Camping cookware sets – What to look for:


In scouting, you are taught how to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag. However, having the most reliable camping cookware set allows you to broaden your food preparation repertoire further even when you’re in the wilderness. What is the best camping cookware set? It certainly incorporates several important elements.


Essential Cookware Components

You shouldn’t have to heat canned spaghetti sauce in the same vessel that you use to fry bacon and eggs. Neither should you resort to using a saucepan to fry an egg; it would be difficult to turn over what you’re frying if the sides of the cookware are deep. Depending on the number of campers you have to feed during meal times, the number of pieces in the highest rated camping cookware set you decide to buy should be perfect for the types of meals you plan to prepare. It is essential that food be prepared easily and fast and not in batches. There has to be enough pieces in the set to make this possible. The pieces should be light enough for backpacking, but campers can choose heavy and dense cookware when they have to prepare gourmet-style meals.

Cookware Material

Material of every piece in the set should be sturdy, as camping shouldn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime event only. One can choose from the top ten camping cookware sets made of titanium, cast iron, aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Non-stick cookware is also perfect, so you do not have to grease every food item you prepare specially when you’re going the healthy eating route. Clean-up is also easier on such models. Titanium is durable while being lightweight, a quality which campers find useful. Cast iron is highly resistant to warping. It distributes heat evenly, but can be quite heavy. Aluminum is affordable and lightweight, useful for simmering. Stainless steel cookware is heavier, more scratch resistant and built tougher than aluminum units, but does not conduct heat evenly.


Usable Utensils/Tableware

Cooking tools including the knife, spatula, ladles and serving spoon have to be perfect for the type of cookware you buy. Plastic is inexpensive, aside from being non-abrasive and lightweight. Metal is able to keep free from odors and flavors. There are best rated camping cookware sets that come with plastic tableware and flatware, which means you do not have to purchase such implements and extras separately. Cups have to be heat resistant, as it always pays to get a great cup of coffee in the morning even when you’re at camp. Plastic containers need to have air-tight lids to store food in and keep it fresh longer, since refrigeration option is not present while onsite.


Shopping for camping cookware sets under a budget is fine as long as you are able to get just the type of product you want. Check out a lot of items before settling for just a single set. Tis gives you more options and enables you to compare the virtues and value of each set.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of Pieces Price Material Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Texsport Black Ice The Trailblazer

5 pc $$$ Aluminum 2.8 lb A+ AMAZON

Texsport Kangaroo Cook Set

7 pc $$$ Aluminum 3 lb A AMAZON

Texsport Black Ice The Scouter

5 pc $$ Aluminum 2.5 lb B+ AMAZON

Texsport Backpackers

4 pc $$ Stainless Steel 2 lb B+ AMAZON

Open Country Weekender

16 pc $$$$ Aluminum, Plastic 5.2 lb B+ AMAZON



How to select a new camping cookware set – Expert campers guide


There are thousands of people that love camping out in the middle of nature with their friends and family members. Now, there many tools which need to be present in the camping gear in order to ensure proper results. According to recent statistics it seems that cookware sets for camping are in high demand right now. Why? Well, it appears that more and more cooks want to prepare delicious treats even though they are in the mountains, hills or any other place. In the heart of adventurous individuals setting a productive campsite is important in order to keep the whole experience thriving. If you are on the market for a reliable camping cookware set this article will help out a lot.

There are many camping cookware sets which can be used to prepare meals when needed. As a result we decided to test 30 top rated cookware sets for one week straight! When the test results came through we were able to safely draft the best camping cookware set reviews, which you should consult during the selection process. A chef will use camping cookware sets in order to cook different dishes with ease. Furthermore there are camping cookware sets that include pots of different shapes and sizes. Now, you can choose from top brands like Camp Chef, Texsport, Coleman, GSI Outdoors and many more. There are a couple things to take into account while choosing a new camping cookware set. For instance every set includes different pots and pans which can be used in order to prepare tasty dishes, worth sharing in the campsite.


Best camping cookware for the money


Texsport Kangaroo 7 Pc. Cook Set


Every piece in the Texsport Kangaroo 7 Pc. Cook Set is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum, which ensures great cooking while in the wilderness. Aluminum is a good heat conductor, so heat is distributed fast to make cooking easy. The pieces are made with non-stick interior, facilitating easy clean-up after use. The set contains a 7.5-inch fry pan with lid, a 1.5-quart pot, a 6.5-inch fry pan and a 1-quart pot, so you can cook more food while camping, making this the best camping cookware for the money. The two-tone heat-treated exterior finish also enables easy distribution of heat and easy cleaning afterwards. The set comes with pot/pan gripper that enables easy lifting and handling, and a mesh carry/storage bag that allows easy carrying and storage of the pieces nested together when putting them away.

