If you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best camping hammock money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best camping hammocks on the market by looking at the owner feedback, the value offered for the price, as well as what several expert review sites had to say about them. Out of all the products we have considered, the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest is the best, as it combines a beautiful design with a sturdy construction, allowing you to enjoy your time spent at the camping site as much as possible. Besides, the primary reason for choosing this alternative is that it can accommodate all individuals whose weight does not go above 400 pounds. As such, this unit can be utilized for as many as two people at once. If the Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest is out of stock, you could also consider the second best available choice, the Grand Trunk Skeeter, as it comes with almost the same useful features and is available for sale in many online markets.



Camping hammocks – What to look for:


So you hate pitching tents and would rather bring a camping hammock from the top ten products you saw online. Fine. But you will still need to consider what makes the most popular camping hammock rightly so. Let’s start with the most essential elements you want to look for in your choice.



The fabric of the hammock’s body has a lot to do with how the unit lays. A springy feeling and greater level of stretch is offered by lightweight material or fabric. Such kind of material also allows the user to sink deep into the hammock , making the material close up around the user. Although heavy fabric will not have the same degree of stretch or spring, a hammock with this type of material will feel firmer under your body. You will be kept off the ground at a higher level plus the fabric won’t be closing up around you as you lie there. Of course, the extra weight may be an issue when you plan to pack light, but the firmness gives you a flatter lay and a more natural sleeping position. Imagine lying in a camping hammock under the stars, which you can observe when the hammock stays flat due to the heavy fabric it has.



Camping hammocks can get ratings best to worst through the suspension accessories they come with. Tree straps of nylon webbing  are what you tie around the tree to anchor the hammock with. Use either 1-inch or ¾-inch wide webbing straps that are at least 6 feet long. The hammock can be connected to the strap either by a toggle, a cinch buckle or a climbing-grade carabiner. When using a toggle, ensure that it is a strong aluminum shaft and at least 3 inches long. Cinch buckles should be made of steel for strength. Since a carabiner has to be threaded through the hammock’s fabric, make sure that the carabiner is large enough and is rated to the appropriate weight to collect the fabric at the gather point and provide strong anchoring. The same is true with toggles and cinch buckles.



Sleeping straight on a camping hammock, even the best rated one, can put your body at an awkward angle. You will eventually shift to a banana-shaped position, which can be uncomfortable. Laying or sleeping diagonal is better, with the feet a bit higher than the head. Maintain the body at a flat position here, so roomy designs are ideal. What you want is a hammock that accommodates that asymmetrical position. Whether left or right leaning, the hammock is able to tighten up and the user can sleep in a comfortable position. The most common is right lay, with the feet near the right edge of the hammock and the head to the left edge.


You might find a lot of online resources that talk about the question you’ve been itching to ask, “What is the best camping hammock?” Really, that depends on your weight, your material preference, and the ratings of the accessories that go with the product. The camping hammock is one product that does not come in  one-size-fits-all specifications. Choose wisely.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Limit Price Material Length Customer Rating Where to buy

Clark NX-250 Four-Season

300 lbs $$$$ Ample sil-nylon 108.5 inch A++ AMAZON

Eagles Nest Outfitters

400 lbs $$$ 100% nylon 112 inch A+ AMAZON

Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter

400 lbs $$ Nylon 126 inch A AMAZON

Hammock Bliss Portable

350 lbs $$ 100% nylon 118 inch A AMAZON

Texsport Wilderness Hammock

250 lbs $$ 100% nylon 82 inch B+ AMAZON



Products for specific needs:


Best hammock for backyard


Vivere UHSDO9


Want the ultimate hammock experience right in your backyard, but don’t have big trees available for anchorage? Get the Vivere UHSDO9 Double-Hammock W/Space-Saving Steel Stand! It is the best hammock for backyard owners who don’t have trees or thick trunks to attach a conventional hammock to. This is a double hammock with space-saving stand, so you can position it anywhere in your yard, your garden, or on the porch or deck. The hammock is made of 100% cotton, ensuring breathability and comfort. The 9-Foot stand is made of heavy-duty steel and assembles in minutes without need of tools. The hammock has 450-pound capacity, so two people can lie side by side together. Its total length is 130 inches, and comes with a carrying case for convenient storage and portability.


