Top rated Camp Toilets in 2018


Camping in the great outdoors can become an awesome adventure. However, bringing along provisions for when you “have to go” should never be taken for granted. This is why the best camp toilet reviews get their own readership or audience. Not everyone can just “go” anywhere! And making a sensible choice is not easy either.

When making a decision whether to just go for the first best rated camp toilet you can find online, consider that it is ultimately better to study the options you have first. If you’re travelling with children, bringing along a portable toilet is the only solution. Aside from always having a sanitized toilet, you will ensure that your children do not have to suffer from constipation from having to hold it all in during your camping trip.

For backpackers, it’s a sensible choice to get cheap camp toilets that do not compromise on quality for a low price tag. There are compact, fold-away models that collapse to a small package, enabling easy transportability. These types of toilets utilize biodegradable waste bags, which are made with the capacity to transform the waste to a gel-like substance while also working to neutralize odor. Decaying process also starts within the waste bag, so users can simply throw the bags in the rubbish once it reaches full capacity. The most reliable units are sanitary and really have carrying convenience. Organic waste neutralizers can also be bought along with the poly waste bags, ensuring efficient use with the folding portable toilet.

If you want to bring along a good-quality product for Christmas camping trips, finding a collapsible toilet for cathole pit toilets may be a good idea. Collapsible units offer portability since one does not have to worry about waste bags that could spring leaks and create a mess before they even get to the garbage bin. They also help people with limited space for camping equipment get proper toilet solution. They are a good option if there is assurance that a level surface is available to set up a collapsible unit over a cathole pit.

When ease of use is what you’re after, go for Black Friday deals on a self-contained camp toilet with bucket style. These types do take up considerable space along with the rest of your camping gear but allow you to leave the toilet in a single area, eliminating the need to adopt a “nomadic” toilet habit when you’re out camping. Waste is collected in a sanitary bag specifically made for such a purpose. The waste bag can be disposed of in a trash receptacle or the waste dumped in an outhouse. Such models do not require purchase of a lot of additional items. They are also taller and can be made to be higher on a safe level surface to help users with bad knees or who are tall.

There are portable flushable deluxe models that land in the top 10 camp toilet lineups. Perfect for RVs, these products can be cleaned and disinfected when users return home from a trip in the outdoors. They can be quite heavy and require use of a deodorizer that will do the work of breaking down both toilet paper and waste.

You see, there’s a way to get your toilet needs taken care of when you go camping or exploring the outdoors. Just remember to take note of the essential elements to look for in your choice for the best camp toilet 2018.


Things to consider:

–          Easy use with waste bags made for such purposes

–          Portability that conforms to one’s needs, along with the needs of their camping companions

–          Easy sanitation/disinfection and cleaning after use

–          Convenient disposal of waste employing available facilities for this purpose


Sanitation Equipment 268 Visa Potty


Best Camp Toilet ReviewsMade for sick rooms, RVs, marine applications, hiking, camping and as emergency backup, the 24-liter Sanitation Equipment 268 Visa Potty is easy to use and efficient. It carries two-direction rinse and piston-type flush system for bowl-clearing rinse every after use. It has a level indicator on the waste holding tank as well as the fresh water tank so users are aware of the amount of the tanks’ contents, which prevents accidental leaking and facilitates timely refilling and emptying. The smooth high-gloss surface and detachable spout enable quick and efficient scrubbing and disinfecting. This product is the best camp toilet 2018 thanks to its integrated leak- and odor-proof seal, which ensures that the unit is always ready for the next use or user.

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Camco 41541 Portable Toilet


This 5.3-gallon portable toilet from Camco is a product designed for RVers, campers, boat owners and those who are serious about their outdoor recreational activities. It has a sturdy polyethylene construction that is lightweight and compact. The holding tank is detachable and is fitted with a sealing slide valve to lock odors in while protecting against leakage. Two side latches hold the tank securely fastened to the toilet. A carrying handle facilitates easy transport. The camping gear employs bellow-type flush mechanism that is easy to use. A pull slide valve enables easy flushing. When empty, the toilet weighs just 11.5 pounds. A packet of TST biodegradable toilet chemical from Camco is included in the package.

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Cleanwaste Portable Toilet


 The Cleanwaste Portable Toilet is a plastic toilet that opens up from a briefcase-sized block into approximately the same bowl dimensions and height as a standard toilet. It has a removable mesh holder that supports the waste-collection bag, ensuring that it is held up securely and preventing leaks and messy results. The biodegradable bag uses eco-friendly powder to convert liquid waste into an odorless solid, for easy disposal in a trash receptacle. The lid keeps the seat protected during the night and removes for stability under the legs when the unit has to be set-up on soft ground. The package comes with one waste-bag kit. The unit sets up in seconds thanks to its 3 locking legs, without need for assembly. It supports users weighing up to 500 pounds. Under the seat is a patented drip edge that prevents the bag from coming into contact with waste.

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Reliance Products Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet


The Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet is a portable and lightweight camp toilet solution from Reliance Products. It has a contoured seat made for comfort, and comes with a toilet paper holder plus an inner splash cover. The detachable inner bucket enables easy waste disposal. The unit is compatible with standard Double Doodie bags from Reliance. This self-contained toilet is designed for boating, hunting and camping. The Hassock Portable Self-Contained Toilet is shipped with one Eco-Fresh packet, a toilet deodorant and waste digester that lets naturally-occurring bacteria digest odor as well as other waste elements.  The product comes with a five-year warranty against defects in manufacturing. It weighs just 5 pounds but has a solid construction.

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Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet


This unit takes care of concerns on space for campers, as it easily collapses to only 5 inches and weighs just 4.5 pounds. The collapsible toilet even comes with an integrated handle, which facilitates easy transportability and carrying. Its innovative leg-locking system ensures that it is one of the sturdiest portable toilets in the market. The Reliance Fold-To-Go Portable Toilet has an amazing weight capacity of 300 pounds. It is ideal for use during hunting, camping and hiking activities. It can also serve well when boating, and for RVs and emergency preparedness. It is suitable for use with the patented Double Doodie bag system from Reliance as well as from third-party manufacturers. The portable toilet is shipped with one Double Doodie bag.

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