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How to pick out the best camping cookware set 2021? Well, campers should first take into account the location of the camping trip and obviously the number of people attending. For a small number of people a simple set of cookware can be used for easy dishes mostly from cans. On the other hand when it comes to more persons and large dishes you should take the time to invest in larger sets. Light pots are currently used by backpackers and hikers whereas heavier pots from cookware sets represent the cooking vessels for gourmet meals. Another important thing to take into account is the pot’s materials and durability. There are camping cookware sets that include pots and pans that last a long time, becoming constant and stabile sources of food.


Best nonstick camping cookware set


Coghlan’s Non-Stick Carbon Steel Family Cookset


Coated with non-stick coating on the inside, the Coghlan’s Non-Stick Carbon Steel Family Cookset is the best nonstick camping cookware set ever. Every piece is made of carbon steel, ensuring durability and long-term functionality. You can cook without using grease in the pots and pan that comprise the set. The heavy duty steel construction ensures years of service for family outings. Swing-out handles on each pan and pot allow easy storage and convenient service straight from the stove to the table. The pieces easily nest together for convenient, problem-free storage. The set contain the following elements: 0.3 -pot with lid; 2.3-L pot with lid; 4-L pot with lid; 7.5-inch fry pan. It also comes with a measuring cup for accurate measuring of ingredients, plus a nylon carry bag and a bamboo fiber pot scrubber to enable easy clean-up, storage and carrying.

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With the best camping cookware set 2021 you will be able to control easier the cooking process and ultimately prepare delicious dishes. Another thing to consider revolves around additional cooking accessories. For instance some prepare want during their camping trips popcorn poppers and obviously coffee pots. The number of pots offered by the set is also an issue. As a result two or three campers will manage food very well with 2 pots of 1.5 liters and 2 liters. Still, for larger groups it is recommended the use of complete cookware sets for camping!


Best camping cookware with removable handles


Coleman Family Cook Set


Made of heavy-grade steel and finished with nonstick interior surfaces, the Coleman Family Cook Set has a kettle, frying pan and saucepan in the set. It is the best camping cookware with removable handles thanks to how the pieces are designed to integrate with a detachable ergonomic handle that allows easy handling. This means you can use the pieces to cook and serve straight to the table from the stove. The lids are outfitted with slits that allow convenient straining and venting. Prepare delicious meals while on camp without having to do a lot of clean-up after, thanks to the nonstick cooking surfaces. The set is backed by a limited manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring long term durability and functionality.

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Things to consider:

  • There are cookware sets with light or heavy pots
  • Take into account the pots material: stainless steel, aluminum alloy or cast iron
  • Utensils, tableware and additional accessories like kettles, coffee pots or popcorn poppers


Top rated camping cookware sets in 2021


Nowadays, camping has become one of the most favorite activities of people that prefer to enjoy some time away from the city’s hustle and bustle. While camping, though, you need to have all the necessary cooking equipment and the best camping cookware set reviews untie your hands as to which cookware to choose.


Texsport Black Ice The Trailblazer H.A. QT. Cook Set


Best camping cookware set reviews

Texsport Black Ice seems to have conquered all the tops with cook sets that provide users with great cooking experience and help them to prepare good quality foods. The anodization process that occurs over the surface of the set’s pots hardens their structure thus providing the perfect context for food preparation. Note that in the set, you will get an 8-1/2 fry pan which has folding handles that are uniquely designed so as to avoid getting burnt while you cook. Moreover, in the internal surfaces of the sets there are 3 layers of quantanium which don’t allow food stick to the surfaces of the pots.



Truly The Trailblazer deserves to be recognized by numerous best enamel camping cookware set reviews thanks to how it is manufactured using hard anodization process, which not only alters the structure of its surface but makes the components incredibly of hardier structure

Components in the set easily nest together so everything naturally settles into  a small storage space

Non-stick interior surface is given that extra touch of durability with triple coat of exclusive QT or Quantanium material

All elements are lightweight and durable, with the 8.5-inch frying fan fitted with folding stay-cool wire handles



Handles on the pots require use of a pot holder, as it is only the handle of the frying pan that is made to stay cool

Set costs more than others in the same class


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Texsport 7 Pc. Kangaroo Cook Set


If you like going camping as often as you can, then you need to take with you some essential equipment. For cooking you need to have the right cookware set and one of the best choices you can make is the Texsport Kangaroo set. This set is made to last as it is built from high-quality aluminum. Its cooking surface is covered by a non-stick layer, so the food doesn’t get burnt and its pieces are easy to clean afterwards. Also, free of charge you will receive a mesh carry bag.