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Best camping hammock for two


Trek Light Gear Double


Designed to fit two people, the Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is the best camping hammock for two. It can hold up to 400 pounds and is meticulously stitched along the seams, ensuring long life and durability. Get that two-person hammock experience in an extremely lightweight hammock with portable design. The product is quick dry and water resistant, ensuring resilience against mildew growth and rot. It is made of parachute nylon material that has excellent moisture wicking properties and dries fast under the sun. The material conforms to your body so you won’t get trapped in its folds when you’re sleeping alone.


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Best hammock for sleeping


Houseables Camping Portable Military


With heavy duty steel frame and steel legs, the Houseables Camping Portable Military Sleeping Hammock is ensured with strength. It assembles in minutes, and can be a great alternative to sleeping on the ground. This is the best hammock for sleeping thanks to its cot style that is built with Velcro straps for easy set up. The cot is made of washable, water resistant and durable 600D polyester cover. Thanks to its high quality construction and precision engineered body, the Houseables Camping Portable Military Sleeping Hammock can rightly boast of stability. There are no loose components that might creak with movement. It supports up to 300 pounds.


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Top rated camping hammocks in 2022


Resting with nature as your background is one of the best relaxation you could let your self into and taking a nap in the fresh air without getting disturbed is among the most wanted, so the best camping hammock reviews provide the solution for your need.


Clark NX-250 Four-Season


Best camping hammock reviews

Clark NX-250 Camping Hammock model is regarded as one of the best camping hammocks deals that can be used from people longing to have their moment in nature. It is made up of a fabric that is 100% military-like and completely insect-proof, while its silicone-nylon fly XL protects users from rain, thus providing comfort, durability and weather protection. Moreover, it has a 6 pockets hanging under its beds, so you are able to store anything you want. Also, it manages to provide a solid insulation, so that you won’t get cold. All in all, when in need of getting your time in nature, you are granted with a highly qualitative model that can ensure your protection and convenience while using it.



Made in the United States of America by skilled engineers this camping hammock has a weight limit of 300 lbs, ideal to accommodate people under 2.1 m in height

Designed with high quality and breathable WeatherShield layer zips and resistant No-See-Um mosquito netting, capable of keeping away bugs and insects

The camping hammock includes a special sil-nylon rain tarp, safely suspended above the user for proper protection against rain and snow

Features special insulated pockets (6) which permits campers to store boots and other gear needed to set a pleasurable experience in the middle of nature



The installation process takes some time (from 10 to 20 minutes if the instructions are properly followed)


My husband bought the Clark NX-250 Four-Season Camping hammock. He loves camping so much that’s why we always have a time doing this activity with the kids. I don’t experience problem when I am in the camp because I can safely relax in this camping hammock.”  James Maxey


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Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest


One of the hammocks that are included in the best camping hammock reviews is the Eagles Nest Outfitters model that is popular for its unique, heavy-duty design and modernized looks. It is perfect for 2 to 3 people with an overall weight of 400 pounds to sit in the wide surface with the length of 6-inch and 8-inch of thickness. When the model is folded, it becomes so small-sized that resembles to a grapefruit but that’s not only it, as it comes with a easy and quick installation process. Moreover, it is made of woven-nylon microfiber that guarantees advanced levels of strength and durability, thus becoming the finest choice for any camping experience.



In the dilemma camping hammock vs tent this beautiful and comfortable hammock offers hours and hours of relaxation right in the heart of the mountain

Easy to set up and offering luxurious comfort in any surrounding the hammock is made of special breathable woven nylon microfiber material which resits well to prolonged use

Due to its unique construction and highly resistant steel carabineers the camping hammock can easily hold up 400 pounds

Benefiting from an exclusive 2 year warranty the Eagles Nest Outfitter hammock brings fun and comfort to any campsite



Some assembly is required (the installation process takes from 10 to 20 minutes, consult with attention the user manual)


The Eagles Nest Outfitters DoubleNest hammock is a very unique and elegant camping hammock I have in my life. This one is designed with efficiency and nice color coating which makes the hammock more attractive. It is also easy to install and can be removed in just a fraction of time. ” William Vogel


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WildHorn Outfitters Outpost


1.Outpost Camping Hammock With Adjustable LiteSpeed Cinch Buckle Suspension System

This WildHorn Outfitters alternative is well worth considering if what you’ve been searching for is a dependable and convenient hammock that doesn’t cost a lot of money. It’s reasonably priced, but the low cost can’t be correlated with low quality, given that the product is relatively sturdy and can take a lot of abuse over time. Besides, it’s one of the top recommended choices for buyers prospecting the market for a hammock able to hold as much as 400 pounds.



