Offering great protection from sun or rain a canopy is the best portable shelter one can buy for their garden and backyard but also for camping and outdoor trips. Used for weddings or conferences, during barbecue or pool parties, canopies are great at protecting guests from nasty weather elements. With so many uses, canopies come in a great variety of sizes and styles. Before buying a new canopy it is important to know what to look for. This article will help you decide on the best canopy for your own needs, saving you time and money.


What to look for when buying best canopy for backyards?


Canopy size

When choosing the right canopy for your needs, you must look first at its size. Larger canopies are perfectly suited for outdoor weddings, meetings and large parties. They can accommodate many people, and they are very heavy. Large canopies require a lot of time to mount and also a truck to transport them from place to place. Medium canopies are great for garden use, as well as pool and barbecue parties. These canopies are easier to mount and move around and make a great addition to any backyard. Small canopies are preferred for camping, but they are also perfect for small backyard parties and as garden shelters.


Canopy weight

The weight of the canopy is another important aspect to look for when buying a new canopy. Light canopies are great for camping. Easy to move and store away, light canopies are the perfect choice for nice, sunny summer days. A heavy duty canopy is harder to move around and takes more people and time to install. With stronger legs and heavier cover the heavy duty canopy is a perfect canopy for wind and rain.


Side walls or not?

Most light canopies come without any side walls. They only provide minimal comfort and protection from the sun and possible light rain. Because they lack the side walls they are also very portable and easy to ensemble. A canopy with side walls is heavier and bulkier but it provides more comfort during unwanted weather events. On some canopies the side walls can be detached, making them a perfect all-round choice for both hot and rainy days.


Top Rated Canopies for Backyards in 2020



Coleman 13’x13′ Back Home Instant


This canopy is the perfect choice for the hot sunny days. Easy to install, requiring only three minutes, this canopy is the perfect sun cover for any outdoor event. Whether you go camping or organize a backdoor party this canopy will provide great shading and comfort from the hot and torrid sun rays.

The strong steel frame does not require any manual labor to install and use. Just pull apart the frame and place the canopy cover over the extended frame. The strong steel feet provide perfect stability even when used on concrete. Together with the easy to mount steel frame you get the best sun protective canopy cover money can buy. With over 50 UV protective rating this canopy will protect you from sunburn shielding you and your skin from any damaging UV radiations.

Together with the canopy you will also get a great wheeled bag that will help you move it with ease from the car to the field. The wheeled pull bag it is designed to perfectly inside any medium family car. Portable, sturdy and extremely easy to install and use, this canopy is one of the top canopies from Coleman, making it an instant favorite among all canopy shoppers.

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Quik Shade Weekender 81 Instant


A perfect choice for BBQ and family parties this canopy offers good shelter from sun and heat during summer days. Its light body frame makes it ideal for outdoor camping and other activities like fishing and even sport events.

Using the UV blocking Aluminex technology for its fabric, this canopy cover offers the perfect shade even under the most searing sun. Whenever you need a break from the sun and you want to chill and relax in the shadow, the Quik Shade Weekender will be there to save your day. Together with the perfect sun protection, this canopy comes with reinforced lightweight steel legs. Durable and corrosion resistant the legs come with grass pegs for better grip on the open field. When needed the pegs come off and can be replaced with protective nylon feet that will protect your patio from damage and scratch marks.

Recommended as one of the best canopy available on the market today, the Quik Shade Weekender is a life saver during the never ending mid-day hot summer hours. The canopy comes with a perfect rolled bag making it very easy to transport from place to place without any effort even for kids or the elderly.

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Caravan Canopy V-Series 2 Kit


Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, this canopy is one of the best choices when it comes to garden and barbecue parties. The canopy cover blocks over 99% of the dangerous UV rays, making it the perfect sun protection choice during the dangerous hot summer hours. Once installed the large interior offers over 60 square feet of perfect shade.

Its extremely durable lightweight angled legs offer great support and grip on any surface, from grass to asphalt or concrete. The legs are not riveted, making their individual replacement easy and hassle free. Enhanced corner pieces increase the durability and endurance of the canopy cover expanding its life time and protecting it from wear and tear.

Easy enough to move and deploy by a single person, this canopy comes with an easy transportable wheeled bag that fits on any personal vehicle. Setting up is fast and it only takes a couple of minutes. Its lightweight frame makes sure that you can move it around for short distances without even dismantling it.

Taking all these in consideration we believe that the Caravan Canopy is one of the best canopies under 100 and a great personal recreational canopy choice. Either for your garden, pool party or your camping trip this canopy is a must buy.

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