All the pieces are made from aluminum, making them light and durable

A non-stick cooking surface for each pot or pan

All pots and pans are easy to clean after the cooking is done

Seven different pieces to the set, so you can cook all sorts of delicious dishes

An affordable price range and you will receive a mesh carry bag too



The universal handle is its only notable weakness (it can sometimes prove unstable if not attached correctly)

The smaller size can be an inconvenience if you have to cook for a large number of people


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Texsport Black Ice The Scouter Hard Anodized Cook Set


Texsport is a strong and dominant name among the cook set products that are most preferable while camping or any other outdoor activity. It is a hard-duty cookware set with rigid surfaces and abrasion-resistance. Moreover, it is equally hard with the stainless steel cookware sets and it comes with seven fry pans of 1 qt. and 1.5 qt. which have folding wire handles, especially designed to keep you from being burnt when you touch them. What is more, it allows you to cook in an efficient and reliable way, enhancing any camping expedition and providing a culinary experience that feels like home, or in some cases even better than that.



Cookware set subjected to hard anodization process in the manufacturing plant to ensure that the surface has a hardened structure while being resistant to abrasion (scratch proof)

Every component is sure to be twice as hard as steel thanks to special manufacturing process and additional treatment with three coats of Quantanium or QT element to the non-stick interior surface, ensuring healthy cooking and easy cleaning

7-inch frying pan fitted with folding wire handles that stay cool

Everything in the set easily nests together so a large storage space is not needed to stow away the fry pan and the 1-quart and 1.5-quart pots



Thin material requires that food does not burn or overheat in the pots and pan

No lock on the folding wire handles


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Texsport stainless steel backpackers cook set


The reviews of the Texsport backpackers model underline the great features and the particularities of this stainless steel cookware set, so it comes naturally to see a Texsport cook set in most outdoor activities people choose to indulge themselves into. The set comes with a solid structure which makes it strong and resistant throughout time. In particular, it has a 5-1/2 fry pan, a 20-Ounce pot and a 24-Ounce pot, all with copper bottom that come with a lid over them and make the lives of people using on their excursions, vacation or camping trips much easier and pleasurable.



Set contains three different types of cookware including: a covered 20-ounce copper bottom pot; a covered 24-ounce copper bottom pot; a 5.5-inch copper bottom frying pan

An 8-ounce plastic cup made for precision measuring even on the go, or for transporting water and fluids to the pots and for soaking and washing food items

Everything easily nests together so the camping ground’s kitchen area is not cluttered or left messy

Non-stick interior surface of the pots and pan is given extra triple coat of Quantanium to ensure easy cleaning and healthy cooking without requiring addition of grease or oil



Wire handles do not lock into place but flip back and forth

The plastic on the handles turns brittle with time


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Open Country Weekender camping cookware set


People who have used the Open Country Weekender setss enlist them among best camping cookware set reviews of 2021, blindfold. These sets are well respected for their abilities and features which provide a great helping hand when you are cooking outside the grounds of your house. Of course, all the essential utensils you may need while camping or any other outdoor activity are included in the sets like pans, pots and cutlery. Moreover, when purchasing the Open Country Weekender set, you will also be given a bag in which you can easily carry them when you are going out for camping.



Specially recognized as the best enamel camping cookware set 2021 due to its 6-person service provision that lets it handle six hungry campers in all

Sturdy and durable set comes with  one unit each of 4-quart and   8-quart aluminum kettles, a 10-inch nonstick frying pan, plus more: an eight-cup coffee boiler with fold-over handles at the back for easy pouring, plus lid; six pieces of 8-inch plates and six pieces of 8-ounce cups

Nonstick frying pan comes with a detachable handle  to enable serving straight from the stove

Every component is easy to clean, important in a camp with very little water



Sturdy plastic dinner plates are just a bit small

No lids for the aluminum kettles (frying pan doubles as lid for large pot)


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Stanley Adventure camp cook set – Not available


When the reviews about one of the best camping cookware sets deals point out so much about the design and features of the set, then undoubtedly we are dealing with a high quality product and Stanley Adventure is really a carefully structured cooking set that worth all appraisals. It is composed of two 10oz plastic cups which are insulated, that help you carry any liquid easily. Moreover, it comes with a cooking pot, which is made of stainless steel that can help you maintain the food hot and fresh while inside it. Stanley Adventure is composed of a hard vented cover along with the double positioned handle thus makes it easier to use and cook when on a trip or camping expedition.