The Outpost unit is among the longest models you’re likely to stumble upon while browsing through your options, thus allowing you to stretch your legs as much as you want to and even share the hammock with a friend or your significant other.

When it is not spread out, the size of this product is compact, which means that you will be more than able to store the item in your backpack or bag.

Weighing in at just 1 lbs 10 oz, the WildHorn Outfitters hammock makes it remarkably easy for users to carry it everywhere they go.

The pack includes two cinch buckles as well as two 12kn.



It’s difficult to purchase a rainfly that can cover an 11’ camping hammock.


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Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro


Some of the most appreciated particularities a hammock could have so as to be regarded a top quality product and worth of the best reviews are comfort, protection against weather conditions and insects and durable materials alongside with a solid construction and that are exactly what you will find in a Grand Trunk hammock. It comes with a nylon net that prevents all insects from spoiling your camping experience and any other outdoor activities. Moreover, it’s so comfortable inside that is makes perfect from anyone that needs enough space when sleeping or sitting inside a hammock, while its 2 pockets that are designed to serve as storage areas for small-sized objects give out a handy sense of comfort that you feel every time you use the double zip to enjoy some rest inside the hammock.



Made of 100% nylon material the hammock is perfect for different camping trips with friends or family members

Incorporating an advanced grey No-See-Um mosquito netting which permits users to enjoy nature without having to worry about bugs or flying insects

The camping hammock is so comfortable that anyone can enjoy reading a good book or drinking a delicious cocktail without feeling in any way claustrophobic

Built with triple-stitched reinforcements on the fabric material the product is durable and highly resistant, even after hours and hours use



Does not include a multi-language user manual (it is written in basic languages like English, Chinese, Spanish and German)


I love the performance of the Grand Trunk the Travel hammock skeeter beeter pro hammock every time we have camping trips. Our camping experience is always good because the product provides security especially from insects and other unwanted creatures that can enter the hammock. If you have friends that camp, this would be an excellent Christmas gift.”  Carlton Rodriquez


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Hammock Bliss Double – XL


Hammock Bliss portable hammock Double – XL has received many positive comments and feedbacks that came from the tops of the customer reviews due to its innovative ways to ensure its durability, comfy design and efficiency of the materials used to create it. It measures 80 x 118 inches, which means 6 ft. 8 in. in width by 9 ft. 10 in. in length, thus leaving its inhabitants with enough space to have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Moreover, its 100% nylon-silk that is the same material that parachutes use allows it to breathe and provide warmth in its interior, taking the whole camping experience to upper levels of enjoyment and relaxation.



In the current dilemma of camping hammock vs tent that hikers and campers have before various trips the Bliss Double represents an amazing addition to anyone with adventure growing inside

Measuring 80” by 118” the hammock can be set perpendicularly and diagonally, positions which help users enjoy high comfort levels

As one of the best portable camping hammocks available on the market the Bliss Double comes equipped with 100 inches of 6 mm strong nylon climbing rope, which permits users to set it up quick

Even though it weighs only 22 ounces this powerful hammock can resist up to 350 pounds



It take a bit of time to tie the ropes around trees (read the user manual for useful tips)


I always have the comfortable feeling when I sleep inside the Hammock Bliss Double – XL portable hammock. This camping product is useful and functional enough for me and my friends, especially when the weather’s good. It’s not to expensive either, but if you get it around Black Friday, it’s a bargain for sure.”  John Loomis


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Texsport Wilderness


Camping is a great American hobby and if you want to really enjoy the time you spend in the great outdoors, then you need a reliable hammock. The Texsport Wilderness can be an excellent addition to your camping gear because it’s easily to set up, comfortable and it will protect you from mosquitoes or other insects. The actual protection is provided by the no-see-um mesh shelter which covers the entire hammock and has a nylon roof. The comfy bed is made out of cotton canvas, guaranteeing an excellent sleeping surface. We also recommend this hammock for hunters that go into mosquito invested areas.



