paying attention to the road. However, this simple, yet effective accessory is useful in many other different ways. For instance, if you like listening to music played by your phone, you can mount the phone on the holder and enjoy the beautiful sounds. A cell phone with a large enough screen can be used for playing movies for the other occupants of the car, as well. Seeing how useful a car phone mount is, many people purchase one today. In order to get a suitable model, though, it is advisable to read as many of the best car phone mount reviews available as possible.

A.1 Car phone mount


There are several types of car phone mounts to choose from. The dashboard mount is the most common, and this type is made of two different pieces. These mount on the dashboard and variations can include swiveling arms and suction cups, so you can place the car phone holder anywhere you like. The windshield holder type also comes with a suction cup, and with tubes so you can adjust the position of the mount as you see fit. Another type is the cigarette light mount that comes with a flexible neck so you can adjust the position any time you want.



Once you decide what kind of car phone mount you want, you need to see if the mount is compatible with your phone. Actually, this is probably the most important aspect because if the holder cannot hold the phone you owe, it will be impossible for it to do its job. Avoid spending money on a model that is not compatible with your phone, by carefully reading the specifications offered by the manufacturer.



While there are models that are quite expensive out there, you will also find a lot of car phone mounts that are sold for cheap. The best car phone mount reviews do not necessarily recommend the costliest models because they are not always the best you can find. Always take into consideration all the aspects of a car phone holder, before making a decision.



No-name car phone mounts do not usually have the same quality as brand models. It is truly worth taking the time to get informed on the most popular car phone holders and the manufacturers that make them. This way, you will make sure the one you will get is the best you can find for the price.


Top Rated Car Phone Mount


If you are looking for a car phone holder and you have no idea where to start, the following list of products will help you right away. All the next car phone holders are highly appreciated by consumers, because they have great quality, they are dependable and they are reasonably priced.


iOttie Easy One Touch 2 HLCRIO121


1.iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount HolderA model compatible with the most popular smartphones on the market, such as iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus, the iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder is easy to mount on your dashboard so you can have your phone always easy to access. The holder comes with a one touch system for mounting and releasing the device. The gel pad is really sticky, so you will have no trouble mounting this model anywhere you want, but, at the same time, you will find it easy to remove when needed. Even on curved and textured surfaces, this holder manages to stick and stay there without any worries that it might fall off.

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Easy-Tech 2-in-1 et-mount-1


2.Easy-Tech 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount (singura varianta de poza)You can place this car phone mount on your windshield, or your dashboard vent. Equipped with adjustable grips, the Easy-Tech 2-in-1 Mobile Phone Car Mount truly makes it easy for you to position your phone as you want, for your convenience. Once you start using this phone mount, you will have nothing to worry about whenever you want to take a call. You will no longer have to rummage through your pockets or bag to reach the phone and you will be able to focus on driving at the same time. This car mount is a good fit for most smartphones and GPS units.

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Foxx FX-CWM1


4.Foxx Universal Windshield Car MountThe Foxx Universal Windshield Car Mount comes with a 2 year warranty, and the customer support offered by the manufacturer is truly stellar. When you need a universal car phone holder, this one will surely serve the purpose. Sturdily built, with a set of nice features, such as rotation for adjusting viewing angles, and resistance to high and low temperatures, this car phone mount works with most smartphones, so you will find it easy to use. The one touch mounting system is nice to have, and installing the mount on your windshield doesn’t require any complicated steps.

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EnergyPal HC84K


5. EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone HolderOne of the top rated car phone mounts 2018, the EnergyPal HC84K Car Smartphone Holder is very convenient as it offers the advantages of a hands-free system and a charger right at your fingertips. The long neck is easy to customize and you can even turn it 360 degrees for the best convenience. The non-slip surface makes sure your phone will not fall from the mount, and if your phone needs charging, the dual USB charger solves the problem right away. The model is also designed to protect your phone against short circuits and over voltage. Simple to use and reliable, this model is a recommended buy.

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AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Car Mount Holder


3.AVANTEK Universal Cell Phone Car Mount HolderA universal model may be the best car phone mount 2018 for many people, because they do not have to worry that the holder will not fit with their phones. This model comes with expandable arms and it can accommodate phones that are up to 3.75 inches wide. You will also appreciate the rubber clip that works even with the thinnest or thickest air vent blades. Another great plus of this universal car mount is the swivel ball head joint that lets you rotate your phone, in case the people traveling with you want to watch a movie.