Best camera flashes for the money


Photography is one of the most common forms of recreation that is taken as one of the urban trend these days. When you go out for shooting some splendid pictures, you cannot bring the best without a proper lighting system. Take a look at our best camera flashes under $100.


Neewer TT560 camera flash


Best camera flashes under $100

This speedlite is one of the finest that you can find if you have a budgeting issue. This particular product will work as fine as the other costly flashes if you have a good hand to control it. The speedlite is well up with either Canon or Nikon DSLR cameras. The monitoring for the display that it comes with is quite flexible and is easy to use. No wonder why a lot of newbie and even pro says it is worth a try.

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“I know the importance of the right kind of flash for making the best photo possible and this is why I invested and bought a top flash, the Neewer TT560. I am very satisfied with the lighting now and the pictures turn out great thanks to it.” Henry Livermoore


Nikon SB-400 AF camera flash


This compact sized speedlight won’t even make you feel that you are carrying an extra accessory with you. Its weightlessness acts as an anti shake which helps in macro shooting with a bright light. It gives Nikon DSLR cameras a light coverage from a distance from 2 feet to 66 feet. The speedlight flash comes with an 18mm angle of coverage compatible with Nikon DX format in DSLR cameras. The speedlight is sure to do the trick for you, even when you are just a starting photographer.

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“I’m getting into photograpgy more and more and my Nikon dslr needed a reliable flash, so the quality of my photos goes up. I bought the Nikon SB-400 camera flash and it does exactly what I needed from it, plus it comes at a very affordable price.” Frank Cleverly


Yongnuo YN-560 II camera flash


The next in line is our best camera flashes under $100, this speedlight that can take your photography to a whole new level with its splendid features right from illumination to various other technical fields that can uplift the quality of your photo. The speedlight is integrated with multi flashing application and is able to do high-speed continuous shooting. The built-in wide-angle diffuse is just another top-notch feature. This multi mode speedlight has a fine tuned output power that is something extraordinary.

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“This is a solid flash which for me at least performs absolutely brilliant and I make with its help some amazing photos. My favorite thing about it is the multi flashing application which you won’t be able to find in a camera flash in this price range.” Richard Welsh


Neewer TT520 camera flash


This speedlight delivers a class and reliability when it comes to photography. It is compatible with Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras and gives a fine exposure when required. If you are into some budgeting issues, then it is the right thing that you should reach out for. The product is seen to work well on manual mode and if you are in a hurry to become a pro, it is recommended for you because of its features and its low cost.

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“I have the Neewer TT520 camera flash fitted to my camera for some time now and I am very pleased with the lighting of the pictures. After I fitted my camera with it I could really see the difference in the photos from when my camera didn’t have a flash.” Mike Poom


Yongnuo YN-468 II camera flash


The last product that the best camera flashes under $100 is the speedlight compatible with only DSLR cameras from Nikon. It is integrated with LCD display that has been appreciated by all the users. It is actually an improvised version of its previous form and is quite a good one in this matter. There is a PC port for better synchronizing and the button designs are up to the mark. We hope you find our list helpful, so you can start taking the best pictures in town.

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“I did some research before I went ahead an bought this camera flash, so I knew exactly what I was expecting of it. Its performances are as the reviews said they will be and overall I made a good choice and I didn’t spend a lot of money, neither.” Mark O’Neil