Made from sturdy materials which are able to hold up to 250 lbs

A cotton canvas bed for extra comfort

Mosquito protection is provided by the nylon and mesh shelter

It’s extremely light and folds up in a compact storage sack, making it ideal for travelers

A cheap price, easily affordable by any camper or hunter



No instructions come for the setting up process (while the setting up process is not difficult, it will take longer the first few times)

You need additional rope to properly set it up (around 20-30 feet)


“This is my new hammock which keeps me safe from mosquitoes and other insects. I find it to be extremely comfortable and my pleasant experience with it has lead me to realize I made the best purchase possible for the money I was prepared to spend. I don’t know who makes the best hammocks, but this model right here is a keeper.” – John G. Jameson


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Hammock Bliss Mosquito Net Cocoon – Not Available


Hammock Bliss is a hammock you can be sure you can rely on for any camping, backpacking, travelling or even kayaking activity you might consider indulging yourself into. For this reason The Bliss model will grant you with a safe and comfy place where you can rest, as it comes with a large and comfortable bed length that measures 118” x 57” (L x W) and is combined with a solid 100” 6 cm climbing rope suspension feature. Moreover, you are relieved from any worries that have to do with unwanted insects, as it is equipped with a 100-inch net that keeps them away from you, thus ensuring you get the best times ever, while outdoors.

“This was a very cheap hammock which manages to do a good job of keeping the mosquitoes away. Which camping hammock is the best, I can’t really say, although this model is pretty good. I think the comfort level is not its most appreciated characteristic.” – Henry Elliott



How to choose a new camping hammock in 2022 – Buying guide


Millions of Americans go camping from time to time. In order leave the heavy rhythm of the city behind, people choose mountain trips or sharing a quiet moments with friends near beautiful lakes. Finding tranquillity in the middle of nature requires the presence of some specific camping hammocks that can enhance comfort levels during each trip. There are people that prefer tents but those that want a bit of stability and comfort during camping trips prefer hammocks. Every time I went camping with friends, a sturdy hammock was my sleeping companion. If you are new to the camping world, it is important to consult professional information on some of the best hammocks available on the market. In order to make your job easier, I drafted the best camping hammocks reviews after studying over 50 products, endorsed by thousands of satisfied customers.

Well, hammocks are very comfortable and offer hours and hours of relaxation. I recommend that you pay close attention to the hammocks pad thickness. It needs to offer a general height above the ground in order to keep you far away from chilly sensations during the night. Furthermore high hammocks will maintain a tall barrier against pesky bugs. Camping tents don’t offer such protection and maintain a pretty bothersome connection to the ground. Finding one of the best camping hammocks in 2022 will definitely help you sleep better, no matter where you are in the middle of nature. There are a couple of tricks that can make your camping experience more comfortable. For example you can place the hammock on a slight off-axis, which adds heightened comfort during each sleep session. In this particular position, you will sleep completely flat.

Camping hammocks are made out of light and durable materials. With such a product in your equipment you will enjoy every moment of the experience. Now, there are some advantages but also disadvantages in using hammocks. The first disadvantage of using hammocks is linked to the fact that they maintain a cool breeze which can be bothersome. The products are way cooler than tents even if you combine them with sleeping bags because air circulates around you. There are people that don’t always camp out near trees, needed for some models to set out. For first time users, sleeping in hammocks can take some time to get used too. Furthermore you have to take extra care during installation not to harm in any way trees.

With one of the best camping hammocks in 2022 in your gear during trips with friends, you will enjoy a good night sleep like never before. Hammocks are very light and easy to carry from one camp site to the next. These special devices give you the possibility to sleep in previously unusable places. Each hammock offers unique features that can improve the overall camping experience. For instance you will notice that there are models designed to keep away mosquitos and other flying critters which enhances comfort every night. So, you have to think twice before selecting a particular product!