What To Consider When Buying a Reliable Car Alarm under 100


Investing in the best car alarm or car security system is equivalent to protecting your family, your vehicle, belongings and car stereo. Since the car alarm shields very essential elements for you, this makes it important that you get a fail-proof unit. To make sure you’re getting only the best, these are the elements to check out.



Any system that is touted to be the best car alarm under 100 should incorporate sensors that detect suspicious tampering of the vehicle by unauthorized hands. A motion sensor allows the car owner to leave the windows open or the top down. It also works well to protect the cargo area of a truck or van.

The alarm sounds when a glass break sensor “hears” a window breaking.

When your parked vehicle is tilted due to an attempt to tow or jack it up, a tilt sensor tells the alarm to go off.

While most car alarms go off when the driver’s side door is opened, better brands will have the alarm triggered when any door is opened.

An impact sensor causes the alarm to go off when someone tries to break a lock to enter the car or the cargo area of a truck or van. Impact sensors should be installed in a vehicle’s most vulnerable areas.

A radar sensor detects movement via radar both inside and outside of the vehicle.


Counter-Thief Features

The best car alarm under $100 should be engineered with features that will discourage a thief from pursuing their evil intention. A deadlock feature stops the doors from being opened when the thief breaks a window to gain access to the door. Alarms outfitted with dynamic codes thwart thieves who use a code grabber device. A driver side priority feature enables the driver to open the door on their side while keeping the other doors locked. GPS tracking for the vehicle is a cool feature. Modern alarms now use biometric fingerprint readers or voice recognition software. An immobilizer feature shuts down the ignition if the alarm goes off.


Remote Control

A keyless entry system or car alarm remote locks the doors and activates the alarm system, and also unlocks the doors and disengages the alarm. A panic button makes it easy to find your vehicle in a busy parking lot, and also sets off the alarm in emergency cases. Auxiliary channels enable addition of optional sensors.


What Are the Best Car Alarms under 100?


Protecting your investment and your loved ones is the primary purpose for getting an effective car alarm. You may need to do extra research and reading and not just settle for the first car alarm you find. We have three products that truly deserve a second look, plus a place in your shopping cart.


Performance Teknique ICBM-7071


1.Performance Teknique ICBM-7071The Performance Teknique ICBM-7071 2-Way Car Alarm Security is the ideal means of protecting your vehicle, your cargo and your loved ones. The car alarm utilizes two-way modulation and code learning system, which is not only meant to thwart thieves but also to communicate with the vehicle owners to let them know a break-in is in progress. The Performance Teknique ICBM-7071 can be used on automatic and manual transmission diesel and gasoline vehicles, so all vehicle owners can have peace of mind.

The main unit has a feedback range of up to 3500 feet, while the remote control has a range of 3000 feet. You can use the remote to lock or unlock the vehicle or to arm and disarm the security system. Find your vehicle easily in a crowded parking lot by using the sound and light car location identification feature. The Performance Teknique ICBM-7071 has an adjustable shock sensor that triggers the alarm when an intruder tries to break a lock on the vehicle. The automatic arming reminder further enhances security.

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Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System


2.Directed Avital 2 Way LCDThe Directed Avital 2 Way LCD Security System comes with a 2-Way LCD 5-button remote that is backlit for easy viewing of the control buttons. The primary remote comes with tone and vibrate modes so the car owner is always aware of the status of the vehicle. The command confirmations as well as event notifications can be received via the LCD remote control. The user can confirm all commands on the large LCD screen of the two-way remote. The alarm offers a one-way function to deter car thieves. There are relays on board for the door locks, parking light, starter kill and dome light, so every vulnerable part of the car gets protection.

This top-of-the-line security system allows you to arm and disarm it with just a push of a button even from up to 1,500 feet away. Users say the car alarm is easy to install. The remote control uses triple-A batteries, which are very easy to find. This product offers an affordable means of securing your vehicle from intruders.

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Bulldog Remote Talking Alarm System


3.Bulldog Remote Talking AlarmInstalling the Bulldog Remote Talking Alarm System in your car is like having a pack of dogs watching your vehicle when you’re away. The Bulldog Remote Talking Alarm System comes with a One-wire hook up that you can do by yourself. The 4-Button Remote Transmitter is easy to use so you won’t have to do a lot to figure out the many features of the alarm system. The security system comes with an onboard shock sensor that triggers the alarm when a thief tries to break a car door lock in order to get into the vehicle. The current sensor triggers the alarm when it detects a drop in the current of the car battery, which is what happens if a dome light turns off when a door is opened.

The full-time panic button enables you to get other people’s attention in cases of threat or emergency. The antenna of the alarm has a range of up to 250 feet. The Bulldog Remote Talking Alarm System is designed to deliver seven talking messages so thieves are effectively discouraged from pushing through with their nasty plans.

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