Imagine going on an exotic vacation getaway and truly living it up by sleeping on the best canopy bed. Even if mosquitoes are not likely to disturb your sleep, a canopy bed would make you feel like royalty. Now, imagine if you could actually own a canopy bed outfitted with a canopy mosquito net.

It is best to know more about canopy mosquito nets just in case you realize that sleeping in a canopy bed shouldn’t be reserved only for the ridiculously rich. Here are some elements you should consider when buying a canopy mosquito net.


What to look for when buying a canopy mosquito net?



Your primary consideration when purchasing a bed is its size. This is also true when buying a canopy mosquito net. There may not be a best canopy for mosquito net but there will always be a perfect canopy mosquito net for a canopy bed. Like beds and mattresses, canopy mosquito nets basically follow the same size options: Full, Queen and King. However, most manufacturers simply offer a single size: Large, and make that usable for any bed size.

Do not get a canopy mosquito net that is smaller than your bed size, if you have that option. A canopy mosquito net should cover all four sides of the bed with extra length to spare.



Most manufacturers use sheer polyester fabric in canopy mosquito nets. Variations include polyester mesh net/netting. While the product can keep mosquitoes and other annoying tiny pests out, it should also be of breathable material. This helps keep you comfortable while being ensconced in a cocoon of sheer protection. There should be openings on all four sides to enable easy in and out, which lets people use the product to enclose an outdoor or sitting area.



Attaching the best canopy mosquito net to the bed requires use of the right hardware. This includes screw hooks or eye screws and anchors. The eye screw or screw hook holds the mosquito net bed canopy in place. The wall anchor is used to affix the screw when drilling into drywall instead of wood. Other models come with hinge rings that hold the panels to the desired drape.

Most manufacturers include the necessary hardware in the package.


Top Rated Canopy Mosquito Nets in 2021



Octorose Bed Canopy Netting


What is the best canopy mosquito net? It’s the Octorose ® Bed Canopy Netting. When you want an authentic exotic feel in the bedroom, or are just looking to add a romantic accent right where you and your partner spend moments together, this product definitely fits the bill. The Octorose Bed Canopy Netting beautifies your bedroom with its sheer 100% polyester mesh net material, which ensures ample ventilation while working to effectively keep mosquitoes and other annoying insects out of your sleeping space.

It comes in a four-poster bed canopy style, so you can use it on any tester bed. The canopy mosquito net has four panels, all with an opening in the middle that allows you to get in and out easily. The openings also let you hold the panels to the bed posts during the day to keep the netting out of the way when not in use. The mosquito net measures 76 inches wide by 86 inches long by 96 inches high, so it is usable for Full-, Queen- and King-size beds.

The Octorose ® Bed Canopy Netting suspends from the ceiling on hoops as well, which enables people without canopy beds to put it up over a regular bed. The package includes four pieces of hardware hooks to enable easy installation and set up.

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TMS Canopy Mosquito Net


The large white four-post TMS® Canopy Mosquito Net is designed to fit a king size bed. It lets you sleep in comfort while being undisturbed by the annoying buzzing and deadly bites of mosquitoes and other tiny flying pests. The canopy mosquito net enhances the look of any modern bedroom with an old world charm that is usually associated with period films and exotic getaway locations. Evoking the warmth of a cocoon, the canopy mosquito net makes your bed feel like a personal sanctuary where you can be alone with your thoughts-or your loved one.

Feel like the heroine in the widely popular vampire movie that has broken box office records. Romance will surely fill the air as you and your partner share sweet private moments together while being enclosed in this luxurious canopy mosquito net. It has four corners with top loops for hanging from the ceiling or that can be tied around bed posts. The product can also be used to enclose a sitting or outdoor area for privacy and protection as well.

Measuring 78″ wide x 93″ long x 96″ high, the TMS® Canopy Mosquito Net comes with four anchors and four screw hooks so you can put it up easily.

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Housweety Bed Canopy Mosquito Net


Decorated with lace, the Housweety Bed Canopy Mosquito Net effectively serves to keep pesky flying insects from disturbing your sleep. This attractive round bed canopy comes with a hanging ring in the center, so you can enjoy the feeling of sleeping in a nice-looking enclosure that keeps the pests out effectively. Designed to be beautiful while giving practical functionality, the Housweety Bed Canopy Mosquito Net adds elegance and romance to any bedroom. It can dress up any bed to look fashionably luxurious and gorgeous.

The canopy bed mosquito net keeps out flies, mosquitoes and other annoying insects, along with the deadly diseases they cause like malaria, dysentery, and other health dangers. It is pretty and efficient, measuring 60 cm wide and 260 cm long. The product is easy to install using the supplied hanging ring.

The Housweety Bed Canopy Mosquito Net lets you watch TV through its sheer material. It is designed to provide optimum ventilation while you’re in the enclosure. This ensures a comfortable and restful sleep so you can wake up refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. The Housweety Bed Canopy Mosquito Net will enhance the overall appearance of your bedroom, making it look different from the usual.

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If you plan to enhance your sleeping space, get the Octorose Bed Canopy Netting or the TMS Canopy Mosquito Net. These products not only make your room look more elegant, but they can also provide an innovative means of keeping mosquitoes and other tiny flying insects from disturbing your sleep.